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Thanks to Ayla, who nagged him at the same time they met, thinking that rumors would spread everywhere that she had come out, Louis was down in spirits.

The carriage, which ran slowly, stood in front of a boutique that gave off a luxurious feeling even at a glance.

As she looked outside the carriage, Ayla frowned heavily and looked at Louis.

It was a date course he planned by asking the maids working at the mansion, despite his embarrassment, but Ayla didn\'t seem to like it at all.

Ayla, who was holding back, lost her temper as the coachman who was leading the carriage carefully opened the door and said,Get down.

Lady.\', towards her.

Not like this!!!

… Do you not like it

Completely, extremely, not one bit!!!

The maids said you would like it…

Why don\'t you just write everywhere that Jaden Serdian\'s daughter has come out!! I don\'t want this kind of thing, I want to go to the festival! Fes! Ti! Val!

Louis beckoned at the coachman, who was standing still looking at the two, quietly telling him to leave, and brought the index finger on his other hand to the corner of his mouth.

Realizing what Louis\' actions meant, the coachman silently drove the carriage away from them.

But… You came out secretly.

If we go to the plaza, you will probably stand out a lot.

‘But I am already standing out because of you\'

Louis\' outfit clearly showed that he was a high-ranking aristocrat.

From the fabrics, that ordinary people can\'t even dare to afford, to the expensive decorations and buttons on the clothes, accessories, shoes, and so on.

Everything around his body said,I am a nobleman.

I am also very well-off.\', so it was a given to stand out even without doing anything.

But he didn\'t seem to be aware that he stood out in other people\'s eyes.

Ayla pushed back the curse word that had risen up to her throat looking at Louis, who was whispering quietly.

As if thinking about something, she stopped for a moment with her eyes closed.

Louis was silently waiting for her next move.

A moment later, as if she had made up her mind, Ayla quickly grabbed Louis\' wrist and turned towards the narrow alley next to the boutique.

She observed the plaza so many times from the overpass that she knew most of its geography even though she hadn\'t been there herself.

As she turned her steps towards her destination, based on what she remembered seeing from the detached palace, Louis, who didn\'t understand the situation, was clearly caught off guard.

W-Where are we going

Stop talking and follow me.

How strong and fast the tiny Ayla was, that Louis, who is twice as tall as her, was being dragged helplessly.

The place they arrived at after walking for a while was a small and shabby clothing store.

Now let\'s transform.

No one can recognize us.

As Ayla finished talking and smiled with a satisfied expression, Louis also smiled after her.

They looked bright, as if they had returned to their childhood.


Louis and Ayla\'s appearance coming out of the shabby clothing store was completely different from before.

Ayla took off the black dress and white apron she was wearing when she left the palace.

Today, she wasn\'t an ugly low-rank maid but one of the kingdom\'s subjects, living a normal life like the others.

The white balloon sleeved t-shirt, decorated with frills on the cuffs, and the maple-colored vest, tightly tightened with straps, were beautiful.

The long, checkered skirt under it was undoubtedly the attire of commoner women, but Ayla\'s unique bright atmosphere could not be hidden.

As Ayla\'s wavy black pearl-colored hair that came down to her waist fluttered, she could feel the glances of those passing by.

It looks pretty.

I like it.

Louis, what about you

Ah… I don\'t know.

It\'s the first time Im trying this on…

Unlike Ayla, who seemed to like her appearance quite a bit, Louis looked around while stroking his wrists, as if the clothes he was trying on for the first time were awkward.

Long pants made with a checkered pattern like Ayla\'s skirt.

Even the black suspenders fixed on top of them were a perfect commoner man attire, so it looked quite different from the clothing Louis usually wears.

The checkered beanie on top of his red hair and the big, round glasses, gave Louis a playful atmosphere that he didn\'t usually have.

Then, shall we go to the plaza

It was Louis, not Ayla, who first suggested heading to the plaza, as if he had gained confidence in the changed clothes.

As Louis was always forced to live under the title of Duke Holt Daniel\'s only son, he paid extreme attention to his clothing, and of course, to his food, education, where he went, and the people he met.

Of course, all of this collapsed in front of Ayla.

At Louis\' words, Ayla gave a pretty smile and gently grabbed his strong hand.

There was a lot of anticipation on the faces of the two people who were going on their way.



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