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The huge wave swallowed Yunlun and the sky turned colorless.

Darkness fell.

At this moment, all the trial-takers in the Yunlun mountain range raised their eyes to look at the huge wave sweeping over from the Nine Heavens.

No one knew what had happened.

However, with this huge wave, it was not difficult for people to feel that a calamity had fallen from the heavens and death was imminent.

Above the Fifth Dragon Range.

Xu Xiaoji, who had transformed into Xu Deye, led his subordinates to seize the flag of the Dragon Lord.

The flag was then placed under Xiao Jings protection.

Everyone was immersed in the atmosphere of revelry because there were only four mountains left before the title of “Lord of the Nine Dragons”.

As long as they exerted a little strength, who could stop the footsteps of the Xu Faction

Xu Xiaoji was also excited.

This was because this was the second mountain that he had led his troops to conquer after he had left the shackles of his master.

Although he did not put in any effort during the entire process and only held the fort, the joy of freedom was something that he would never be able to enjoy in the Yuan Mansion World.

This made Xu Xiaoji, who felt that he was trapped in mud and that he could be killed at any time, reject the Yuan Mansion World again.

He felt that only by returning to the Shengshen continent could he truly enjoy life.

However, not long after the victory party, darkness swallowed all colors, and heavy rain started to fall from the sky.


“What, what is that”

The people of the Xu faction noticed the abnormality and looked up at the sky.

Then, their faces turned pale.

“Is, is this a sea wave”

“No, this wave is so high that it should be described as a tsunami… but how can there be a tsunami in the Yunlun mountain range The closest sea to this place… there is no sea near the Yunlun mountain range!”

“Whats going on”

Xu Xiaoji also looked at the sky in a daze.

In the face of such a Heaven and Earth phenomenon, his first thought was that a strange treasure had appeared.

Then, he realized that there had never been such a large-scale natural disaster after the birth of a strange treasure.

The wave almost swept the entire Yunlun mountain range.

“Lord Xu, are you… the one who caused this”

Xu Xiaoji was lost in his thoughts.

Once again, he felt that the world outside was dangerous.

Why wasnt there any warning before the disaster arrived

If there was some sort of warning, he could at least persuade them to give up their identity as trial-takers and choose to hide, right

Xu Xiaoji wanted to resist, but he felt helpless.

He felt that even higher voids wouldnt be able to protect themselves under such a huge wave.

He was only at the sovereign stage, how could he withstand such a natural disaster


The people of Xu Faction suddenly burst into a flurry of shouting.

However, this was only a small number of them, and they were quickly suppressed.

After all, most of the trial-takers who could come here were not fools.

They knew that under such a huge wave, there was no place in the Yunlun mountain range for them to stay.

There were only two ways to die in this situation.

One was to be smacked to death by the huge wave.

Their life and death would be handed over to the trial jade pendant and they would see if they could be teleported out of the Yunlun mountain range to save their lives.

Second, they could crush the trial jade pendant on the spot so that they would not have to suffer the pain of being swept away by the wave.

However, such a self-ending method meant that the path of their trial would end here.

“Young Master Xu!”

Xiao Jing, who had just received the title of “Dragon Lord”, was in a daze.

He could only look back at Young Master Xu and request for a decision.

Whether Xu Faction would stay alive or be dead depends on Young Master Xus order.

Xu Xiaoji turned his head back in a daze.

When had he ever experienced such a thing Naturally, he could not make up his mind at the moment.

However, thinking of his current identity as Young Master Xu, if Young Master Xu was here, what would he do

Xu Xiaoji forced himself to calm down.

After putting himself in Young Master Xus shoes, he gained a stronger capability to bear the pressure.

He suppressed his slightly trembling eyebrows and tried to say calmly, “Wait.”


Wait for what

No one continued to ask questions.

It was as if everyone had lost the ability to speak at this moment.

Xu Xiaoji did not know what he was waiting for either.

He felt that perhaps with the blessings of his master, this huge wave could shatter on its own.

But no matter what, he could not disband the world that his master had built up with his identity as Young Master Xu.

If nothing else happened later on, he would be in huge trouble when his master came looking for him afterward…

Waiting for an unknown!

Waiting for a turning point!

Xu Xiaoji believed that the trial-takers of the Yunlun mountain range should be holding onto the same hope.

The reason was that this was the Yunlun mountain range, the location of the Imperial City Trial.

There had been a battle between saints previously, so there should be demi-saints paying attention to the location!

With this thought in mind, Xu Xiaoji calmed himself.

In a trance, he seemed to see a vague figure on the tip of the huge wave that swept down.

It was a blurry figure whose exact body could not be seen clearly.

Water vapor covered his entire body, making him look like a ghost.

The only thing that could be recognized was the half-beast mask on the figures face.

The beast mask, which seemed to be made of gold, covered his expression.

Even though the corner of his mouth was blurred by the water vapor and he could not be seen clearly, however, in everyones minds, he was undoubtedly smiling at them mockingly.

“Someones there!”

“Hes smiling”

Among the members of the Xu Faction, there were sharp-eyed people who also saw the blurry figure on the top of the big wave.

They immediately exclaimed in shock, “This huge wave is not a natural disaster, it is man-made!”

Xu Xiaoji immediately confirmed that his eyes were not playing tricks on him.

At a certain moment, he felt that everything in the world seemed to slow down after he saw the blurry figure appear on the top of the wave.

The motion of the huge wave coming down from the Nine Heavens became slower…


It wasnt an illusion!

The speed of the huge wave coming down really became slower!

Xu Xiaojis pupils suddenly constricted.

He inexplicably read out the intention of the person standing at the tip of the wave.

Just like him, this persons plan was to wait!


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