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After hearing the contents of the event, Ayla\'s mouth opened wide.

Usually, she would have closed her mouth quickly, but she could not even think about shutting her open mouth.

The event was very simple, but very provocative.

Indeed, the fact that they moved forward with the event without informing people about what to do was a stroke of genius.

‘Move the paper.\'

The main content of the event was to move as many small and colorful pieces of paper as possible, within a limited time.

In that sense, it was just a simple game that children could also participate in; however, there was one thing they overlooked, and that was that the eligibility to participate was limited to lovers.

It\'s fine! Just don\'t let it fall down!!

Ayla, whose cheeks turned red, raised both her hands and made a resolution, while avoiding eye contact with Louis.

Unlike Ayla, who was restless, there was a pleasant smile on Louis\' mouth.

‘It\'s such a small piece of paper! Really.\'

Before they knew it, Ayla and Louis went up to the booth where the event was being held.

‘Should I just say I can\'t do it\'

Ayla gave a small frown as she looked at the pieces of paper inside the pretty basket.

The event is going to start soon, so, to all the participants, please get ready! It\'s an exciting game of mouth-to-mouth exchange! I\'m looking forward to seeing which couple will win 1st place.

You know that the prize is not the objective, right

A woman, who seemed to be the host of the event, snorted and caught the attention of those around her.

When she finished speaking, the loud laughter of the crowd of spectators was heard.

Then, start!!!

As the loud host\'s voice resonated, the couples participating in the event started moving the pieces of paper in the baskets.

Ayla, who was petrified like a stone, looked at Louis, who was holding a red piece of paper on his lips.

He frowned and then wrapped Ayla\'s cheeks with his big hands.

Soon after, Louis\' lips gradually came closer towards Ayla\'s.

‘No, not this! Anything but this!!!\'

As the distance between the two shortened, Louis\' refreshing mint scent reached the tip of Ayla\'s nose.

Disconcerted by Louis\' appearance, filling both her eyes, Ayla couldn\'t say the words that were lingering in her mouth and stuttered.

Even though she was curious about the festival, she left the palace because she wanted to ask Louis not to treat her as a woman.

Meanwhile, this situation was complicated.

L-Louis… Maybe this is a little…

When there wasn\'t even a span of one finger left between Ayla and Louis\' lips, the thin piece of paper he was holding fell down helplessly.

Louis\' lips seemed to be slowly approaching and then stopped, leaving a small gap between them.

I won\'t be greedy.

I\'ll do it just up to where you allow me to.

So, just relax.

When he finished speaking, Louis poked the tip of Ayla\'s nose with a soft smile and straightened his body.

Ayla\'s long hair fluttered in the blowing wind, shimmering in the sunlight.


The magnificent and beautiful crystal chandelier on the towering ceiling sparkled even more today.

The vintage ornaments and the colorful, shining gemstones here and there created a beautiful interior.

The cherry-blossom shaped rubies slowly fluttered and twinkled, giving off a pink glow.

Unlike the noisy and bustling atmosphere of Arin Square, the banquet hall, filled with the sound of orchestral performances, was full of aristocratic women in pretty, flowing dresses and aristocratic men dressed in neat and sophisticated suits.

There were splendidly dressed guests from all over the world gathered here and there and enjoying friendly conversations.

There were rumors that the King of the Stellen Kingdom was also attending today\'s banquet, so the faces of those gathered were glowing more than usual.


Theon was already ready to go to the banquet hall, but he stayed in the office because he still had some work to take care of.


Theon, who remained expressionless while he was reviewing the documents, let out a small sigh and put down the fountain pen he was holding.

After sitting blankly for a moment and staring into the void, Theon pulled the rope that was hanging from the back of the desk.

Soon after, a secretary, who seemed to have come running, knocked and entered the office.


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