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A shadow fell over Ayla, who touched her forehead and closed her eyes at the surging headache.

You look anxious

Ah… Miss Diane.

You\'re the same as ever.

I told you to treat me like an older sister, but you never do it.

As Ayla said in a low voice,Because I\'m not accustomed to it…\', to Diane\'s words, she gave a light smile and boiled water in the kettle.

Inside the quiet room, only the loud sound of boiling water resonated.

Soon, Diane put down the boiling water kettle, took out the cocoa powder from a shelf and poured it into a mug.

Looking at her, Ayla raised one corner of her mouth and spoke in a lethargic voice.

Looks like young guests have come.

Diane only grinned at Ayla\'s words and gave no answer.


Diane stopped stirring the spoon and put the hot steamy cocoa in front of Ayla.

Why are you giving this to me…

Let it cool down.

Soon after, as Diane gestured as if telling her to drink quickly, Ayla grabbed the cup in confusion.

The sweet chocolate scent spread over the tip of her nose, and her depressing feelings seemed to fade a little.

When you\'re feeling anxious, sweets are the best.

Why… Are you being nice to me

Diane did show up as if she knew whenever Ayla was in trouble or something difficult had happened.

What is the reason She has no reason to be like this towards her…

After what happened with Lily, she wondered if this was all just a mere coincidence.

Lily pleaded with tears, but a small suspicion arose in Ayla\'s heart.

Once the suspicion arose, it quickly sprouted, and everything she believed in was shaken up.

She was confused as to whether the things she believed in were real, and from where to where she could fully accept them.

Ayla looked at Diane with alert eyes, waiting for an answer.

Well, for no particular reason.

Do you need a reason to be nice to other people

Ayla was speechless at Diane\'s manner of talking so naturally.

Ayla smiled bitterly as Diane patted her shoulder a couple of times and left the dining room without saying anything.


Ayla entered Theon\'s office just in time for the teatime but, for some reason, he didn\'t look at her even once.

He only moved his fountain pen diligently while silently staring at the documents on his desk and gave no reaction at all.

‘Is he avoiding me now that he\'s getting engaged or what\'

Ayla, who glanced at him and silently poured the tea, spoke first in order to change the awkward atmosphere.

Thank you for earlier.

For what

Glancing at Theon, who answered dryly with his gaze still fixed on the papers, Ayla frowned.

Thank you for taking my side in front of Princess Ariel earlier.

It\'s not Princess Ariel, it\'s Her Highness.

Ah, yes… Her Highness.

And you seem to be mistaken, I\'m not on Miss Ayla Serdian\'s side, I was just using my wits according to the situation to keep our secret, nothing more, nothing less.

If I get caught, my situation will be worse than yours.

After speaking, Theon moved the fountain pen he was holding while maintaining a firm expression.

‘That bastard really…\'

She was a fool for thinking they were getting closer because he seemed to be nice to her in the past few days.

Ayla stood behind Theon and pretended to raise her fists at his haughty and cold-tempered attitude.

Ah, I must have been mistaken.

Forgive me, I\'m not the type of character to get mistaken at any time.

If you understand, can you stop now and get to work You played around all day.

You have a lot of documents to arrange.

Looking at Theon, who was focusing only on the documents despite Ayla\'s sarcasm, she couldn\'t help but feel astonished.

‘I\'ll find evidence quickly and leave this damn palace.

How can he ignore people like that That\'s not right.\'

Ayla\'s lower lip twitched as she suddenly sat in her designated seat and unloaded the piles of documents one by one.

Inside the office, no other sound was heard except for the sound of paper constantly turning.

For how long did the silence flow Theon looked at Ayla, who had raised her head to see whether she had reviewed all the documents.

So why were you late this time

Why are you curious about that

Theon put down the pen at Ayla\'s words and looked at her with fierce eyes.

‘Why, what, what.

What are you going to do, looking at me like that.\'

She clearly felt Theon\'s stinging gaze on her skin.

Ayla\'s hands trembled as she remained silent with her head stuck in the documents.

Because I was curious.

Tell me.

Why were you late.

It\'s something very personal, do I really have to talk about it I have a bunch of documents to review, I must work.

We\'re working, aren\'t we

Are you messing with me again

Do not be mistaken.

Why do you keep being friendly Employer and employee.

Let\'s just keep it that way.

‘Why am I being like this Why am I angry\'

After she finished speaking, Ayla withdrew the gaze she had on Theon and turned over the documents, nervously.

Perhaps Ayla wasn\'t the only one angry at this situation; Theon, who had remained silent, got up from his seat and headed out of the office.



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