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Theon\'s office, where Ayla had left, was filled with coldness.

The man and woman, who were sharply looking at each other, had a cold and heavy silence around them, to the point where one could wonder if they were really engaged.

I was surprised by your move at the banquet hall.

I\'m flattered.

I don\'t think you came here just to interrogate a maid… I\'m curious about what on earth you are thinking.

Theon was the first to break the long silence.

Despite Theon\'s cold voice and icy gaze, Ariel showed no signs of losing her confidence at all.

Ariel looked confident and relaxed to the point where he wondered if this was the same Ariel that was naive back when they met at the natural forest in the west palace.

As she always hesitated to talk to him first, this situation was very pleasant.

Ariel, who was smiling lightly at an unknown sense of victory, raised her gaze and met Theon\'s eyes.

Then, Ariel slowly opened her mouth.

I\'m not sure… What I\'m thinking.

I don\'t think you came here to joke around.

There was a tension between Ariel, who was talking with a smile, and Theon, who quietly faced her.

Feeling his cold gaze, Ariel erased the smile she had on her face and looked at Theon, expressionless.

There is nothing else.

Getting married to the successor of the Stellen Kingdom.

That\'s my plan and my future.

I wonder what it means to marry without affection.

I didn\'t know Your Highness cared about that kind of thing.

I\'m kinder than I look.

Towards my woman.

You\'ll be kind to me soon.

I\'m not sure.

I wonder if that day will come.

Just wait and you\'ll find out.

After she finished speaking, the corners of Ariel\'s mouth went up, drawing a line, as if she were fine with Theon\'s indifferent tone.


Louis, who was standing in front of the secretaries office, found Ayla and quickly walked up to her, carefully grabbing her delicate shoulder.

How could you leave first

‘What is he saying again…\'

Ayla kept silent at Louis\' mysterious words and stared at him, tilting her head.

Even if it was time to go, you should take the situation into account.

I was very disappointed.

I had something for you…

What are you talking about

From now on, you must tell me wherever you go.

You don\'t know how worried I was because you went alone.

Ayla hesitated and couldn\'t answer Louis\' words.

Louis Daniel!!!

When she was about to ask what he was talking about, a voice calling for Louis was heard from a distance.

The Secretary is looking for me so let us talk again later! I\'ll be back.

Miss Betrayer.

Louis ran towards Mason after poking the tip of Ayla\'s nose, as usual.

Even when he was out of sight, Ayla couldn\'t help but stand there blankly.

Contrary to Lily\'s words that they were searching for her, Louis gave Ayla a scolding, saying she had left on her own.

She felt as if she had been stabbed in the back.

Then, as if she had come to her senses, Ayla walked out of the west palace with quick steps.

After entering the maid\'s quarters, Ayla opened the door of her room with a flushed look on her face.

Inside the room, Lily was sitting on the bed and staring at the window.

Why did you lie

Ayla asked, suddenly standing in front of Lily.

Lily\'s eyes shook greatly as if she were taken aback by Ayla\'s sudden aggressive way of speaking.

W-What are you talking about What do you mean lie… Lily can\'t do something like lying.

Young Lady.

You told Louis that I went back first.

Lily had an expression like she felt herself wronged towards Ayla, who spoke in an unfriendly manner.

Under Ayla\'s sharp gaze, Lily\'s eyes were wet before she knew it.

I… You said you had to go in by midnight.


So… I naturally thought you had gone on time… I\'m sorry.

I guess I said something useless.

I\'m really sorry.


Lily, who had been controlling her emotions by biting her lips, shook her shoulders up and down and eventually burst into tears, not being able to control them anymore.

Seeing Lily crying like a child, Ayla couldn\'t blame her anymore.

Like a fool.

Sitting on the table in the dining room, Ayla was lost in thought.

She didn\'t seem to have done anything in particular, but the hands of the clock turned towards 5 o\'clock and made a noise she didn\'t want to hear.

Did I press too hard

She felt uncomfortable seeing Lily crying while saying she was sorry, so she escaped out of the maids\' quarters as if she were running away.

She didn\'t do anything wrong, but she felt uncomfortable as if she had done.

She couldn\'t shake off the feeling that she was getting caught up into something.


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