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Shenyi smiled.

He gently stroked the hair of the woman in his arms, and shook his head, saying, “Thats impossible.

Ai Cangsheng has been watching me.

He wont let me continue on like this.

Once I show signs of becoming a saint, he will come down personally and solve the problem.”

In Cross Corner Street, one could talk about the name of a saint without any worries or avoidance because demi-saints couldnt enter the space unless they paid a great price.

Those who did pay the price to enter the Cross Corner Street were suppressed by even more terrifying rules.

Their strength wasnt even comparable to the higher void level.

Therefore, demi-saints rarely came to Cross Corner Street in the City of the Dead Bodhisattva.

Aunt Xiang was silent for a long time.

She looked up and advised, “Can you just not become a saint Its been so many years.

Arent you over it”

Shenyi laughed and said, “You know that Ive been suppressing this for more than twenty years.

Now, even the strength of the rules at the Cross Corner Street are almost unable to restrain me..

Even if geniuses want to be ordinary, its impossible.

I still have to return to the Shengshen Continent.”

Aunt Xiang pouted, then she frowned, and said worriedly, “Its very dangerous outside…”

“Yes, but for you, Im not even afraid of death.

Why would I be afraid of Ai Cangsheng Why would I be afraid of Bei Huai Why would I be afraid of the Five Great Holy Emperors family” Shen Yi hugged Aunt Xiang, then turned around and placed her on the bed.

He gestured at the sweat all over his body and raised his eyebrows.

“Im going to take a shower first.

Ill be back in a moment.”

Aunt Xiang tightened her muslin dress and gripped the bedsheet with both hands.

She looked at the mans back and said, “I, Ive called you here to discuss official business!”

“I was talking business.” Shenyi walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Then, his voice travelled back into the room.

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“Ive already figured out what You Yuan wanted to guide me towards.

Theres a clue to the mysterious entrance of the inverted pagoda.

Its the key to suppress the power of divinity.

Perhaps Ill be able to enter it in a short time.”

“When the time comes, Ai Cangsheng wont be able to sense that Ive become a saint there.”

“When I ascend to the Saint Realm, Ill bring you out of the Cross Corner Street.

In this world, no one can stop us anymore, not even the Holy Emperor.

I said it.”

The You Yuan Buddha, the inverted pagoda… Aunt Xiang did not listen to her mans bragging and only focused on her own thoughts.

The first half of what Shenyi said was the true purpose of them coming to Cross Corner Street: to find the Inverted Pagoda, to find a place where they could ascend to the Saint Realm without being discovered by the rules of Shengshen Continent.

However, decades had passed, and there was still no result.

To outsiders, Cross Corner Street was a place for killing.

To the two of them, they had gotten used to it after so many years.

It was like a paradise to them.

Aunt Xiang was thinking how wonderful it would be if they could stay here without fighting for anything

“What a pity…”

Aunt Xiang sighed.

She knew that it was impossible.

Although she was still a while away from becoming a saint, Shenyi was the first batch of experts from the previous generation.

With Shenyis talent, he was on par with Kui Leihan, Bazhunan, Dao Qiongcang, Bei Huai, and the others only if he didnt have to save himself from the Ten High Nobles.

In fact, at the end of the Ten High Nobles, Shenyi had even used his own strength to seize another great throne, just to tie the name to him forever.

“This idiot…”

Aunt Xiang thought about it and could not help but complain inwardly.

However, her face was filled with happiness.

At this moment, the bathroom door was pushed open.

The man scratched his head and stuck his upper body out.

He chuckled and said, “Sorry, Im used to closing the door.

You were also drenched in my sweat just now, so…”

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He looked up and down and raised his eyebrows.

“Do you want to take a bath together”


Bazhunans voice spread throughout the five regions, causing the world to tremble

The commotion was not limited to the Fringe Moon Immortal City, the Burial Sword Tomb, and the Cross Corner Street in the City of the Dead Bodhisattva.

At the same time, the commotion was heard by people staying in the Half-Moon Residence in the Southern Region, the desert ridges in the Western Region, and the Valley of Floral Fragrances in one of the Seven Breaks from the Northern Region.

However, it was very hidden.

If it wasnt for the members of their secret organizations, nobody would have noticed anything strange.

There was movement in four-hill mountain in the Central Region, where the Holy Palace was located.

This was because the center of the storm mentioned by Bazhunan was one of the locations that the Holy Palace was paying close attention to – Dongtianwang City!

The Imperial City Trial was related to the Holy Palace Trial and its future.

In normal times, the Holy Palace would not respond to anything from the Shengshen Continent because this was the under the care of the Holy Divine Palace.

The Holy Palace would always maintain a transcendent status.

Their only goal was to nurture saints.

However, things were different now.

The matter at the Yunlun Mountain Range had endangered the future of the Holy Palace.

The foundational roots of Saint Ascension was no longer important.

It could even be a false clue spread by the fake Bazhunan.”

The Holy Palace knew that they had to send more people to the Yunlun Mountain Range in the Eastern Sky Realm to protect the future students of the Holy Palace.

As for whether or not they would inadvertently get sucked into the center of the storm and accidentally snatch the foundational roots of Saint Ascensio, that would be something unexpected.

The Holy Palace wasnt surprised.


On Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

Dao Qiongcang, who was in charge of the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace, received all kinds of urgent reports from the major divisions of the five regions in a short period of time.

Thousands of them!

The major dark forces that had been hiding under the ice mountain emerged one after another after the news spread to the five regions.


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