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In the meantime, the allegations of a large-scale embezzlement of the national treasury by Count Jaden Serdian broke out, and the rumors related to the tributes proved not to be mere rumors.

Of course, he also made a huge amount of slush funds, but it\'s just not known.

Count Jaden Serdian\'s biggest charge was the embezzlement of tributes.

A confidential report reached the King\'s ears that Count Jaden Serdian had stolen theIrish Diamond\', one of the most rare and precious jewels that was to be given to the Queen of the neighboring Raff Kingdom.

The Irish Diamond had a huge size of nearly 300 carats and boasted a clean glow without impurities, so the King had a special attachment to it.

It was also one of the most gossiped and troublesome tributes, since he could not let go of his lingering attachments until the very last moment when he was about to send it to the Raff Kingdom.

There was no tribute as good as the Irish Diamond.

It was a kind of bribe due to the sudden rise of the Raff Kingdom\'s military power, and it was a medium that meant cooperation between the two kingdoms…

Stealing such a precious item It was enough to offend the King, who was already dissatisfied with the Count.

Upon hearing the report, the King quietly dispatched the military, and the missing gem was found in the mansion of Count Serdian.

However, as if making fun of the King, the Count had already left the border and disappeared a long time ago, and the King\'s wrath grew out of control.

The question of why on earth he did something so recklessly had risen, but the fact that the missing Irish Diamond turned up in his mansion remained unchanged.

It was an incident that could be seen as the incompetence of the royal family, so the embezzlement of the tribute was not revealed externally.

Since it was an incident that was covered up, except for a few ministers, no one knew about Count Serdian\'s tribute embezzlement.

Looking at Theon, who had finished talking with a heavy expression, Ayla\'s eyes were wet.

Why are you telling me this

Because I think you have at least the right to know your Father\'s real crime.

… I believe in my Father.

Although she spoke resolutely, she couldn\'t hide her trembling voice.

Theon, who nodded slowly as if he understood her, hesitated for a moment and then continued.

You have a very close father and daughter relationship.

Anyway, I am one of the people who think it\'s not just Count Serdian who touched the treasury.

That\'s why I\'m secretly setting up a trap.

She couldn\'t understand what he was trying to say; but seeing how seriously he spoke, Ayla quietly waited for him to continue.

The final banquet of the Spring Flower Festival, in two days, will be attended by Princess Zenia of Ruit.

You said Zenia is a fictional character.

How can a fictional character come to the banquet

Didn\'t I say that you are Zenia, Ayla Serdian Hm… You can think of it as kind of going undercover.

Ayla\'s face gradually distorted at Theon\'s absurd remarks, but he didn\'t seem to be joking from the look on his face.

Ugh… All right.

Let\'s say I am Zenia, as you said.

But if I am a Princess from a country, well, I should have servants.

And I should have a fancy carriage to come to the banquet.


Noand\'!! There are probably not just one or two things to prepare, so where will that come from And above all, how can I go undercover! You have to say something that makes sense so I can play along.

First of all, Theon\'s words were not feasible.

How will he cover the cost of doing this nonsense; and how can Ayla, who has never even been a princess maid, let alone a princess, make herself look like a princess.

Above all, her face has already been revealed.

How many people know Ayla Serdian in the royal palace… Ayla nodded her head, as there was no way she could be fooled by such a sloppy plan.

So, you won\'t do it

It\'s not that I won\'t do it, I can\'t do it.

Theon sighed at Ayla\'s resolute attitude, with a regrettable expression.

Well, if you say you can\'t do it, there\'s no helping it.

It\'s a pity.

I was one of the people who thought the Count was falsely accused, but our alliance will end here.

That\'s it, so go out now.

After he finished speaking, the corners of Theon\'s mouth went up slightly.

He knew exactly how to get Ayla moving.



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