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Why on earth did he come to the Royal Palace What is that bastard doing, when he has a lot of money at home It bothers me.

Are you talking about me

Oh my God!

As she left the office and walked down the hallway, Ayla heard a familiar voice, as if answering her words.

As Ayla looked around, frowning, surprised by the sudden voice, Owen was standing there, smiling brightly.

No!!! Why do you appear like that I was so surprised I almost had a miscarriage!!

When Ayla, who saw him, sighed and shouted, Owen\'s bright expression quickly became serious.

You had… a baby

Owen, who had been hesitating for a while, opened his mouth carefully.

‘What is this punk saying again.\'

As if she had nothing more to say at his absurd remarks, Ayla shook her head from side to side with one hand on her forehead.

Well… I don\'t really mind if you have children.

You don\'t have a husband, right Do you know where the father of the baby is

What are you saying!!! It\'s an expression! An expression!

Seeing Ayla pounding on her chest as if she were frustrated, Owen said,Ah.\', while scratching his head.

What should she do with this strange guy Owen, who showed excessive interest and affection towards her, felt burdened.

Unlike his mischievous tone, his eyes were quite serious.

Soon after, Owen spoke to Ayla while clenching his fists, as if he had made a resolution.

Even if you really have children, I\'m willing to give you love.

So don\'t worry.


‘What is this nonsense.

Does he have a death wish\'

Ayla answered half-heartedly at Owen\'s bizarre remarks, as if she didn\'t want to talk anymore, and escaped.


Ayla was extremely uncomfortable with the current situation.

With Louis\' appearance, she had time to spare; and after a long time, she found a resting area for the maids to take a break.

Thinking that she didn\'t know who else would approach her in the natural forest, she decided to stay away from it for the time being.

However, the situation in this place was similar.

Unwelcome guests appeared in front of Ayla, crushing her hopes, as she was sitting on the sofa and trying to enjoy a cup of tea.

The strangely familiar girls, whom she didn\'t know if she had met while coming in and out of the west palace, were staring silently at Ayla, who was sitting in the middle, and surrounding her.

Technically they were ganging up on her, seeing that the hands in the crossed arms were stiff; so, to put it simply, it seems she\'s about to appease them.

‘Should I say something… Or just leave\'

Ayla, who was slurping her tea and not paying attention to their gaze, heard them whispering that she was shameless while pointing their fingers at her.

Since she was badmouthed for no reason by maids whose name she didn\'t even know when she entered the palace, she became somewhat tolerant.

Ayla leisurely enjoyed the tea, boastfully, as if showing them that she didn\'t care about them.

She even let out aMmm\'.

Of course, the tip of her finger holding the teacup was shaking slightly.

Ayla Serdian

One of the maids, who seemed to be the leader of the group, spoke in an aggressive voice.

Only then did Ayla look at the maids around her, who were watching her silently.

Is something wrong

I really didn\'t like you since before.

Why are you always hanging around Grand Duke Arrot When you\'re not even worthy I hate people like you the most.

‘Grand Duke Arrot Owen Arrot\'

Judging by what she said, she seemed to be one of the women who started having a heartache for Owen.

She was quite chubby, and her wavy brown hair and the freckles on top of her rosy cheeks were impressive.

Seeing that she had a couple shiny rings on her fingers, it seemed that she wasn\'t just a low-rank maid, but something like the daughter of a low-ranking noble family.

No matter how blinded by love she was, Ayla was astonished by her lowly method of approach.

Normally, she would just shut up and move one, showing a submissive attitude; but this time, it was a little different.

You didn\'t like me since before… I\'m sorry about that.

The group looked confused by Ayla\'s words.

Ayla has become smaller for no reason since she came to the royal palace.

Little by little, her confident and bold personality was disappearing.


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