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Chapter 1821: Humanoid Immortal Extermination Formation!

On one hand, the contender was famous since ancient eras.

He had always been known as the Great Demon, the King of Buddhism, and one of the strongest under the Dao Realm.

His opponent was a new generation of powerhouse who rose in the current era, shook the world, and came to the top.

He was a Three Clears Practitioner and the unique Daoism Heavenly Lord in ancient and modern times.

The two sides had contended with each other many times before.

However, back then, Yan Zhaoge merged the three Golden Bodies of the Great Sage into one, manifesting the Great Sage Equalling Heavens true form to compete with Kong Xuan.

At this battle, it was he who came to Kong Xuan.

Kong Xuan had a complicated expression, watching Yan Zhaoge surrounded by bright light.

Clear Qi lingered around him as if he existed outside the bounds of this world and was unreachable.

“Daoist Brother.” Yan Zhaoge did not say much.

Instead, he reached out his hand and grabbed the Golden Body above Kong Xuans head.

After years of waiting and years of hard work, Kong Xuan would not allow Yan Zhaoge to ruin his plan at this time.

As long as the grand formation above his head was still operating, he would get closer and closer to Dao Realm.

However, he could not fight with his body at the current moment.

The Buddha in white stood up from the back of the Golden King of Peacocks.

Immediately after, the Five-Colored Divine Radiance was hurled toward Yan Zhaoge.

The mighty divine light dictated the sky and the sea in this area, filling the void in this universe as if it were endless.

The creation here seemed to be trembling at this time.

It disintegrated into the five elements, imbued into Kong Xuans Five-Colored Divine Radiance, and suppressed Yan Zhaoge.

The baldachin on Yan Zhaoges head and the Earthly Essence Stone atop it blocked the fire generated by the burning of the Heavenly Essence Stone.

Then, baldachin rotated, sending off Clear Qi and engulfing Kong Xuans Five-Colored Divine Radiance.

Both sides were equally matched, colliding with each other.

Kong Xuan challenged Dao Realm, shaking the whole universe.

As he got closer to the Dao Realm, its Five-Colored Divine Radiance became stronger and stronger, as if the great thousand worlds had been forged all over again.

At this moment, he was more powerful than ever before.

However, that powerful Five-Colored Divine Radiance was ineffective against Yan Zhaoge at this moment.

While the baldachin above Yan Zhaoges head was spinning, the vast Five-Colored Divine Radiance was deflected.

Still, the Five-Colored Divine Radiance gushed in as if it were inexhaustible.

The next wave of attack was superior to its previous assault, trying to drown Yan Zhaoge in them.

Yan Zhaoge reached out his hand and pointed to the baldachin on top of his head.

As the baldachin rotated, Clear Qi draped down.

As the Clear Qi permeated the area, it converged at one point and turned colorless.

In the void, an invisible and formless blade appeared.

Then, the blade cut through the endless Five-Colored Divine Radiance like cutting butter with a hot knife!

The Five-Colored Divine Radiance struggled to regroup and scattered after having the invisible blade cut through it.

Colorful lights scattered in the area as if flowers were falling everywhere.

Kong Xuan was shocked while Yan Zhaoge kept walking and broke through the Five-Colored Divine Radiance in front of him!

“Ji!” The white-robed Buddha shouted anxiously.

The Golden King of Peacocks fluttered his wings, flew upwards, and fell into the Five Directions Tathagata Formation, where he merged with the remains of the phoenix.

Between the eyes of the remains of the phoenix, there seemed to be a faint flame.

Then, the inscription of the Five Virtues of Earlier Heaven appeared on the Five-Colored Divine Radiance that circulated Kong Xuan endlessly.

The black and white Dao mists rose in the blazing fire.

A trace of yin and white energy was found on the vigorous green wood.

Profound and dignified merit and moral virtues laid beneath the heavy earth.

The rich purple light of fortune flashed on the sharp white gold.

There were sacred and virtuous water ripples in the long and continuous black water.

The Five Virtues of Earlier Heaven and the Five Elements of Later Heaven were combined.

They spiraled into a wheel as they spun as if the creation of heaven and earth was compressed at a point.

It was so heavy that no amount of mass could be added anymore, achieving the quality of infinity and eternal.

Despite witnessing it, Yan Zhaoge was unfazed and continued poking at the air.

The Clear Qi that hung down from the baldachin once again condensed into invisible and intangible blades.

The colorless blade collided with the Five-Colored Light Wheel silently.

But the great thousand worlds outside and the worldly creations suddenly turmoil.

Previously, it was a scene caused by Kong Xuans ascension to Dao Realm.

He refined parts of the creations and disintegrated all things into the original five elements.

This process was suddenly halted at this moment.

Then, it all started to reverse like crazy.

The distortion between advancing and retreating made the universe inching closer to dislocation as if to be torn apart.

In many places, even time happened to stay still for a while.

The brand new creation the Monkey created in the past was also distorted and became turbulent since it was closely attached to the original great thousand worlds.

If it werent for the powerhouses of all sides protecting their world, it was inevitable to have the other worlds being affected and torn apart.

Kong Xuan looked solemn because the invisible blade split the Five-Colored Divine Brilliance at this moment!

Dao Monarch Lu Yas group felt a chill creep upon their backs upon witnessing this scene.

It was a humanoid Immortal Extermination Formation!

Everyone sighed in their hearts and secretly in awe.

The owner of the Five-Colored Divine Brilliance Wheel was none other than the famous Mahamayuri!

Mahamayuris status was not as prominent due to the rising stars such as Yang Jian, Suo Mingzhang, and others.

His prestige was unlike how it used to be in the past.

However, even for Yang Jian, Suo Mingzhang, and the rest, they had to admit they were not confident about defeating Mahamayuri.

The result of the fight could only be known after the actual battle.

Although there were many powerhouses in the current state, Mahamayuri was still the one standing at the peak of Grand Heavenly Immortal.

At most, he no longer bore the status of being the standout in the past, but the latecomers were catching up with him.

However, it was still far from being phased off.

In particular, Mahamayuri was advancing toward the Dao Realm.

In this specific period, his strength had reached an unprecedented peak.

Previously there was the Green Lotus Treasured Flag, Ivory Cloud Realm Flag, Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner, and Sanctimonious Fiery Radiance Flag to block him.

However, these four flags could hardly block Mahamayuris Five-Colored Divine Radiance.

But at this moment, this powerful Five-Colored Divine Radiance was split open by an invisible and colorless blade!

The blade did not come from Immortal Extermination Formation but a single person.

A person who was also in the Grand Heavenly Realm and had not yet attained the Dao Realm!

Yan Zhaoge looked at the Five-Colored Light Wheel engraved with the Five Virtues Inscription.

He raised his palm and slashed in the air again.

The Clear Qis condensed into invisible blades that kept slashing.

The five virtues disappeared, and the five elements disintegrated.

Everything was reduced to nothingness.

Yan Zhaoge had slashed the Five-Colored Light Wheel!

The baldachin spun, knocking away the remaining Five-Colored Divine Radiance, and sent Kong Xuan out of it!

Yan Zhaoge reached the top of Kong Xuans head and pushed it out with one palm.

Consequently, the Five Direction Tathagata Formation trembled.

Yan Zhaoge pushed the Golden Buddha, making it slanted to the side.

The Buddha doctrines and scriptures fell over the sky, the sandalwood faded, and the formation suddenly collapsed.

In the grand formation, the flames in the eyes of the phoenixs remains were extinguished.

The King of Peacocks was forcibly separated from it, and it exploded into a cloud of blood in the void.

The white-robed Buddha below shook his entire body, unable to hold back any longer, and golden blood spurted out of his mouth and nose.

Kong Xuans ascension to the Dao Realm was abruptly halted!

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Other than that, there isnt much notable info so I didnt translate that.

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