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On the throne in the center of the banquet hall was the King of the Stellen Kingdom, who had his white-haired hair neatly combed back.

His sharp eyes and lips shut tight, despite his old age, revealed the King\'s stubborn personality.

Kyle and Theon, sitting on both sides of the throne where the King was sitting, had very stiff expressions.

Unlike the two sons of the Prince, Owen, the son of the Princess, was able to enjoy the banquet relatively freely.

Of course, he wanted to leave the banquet hall right now because of Claire\'s commotion, but he was forced to stay because he could not leave his position when even His Majesty the King was here.

It is an honor to be able to enjoy such a beautiful banquet because of Your Majesty\'s grace.

I\'m glad you liked it.

I hope you enjoy the banquet to your heart\'s content.

The distinguished guests from each country stood in front of the King in turn, and each of them flattered him.

Theon gave a hostile glance towards the King, who was exchanging friendly conversations with a kind smile as if he had practiced.

Please control your expressions.


I see you left behind the guy who is always with you.

Ah, you mean Eden He\'s on vacation today.

I have to give him at least a day off.

He didn\'t like Kyle treating him with unusual affection, but he fixed his expression as there was nothing wrong with the words he said.

As the aristocrats continued exchanging petty greetings out of courtesy, the doors of the banquet hall opened, and the beautiful Ariel came in.

Ariel\'s pure white dress with lace showed an elegant figure.

It was a design that could look rather suffocating, but since it had a deep neckline, it was a perfect outfit, without any unnecessities.

Fluttering her dress, which flared out abundantly, Ariel stood in front of the King before they knew it.

Princess Ariel of the Libert Kingdom greets you.

Your Majesty.


Princess Ariel.

The King, who liked Ariel enough that he first suggested her to live in the Stellen Kingdom, smiled brightly unlike ever before.

Seeing that, Ariel also gave a correspondingly beautiful smile towards the King.

I heard that you are having a lot of trouble these days because of the conflict between the leaders in the passage between the Libert Kingdom and the Stellen Kingdom.

Your Majesty.

The King nodded a couple of times at Ariel\'s words, acknowledging them.

The princess is also interested in state affairs… I see why the King of the Libert Kingdom cherishes you the most.

I\'m still a long way off.

I just mentioned it because my Father seems to be worrying about this issue a lot.

Thank you for kindly watching over me.

Your Majesty.


The beautiful and intelligent princess is even humble.

Ariel gave a light smile towards the King, who laughed loudly as if he liked what she said.

That situation is also a problem in the Stellen Kingdom.

It is something that doesn\'t benefit each other at all.

Princess Ariel, what do you think is the way to solve this problem


This old man gave the Princess trouble.

If it\'s difficult, you don\'t have to answer.

He looked away from Ariel, who had hesitated to answer, as if he had lost his interest and spoke.

For that problem, Your Majesty… I have a request to make.

Ariel, who hesitated for a while, opened her mouth carefully.

I will listen to whatever request this lovely Princess has.

Don\'t be shy and tell me.

Princess Ariel.

Ariel raised the corners of her mouth at the King\'s positive words.

Kyle and Theon, who had no idea, were waiting for Ariel\'s next words with their eyes fixed on her.

My engagement with His Highness the Crown Prince… Please move it forward.

Your Majesty.

If the Stellen Kingdom and the Libert Kingdom unite, those little things will be solved naturally.

Ariel\'s words after a long silence made the noisy hall become quiet, as if ice water had been poured over it.

Among them, the person that was surprised the most was obviously Theon Ermedi, the Crown Prince.



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