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Theon had seen Ayla standing on the overpass several times, gazing at Arin Square blankly.

It must be frustrating for a child who had lived a free life to enter the palace and live a life that is no different from imprisonment.

He was thinking about whether he should give her a small reward for helping him a lot better than he thought she would.

For others, it\'s their daily life and something they are used to, but for me, who can\'t be free… It\'s a yearning and a dream.

Theon, who was clearing up his thoughts for a moment, changed his facial expression as Ayla gave another blow with a soft voice.

‘Alright, I\'m about halfway through! Just a little bit more! Hehe.\'

Not knowing Ayla\'s dark inner thoughts, Theon\'s eyes began to waver gently while fixed on her.


The Stellen Kingdom\'s city center, fully covered with pink cherry blossom leaves, was filled with the voices of excited people.

The red lanterns that hung between the tall cherry trees were lined up to a point where it was difficult to see the end.

There were sculptures decorating the whole place, which were infused with magic to make them glow or make sounds, adding a sense of liveliness to them.

Usually, the Stellen Kingdom strictly banned the use of magic; however, the spring festival was a small exception as many distinguished guests gathered here.

As the laughter of the children gathered around the sculptures spread in the plaza, something sparkling was scattered in the air and the festival became livelier.

The voices of the merchants calling in customers, the peddlers who go around the streets, and the songs that are heard all over the place.

All these sounds gathered to announce that this year\'s Spring Flower Festival has begun in earnest.


Ayla\'s steps towards the detached palace early in the morning were unusually light.

She even hummed, as if something good had happened, as she looked around on the overpass.

She almost spilled the tea she was bringing because of her loss of balance, but it wasn\'t enough to calm her down.

Ayla, who was now used to the detached palace, crossed the hallway, greeting the portraits that were hung on the wall.

At the end of the hallway, Ayla took a small deep breath and went upstairs.

As usual, Theon, who had already woken up, was sitting in front of the fireplace waiting for her to bring the tea.

Looking at Theon, Ayla grinned and poured the hot tea into the teacup.

You must return by midnight today.

He spoke in a rather low voice towards Ayla, who was pouring the tea.

Theon was unable to win over Ayla\'s pestering and eventually allowed her to go out.

Again, of course, it wasn\'t through a legal method; but to Ayla, even that was something to be grateful for.

Don\'t worry! No matter what happens, I\'ll be back before midnight.

Ayla nodded her head at Theon\'s words and replied.

Didn\'t you break your promise last time

That\'s because there was some kind of a situation! Really.

What are you going to do when you become the King, when you are so narrow-minded like this

You\'re messing with me again.

I am speaking as a loyal subject.

You don\'t even know anything… Anyway, don\'t worry about me; Your Highness should pay attention to the ball that is going to be held at the royal palace today.

After pouring all the tea into the teacup, Ayla dusted off her skirt and smiled.

Theon coughed a couple of times, as if the tea had gone down the wrong pipe, and turned his head to the other side.


Then, you can… Go.

Yes, yes.

I\'m going even if you tell me not to.

Can I go through the doghole… No, through the iron door down here, like last time Hahaha.

Theon frowned, perhaps because the worddoghole\' that came out of Ayla\'s mouth was very offensive.

Reminiscent of the old saying that one cannot stay mad at a smiling face, she smiled very brightly.

Then, she shook both hands and quickly ran away.


The big carriage was filled with silence.

She had told Louis in advance, but she didn\'t know he would bring a carriage that stands out like this…


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