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The plaza was full of delicious food and interesting things to see.

On one side, small games like darts and popping water balloons were more crowded with spectators from here and there than with participants.

As she turned her head and looked at the other side, there were so many sweet desserts lined up that Ayla\'s eyes, who loved sweets, sparkled.

Shall we eat something sweet

At Louis\' words, who couldn\'t be ignorant of her preferences, Ayla nodded violently, expressing a strong affirmation.

Louis and Ayla sat side by side at a wooden table that had already been prepared by a street vendor.

Although they were disguised, the couple that appeared out of nowhere attracted the attention of the people around them.

A young-looking girl approached them, beating the waiters who were whispering and looking at Ayla and Louis from far away.

May I take your order

Can I have a small strawberry chiffon cake, a warm cream latte, and a cup of coffee Little lady.

Louis was perfectly familiar with Ayla\'s preferences.

After he finished ordering, Louis\' mouth went up in a smile and the cheeks of the waitresses around him turned pink.

Contrary to that, the girl who received the order didn\'t seem to like Louis\' words that she was a little lady.

Looking at the girl, who quickly left while frowning, Ayla shrugged and spoke.

It was a perfect order.

Sir Louis Daniel.

You\'re welcome.

Beautiful lady.

Ayla looked affectionately towards Louis, who had ordered perfectly without asking a single question.

Of course, Ayla\'s affectionate glance soon turned towards the cake the girl brought.

Wow, this looks really good.

Hey, Louis, can I eat this first

Judging by Ayla\'s expression, completely drawn to the cake, it wouldn\'t be weird if her saliva started dropping right away.

She was cute, swelling in anticipation and blinking her eyes eagerly while asking for his permission.

With a bright smile, Louis pulled Ayla\'s cheek lightly and gave a small nod.

Unlike Ayla, who raised her fork in a militant posture, Louis\' affectionate gaze at her made the hearts of the women around them soft.

He heard the waiters that were looking at them whispering about being a well-matched couple, and he didn\'t bother to correct them.

Is it that delicious

Louis picked up his cup, took one sip of the coffee, and opened his mouth.

Of course!! How unfair it is to only watch others eat every day… Hahaha, I\'m kidding, I haven\'t had it in a long time so it\'s really delicious.

Ayla stopped talking, as if she had said useless words, put down the fork for no reason and lifted it up again, in pretense.

Ayla met Louis\' eyes, who was looking at her with a pitiful look and one corner of his mouth raised.

‘What, what is it.

Why are you coming closer, why!\'

Soon, Louis\' body leaned toward Ayla.

Louis\' lips slowly approached Ayla\'s.

Seemingly tense at his unusual behavior, the stiffened Ayla\'s blue eyes shook aimlessly.

You have cream… On your face.

Louis gently wiped Ayla\'s mouth with his long finger, and her mouth trembled subtly.

Completely pushing down the words she was trying to say.


I\'m full, so let\'s do some sightseeing!

Louis followed Ayla, who pulled his hand like a child, as if he couldn\'t help it.

The cherry blossom leaves blowing in the wind were enough to create a romantic atmosphere, but for some reason, the two of them just looked like a playful little boy and girl.

Although it was going completely contrary to what Louis had planned, this wasn\'t too bad.

Most of all, looking at the extremely happy Ayla, he thought it wouldn\'t be bad if time stopped like this.

After being dragged back and forth by her hand, Louis and Ayla stood in the center of the plaza.

Various interesting events were happening there.

Among them, the one that caught Ayla\'s attention was an event being held at a dessert shop.

‘1st place prize.

2 boxes of dacquoise.\'

After checking the prize, she ignited her battle spirit even before knowing the contents of the game.


Louis said he would participate in the event once because he couldn\'t defeat Ayla, who was blinded by the prize; but when he saw the flyer, Louis\' expression wasn\'t very good.

The Spring Flower Festival was a festival for everyone, but it was no exaggeration to say that, among them, it was a festival specialized for couples in love.

For that reason, new couples often visited the Spring Flower Festival on purpose, and merchants aiming for them have held many romantic events everywhere.

The event that Ayla dived into without having any idea was one of them.

There was only one prerequisite to participate in the event, which was that only lovers were eligible.

Looking at the absurd flyer that didn\'t explain how the event was carried out, Louis hesitated, as if he were embarrassed, and opened his mouth.

But this… We don\'t even know what the event is about.

Hey, don\'t tell me they\'re going to make us do something weird The prize is no less than a dacquoise, a dacquoise!! That\'s very hard to get in the Stellen Kingdom.

Alright, let\'s do it.

Are you confident about getting 1st place and getting the prize

Louis smiled at Ayla\'s attitude, who didn\'t seem to care about his concerns, and disheveled her hair as if he couldn\'t stop her.



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