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Somehow, he didn\'t like Louis, who was waiting for his reaction while maintaining a relaxed expression.

How perfect do you think the budget you brought is

Theon, who had been silent with his gaze fixed on the document, spoke.

I\'m not sure.

Louis frowned at Theon\'s question, hesitating to answer.

Hm… It\'s terrible.

I was secretly looking forward to it.

Theon, who looked at him as if he had been expectant, spoke half-heartedly, handing over the document Louis had written.

Next time, come only when you think it\'s perfect.

We\'re done, so leave.

Louis silently clenched his fist as he left Theon\'s office.


‘It seems like two men are talking…\'

Ayla was crouching in front of the door trying to hear the conversation, with her ear pressed closely, but as expected, the royal palace has excellent soundproofing installations.

As she could only hear mumbling in a low voice, she couldn\'t understand what the conversation was about.

I can\'t hear anything.

Soon after, she pouted as if giving up and turned her body around, sitting against the door.

‘Is he gone now…\'

A moment later, she heard the door opening and the outside got quiet.

As the silence continued, Ayla, convinced that the guest had left, carefully turned the doorknob and opened the door a little.

Through the gap, she saw Theon sighing while touching his forehead.

Theon\'s gray eyes turned towards the door as if he could feel her gaze.

At the same time, their eyes met.

Even as time passed, Theon\'s eyes still contained Ayla\'s reflection.

As she felt her cheeks turning red at his gaze, Ayla quickly turned her head.

‘Am I an idiot Why is my heart beating so fast…\'

As if surprised by the sudden increase in heart rate, Ayla grabbed one side of her chest.

Then, Theon beckoned at Ayla, who was sitting in a daze, as if telling her she could come out.

I think I\'ve been here for too long… I will be back after taking care of other tasks.

Your Highness.

Theon nodded silently at Ayla, as she hesitantly came out of the room as if someone were following her and spoke quickly.



Ayla, who had come out of Theon\'s office after bowing to him, closed her mouth with both hands and opened her eyes wide.

In her gaze stood Louis, staring at Ayla with no expression.

Louis grabbed Ayla\'s wrist and stepped towards the balcony she had dragged him the other day, like a dejá vu.

Why are you coming out of there

As soon as they stepped into the balcony, Louis\' angry voice echoed in Ayla\'s ears.

I… I… I was cleaning!!! And you! Why were you standing there like a thief

‘Cleaning again!! Again! Again! Cleaning!\'

She just wanted to hit her stupid mouth that only knows how to say cleaning.

Fortunately, he seemed to believe in this ridiculous excuse.

Louis let out a small sigh and continued, calmly.

There was one extra teacup.

There was a teacup even though he didn\'t have any visitors, so it was weird… I have to call the knights in case of an emergency.

As if she understood the situation only then, Ayla said,Ah…\', and paused.

It can be frustrating, but Louis just looked at her and didn\'t ask any more questions.

An awkward silence flowed between them.

About the Spring Flower Festival…

It seemed like she didn\'t have any intentions of answering Louis\' question.

He opened his mouth first towards Ayla, who was silent.

‘Spring Flower Festival\'

The Stellen Kingdom was one of the countries with four distinct seasons.

In spring, the cherry trees that fill the Stellen Kingdom are full of beautiful cherry blossoms, giving a lovely scenery.

Since it was a sight that could not be seen in neighboring countries, more and more distinguished guests from other countries visited on purpose; and the royal palace held a spring festival every year in time for the blooming of the cherry blossoms.

The Spring Flower Festival lasted about a week and the maids were free to enjoy it, except for the minimum number of people who would work at the royal palace.

The festival also progressed inside the palace; but the real attractions of the Spring Flower Festival were outside, including the night market held at Arin Square, the flying of the paper flower lanterns, and the drinking of the cherry blossom liquor.


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