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Facing him, people cheered by giving him titles like Young King, or Brave Dragon.

Even though he was suffering from terrible nightmares every night and lived helplessly every day.

His young soul was being torn to pieces and crushed by his own flesh and blood, blinded by greed.

After the subjugation, it wasn\'t just once or twice that the royal palace was overturned by Theon, who would abruptly change when he felt the slightest bit of magical energy.

One day, one of the noble women who visited the royal palace\'s banquet hall wore a necklace imbued with magic and caught the envy and attention of the people around her.

The moment the young Theon, who attended the banquet, found her, he abruptly changed without anyone being able to stop him and the banquet hall suddenly turned into a fiery pit.

After these situations were repeated several times, Grand Duke Todd Ermedi, sensing the danger, prohibited magic on a large scale and locked Theon in the detached palace until he calmed down.

As contact with the outside was cut off, his madness naturally decreased.

He wasn\'t taking care of him; he was confining him.

There was only one person who comforted Theon.

With curly red hair, she brought him, who was trembling, a cup of hot tea every night and always said the same thing.

‘It\'s not your fault…\'

As he watched her slowly drifting away with a soft smile, Theon stretched out his hand and cried for her not to go, but his voice didn\'t come out at all.



When he woke up, Theon\'s forehead was covered in cold sweat.

He looked around him, breathing hard, but the inside was as quiet as a mouse.

He seemed to have fallen asleep after lashing out at Ayla and coming up to the bedroom.

He could feel that he was acting a little out of character.

He wasn\'t happy at all to see her appear in his dreams after a long time.

What a mess.

Grumpy words flowed out of Theon\'s mouth.

Soon after, Theon, who had raised his body, got up from his bed and quietly moved his feet.

As soon as left the bedroom, Ayla, sleeping crouched on the sofa in front of the fireplace, caught his attention.

Ah… Why are you sleeping here like this.

He hesitated for a moment as he mumbled to himself with a low sigh, and then lifted Ayla, who fell asleep in an uncomfortable position, with both hands.

As if the way Theon was holding her was uncomfortable, the arm around his neck felt stiff.

Soon, he completely took her in his embrace.

Theon smiled unconsciously as he looked at Ayla, who smiled in her sleep as if she were comfortable now.


‘Why… Am I here\'

The woken-up Ayla\'s eyes shook greatly.

She was sure she fell asleep crouched on the sofa, but somehow, she was lying in Theon\'s bed.

The owner of the bed, Theon, was nowhere to be seen.

From his attitude last night, she thought there\'s no way the person who carried her to the bed was Theon; but if that wasn\'t the case, then this situation couldn\'t be further explained.

‘Don\'t tell me… He brought me here himself The proud and arrogant Prince Me What\'

Ayla\'s anxious eyes slowly began to look around and, fortunately, there seemed to be no one in the palace.

Ayla, who had been looking around for a long time, found something and leaned down with a little sigh.

What caught her attention were the cleanly washed maid uniform and apron, which were laid on the tabletop.

The Head Maid really must have come…

She grabbed her head with both hands and screamed silently.

It was a very good situation to be misunderstood as it is.

The fact that a low-rank maid was sleeping in the bed of His Highness during the Spring Flower Festival, which is the embodiment of romanticism, was obvious to anyone.

If any other maids had seen Ayla, her reputation, which couldn\'t lower anymore, would really have ended.

Therefore, she had no time to waste.

If someone comes in, really terrible things will happen.

That\'s right.

For now, let\'s get out of here.

Let\'s go out and think.

Continuing staying here is even weirder.

Ayla, who raised herself up, quickly looked around and started putting on the clothes one by one.

After tidying up her messy hair, sure enough, she has now returned to her appearance as a low-rank maid.

A dark shadow appeared in front of Ayla\'s eyes as she was going down the stairs while tidying up her clothes.

The dark shadow rushed her without even giving her time to prepare herself.

Follow me.

Miss Ayla.

Yes, Head Maid…

Is this how a traveler feels when he meets a tiger in the mountains

Rose\'s tightly shut lips clearly revealed that she was very angry.

Why on earth do you keep getting involved with the royal family


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