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As expected, you are Princess Zenia.

It suits you very well.

Elin, please add some more gold decorations here.

She changed her clothes because she couldn\'t defeat Orhan\'s harsh eyes; and while it was a spectacle when she held it in her hands, it was a spectacle like nothing else when she wore it.

Unlike Ayla, who was at a loss for words due to her appearance, Orhan clapped his hands as if he were very satisfied and gave some orders to Elin, one of the maids who helped her dress up.

It would be better to put one more gold decoration here.




Elin, this seems a bit excessive… Try changing to a different design.

Elin, who had come carrying a dangling gold pendant at his words, became even busier.

No matter how she thought of it, they must have brought her children\'s clothes; the turquoise cloth, which clearly exposed Ayla\'s shoulders, barely covered her chest.

‘Can these be called clothes…\'

The weird fashion that confused her didn\'t stop there.

The bottoms, which did not belong to any of the boundaries between pants and skirts, were so thin that Ayla\'s leg line was revealed.

There was so much exposure that it was eye-catching; so even if she didn\'t want to look at it, with the addition of the gold and the shiny jewels of different colors on her chest, her eyes were naturally drawn to it.

She even thought that it would be better to take it off rather than wearing this weird outfit, which seemed like she wasn\'t wearing anything even though she was wearing clothes.

It was literally a mess.

A catastrophe.

Princess Zenia.

Could you look this way for a moment.

I need to finish putting the decorations.

Elin, who approached her before she knew it, began to decorate her clothes here and there with her small hands.



Beautiful Princess Zenia.

Go ahead.

Must I really wear this ridiculous outfit

As I said before, this is Ruit\'s traditional outfit.

Impressive colors and sparkles maximize healthy beauty and femininity.

It is the first royal banquet the Princess of Ruit is attending, so I don\'t think there is an outfit better that this one.

No, I am Ayla before I am Zeni…a…

Orhan glanced at her, who was trying to say she wasn\'t Zenia, giving her a harsh look and firmly saying,You are Princess Zenia.\'

‘He\'s really crazy…\'

Orhan really showed a firm attitude as if Ayla had really become Princess Zenia.

Seeing his attitude, she once again felt the greatness of brainwashing and money.

No, not only Orhan, but everyone in this mansion praised her as the beautiful Princess Zenia and served her with great care, even if it had only been a day.

It was obvious that everyone was crazy.

Everyone gathered here was deceiving themselves and deceiving others for the sake of this ridiculous pretense.

She noticed that some of them really thought that Ayla was Princess Zenia from Ruit.

In that case, she concluded that it would be wiser for her to become the perfect Zenia, not only for them but for herself, too.

She didn\'t know what the people gathered in the mansion would receive in exchange for safely finishing this play.

However, she wondered if there was anyone who wished for this scheme to wrap up successfully as much as Ayla Serdian right now.

If things go well, the thieves will technically come to take the money; and if there is even the slightest evidence related to her father\'s case, it will be a piece of cake to pick up her family again.

The most important of all, this must be done perfectly in order to ensure her safety.

Theon said that he could protect her at least; but how can she know the future and trust only that person She had to at least find a way to live.

She will become the perfect Princess of Ruit, knock out the thieves, and clear her family of her false accusations!

The time for her to show the dignity of Zenia to the nobles, the maids, everyone in the palace who looked down on her, had come.

Yeah, she is Zenia, you bastards!!

I\'m ready!!!

Orhan, who muttered,She is not normal.\', while looking at Ayla suddenly shouting, left the room, saying he was going to prepare the carriage.



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