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I took a seat in front of the table where the three of them were sitting.

I felt more nervous than usual looking at the three gathered like this.

‘What the hell is going on’

I slowly moved my eyes to examine the atmosphere around the three of them.

As usual, Ashmir was waiting with an expressionless face.

She was so calm that one would believe she was a pretty doll, if not for the occasional blink of the eye.

On the other hand, Director Lee had a slightly anxious expression on his face.

It seemed like he was looking into the eyes of Ashmir and Ryan.

The owner of this place, Ryan, looked at the two with a feeling of dissatisfaction.

It was unlike him, who keeps a relaxed expression and attitude most of the time.

There must have been some heated conversation between the three before I came.

By the time I roughly grasped the atmosphere, Director Lee, who was sitting opposite me, spoke slowly.

“I’m sorry for coming all of a sudden like this, Mr.


Is he really sorry

This is not my first or second time seeing Director Lee coming too suddenly.

Although I grumbled slightly on the inside, I nodded my head as if saying it was okay, on the outside.

“There was something I want to ask you.

That’s why I came to you like this with Miss Ashmir.

No, rather than saying asking, I think I should call this a request……”

“Can you say it as a request, it’s nothing short of an order.”

While Director Lee was speaking with difficulty, not being able to get to the point, Ryan intervened.

I could feel a tinge of disappointment and anger in Ryan’s words.

The reply to Ryan’s words came from Ashmir.

“As I said before, this is not an order, it’s a request.”

“Oh, come on! Everyone here knows that those are nothing but empty words, isn’t it If we don’t follow your so-called ‘request’ you’d impose sanctions on us.

Can you call that a request”

“We are asking for help to keep the balance of the dimension.

There is no reason for us to give benefits to those who refuse to cooperate.”

“Benefit, huh… I think it would be more appropriate to say tyranny of the Angel Realm.”

“Your words are way out of line.”

When Ryan and Ashmir’s words sharply collided, Director Lee, who was in the middle, rushed in.

“Come on, wait! Both of you, please stop getting too emotional.

Anyway, it’s Mr.

Sihyeon who should take the decision.

Nothing can come from we just talking to each other.”

Hearing Director Lee’s words, both of them closed their mouths and stopped talking.

A silence similar to the one before a big storm filled the place, and Director Lee took a handkerchief from his chest pocket and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

He also looked quite nervous.


Sihyeon, you’ve also done some guild activities.

You probably know how the government manages Rifts.

Don’t you”


I also went to remove Rifts by myself, and it was also something I studied separately during the Guardians Guild exam.

“Most Rifts are managed according to the system established by the government, but sometimes there are exceptions.

Rifts that occur during natural disasters are a prime example, but do you know what other cases are”

Another case

What was it…….

I think I saw it while studying…….

Seeing me who couldn’t answer easily, Director Lee continued to explain.

“That is when the Angels directly request the government.”

“Ah! Yes.

Now I remember.”

When the Angels request, the rifts are not managed by the pre determined system.

On the surface, the Angels are asking for help, but in reality, as Ryan said before, it was a one-sided command.

As the government depends so much on the Angels, it was an unavoidable part.

“Yesterday, there was a request from the Angels’ side to the government.

It is said that the Feistar surveillance team has detected an anomaly among the Rifts predicted to occur.

So, We are gathering personnel to respond to this abnormal phenomenon.


Among the personnel chosen on the raid team……the Angels’ side requested to include Mr.Sihyeon.”


It was such a confusing situation that I spit out everything that came into my head.

“Really You’re putting me in the rift where the anomaly occurred Why me There must be a lot of people who are more experienced than me and have superior skills than I do…….”

“We don’t know why the Angel side made such a request.

Director Lee answered with a puzzled look on his face.

My gaze naturally turned to Ashmir.

When she received my gaze, she opened her mouth with a calm expression.

“We can’t reveal the exact criteria here, but what is certain is that we decided that Shihyeon’s ability was absolutely necessary to resolve the anomaly.”

“No matter how much I think about it, I don’t quite understand.

Why would you want to entrust me, a person who has little experience with such an important task…”

“I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.

I heard that you exterminated the monsters that were damaging a village.”


“Besides that, Sihyeon’s performances in the Rifts are hard to say as ordinary.

There are certain aspects that cannot be evaluated simply by combat power.”


Ashmir did not give up her argument, citing examples of what had happened in the Rifts before.

I had already experienced this stubbornness of the Angels many times, so I quickly gave up on refuting.

“I know what the situation is.

Even if I was included in the crew at the request of the Angels, can I decline the offer”

“Of course, you can…but…”

Director Lee blurted out at the end of his answer.

While he hesitated, Ryan spoke with an uncomfortable expression.

“If Sihyeon refuses the request, you will be penalized in a number of ways.

It will be difficult to obtain soul stones that Angels handle, and your guild activities may be disrupted.”

It doesn’t matter if my guild activities are disrupted since it isn’t my main job anyway, but it will be a little difficult if I can’t get any soul stones.

Because I need Soul Stones to bring the things I needed to the Demon Realm.

When I put on a perplexed expression on my face, Director Lee, gave an urgent explanation.

“I fully understand that it can be burdensome.

But the mission itself is not dangerous.

The people who will be put into the Rift together with Mr.Sihyeon are the top awakeners of Korea.

It will be safer than when you’re doing guild activities.”

After hearing his explanation, Ryan immediately refuted.

“It’s preposterous.

He’s a noble of Demon Realm.

If it’s that safer, will you take your country’s President to that place, would you Mr.



“I can’t stand this unfair treatment.

I will report  it to the Demon Lord right away and we’ll formally protest.”

Ryan said with an unusually tough attitude.

As soon as he finished speaking, Ashmir, who had been listening quietly, spoke.

“Sihyeon is already receiving various benefits.

While freely entering and exiting the demon realm, he is even allowed to take things to the Demon Realm.”

“Those are things that have already been negotiated.

The term “benefits” is an understatement.”

“Not only that.

Previously, when the children of the Demon world broke the rules of the dimension, Munk did not respond and we did’nt arrest them even though it was clearly a violation of the rules.”


“The case of Sihyeon is being closely watched, not only by our Inspectors but also by the Judges and the Executives.

However, if you show such a non-cooperative attitude, of course, we will have no choice but to increase the pressure on Shihyeon.”

“Do you think we would sit idly while you do that.”

Unusual energy emanated from Ryan’s body.

As a result, Ashmir also began to exude fierce energy.

“Angels move according to the rules.

If someone interferes with our work, even if that person is the Demon lord, we will see that person, only as a sinner who disturbs the balance.”

The room quickly got filled with the ferocious energy emitted by the two of them.

As a vortex of powerful energy swirled around the table, Director Lee trembled with a pale face.

After watching the serious confrontation for a while, I sighed heavily and calmed the two.

“Haa… you two, please stop.

Can’t you see that Director Lee is having a hard time”


The two retreated their energy as they looked at Director Lee.

“If it can’t be helped, I will participate.”




Ryan frowned at my decision, and on the contrary, Director Lee’s expression brightened.

Ashmir’s expression barely changed, but she seemed to be satisfied and stopped fighting with Ryan.

“I’m not the only one who is forced to participate.

Other Awakeners are also the same, so I don’t think I need to be the only one to be nervous.”


“Don’t worry too much, Ryan.

The most talented people in Korea have been gathered.

In addition, the rewards will probably be generous.

Am I right, Director Lee”

“Of course.

It has been decided that all Awakeners who had been invited for this mission will be given the highest level of privileges in the industry.

If you wish, we will also provide free weapon and equipment support.


Director Lee quickly listed the benefits in case I would change my mind.

Ryan looked at me with an anxious expression.

“Sihyeon, is it really alright I’m ready to report to the Demon Lord right now…”

“It’s okay, Ryan.

There is no need to make a big deal out of it.”


okay, I understand.

If it’s fine with you, I will support that decision.”

Ryan seemed a little dissatisfied, but he nodded obediently and said he would abide by my decision.

But, once again, with intense pressure in his eyes, he looked at Ashmir and Director Lee.

“I agree with Sihyeon participating in the mission.

Instead, there is one condition from our side.”

“What kind of… condition”


Director Lee and Ashmir looked curious.

“Sihyeon is an irreplaceable person for the Demon Lord and Demon world.

He cannot be sent to a place where we do not know what kind of danger there may be.”

“Don’t worry about that.

We’ll take care to make sure Mr.

Sihyeon is as safe as possible……”

“I can’t accept that.

We need a more reassuring way.”



“We will send an escort we can trust and entrust Sihyeon.”

At the words of Ryan that followed, the eyes of the two shook slightly.

“Of course, the escort will be sent from the Demon World.”


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