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Di Xiner immediately thrust her sword forward after she finished talking.


Xu Xiaoshou put an arm out to stop her from advancing.

“As the saying goes, a gentleman fights with words, not with his hands.

A gentleman fights with his hands, not with his sword!

“Why not do it this way I wont use my sword, and you wont use yours.

Well both use our fists and brawl it out.

How about that” Xu Xiaoshou set the wooden sword on his back onto the ground as he spoke.



Di Xiner frowned.

She knew that Xu Xiaoshou didnt mean this and retorted, “I know that you have a ninth-grade spiritual sword by the name of Hiding Pain.”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

He took out Hiding Pain from his ring and set it on the ground.

It wasnt that he was trying to cheat.

Yesterday, after training hard and really practicing his sword technique in his yard, hed realized that it would be better for him to use a wooden sword, which was why hed been carrying the wooden sword all this time.

“I know that you have a powerful body, Senior Xu.

However, I only know how to use sword techniques, so lets battle!” Di Xiner wasted no words, and thrust her sword at Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou nearly cursed.

This lady had tricked him into laying his swords down, and now she was attacking him


“Women definitely arent to be trusted,” he thought to himself.

“What a liar!”


He hurriedly stood up to avoid the attack.

For some reason, he felt that Di Xiners sword was incredibly slow and that she was leaving herself open to attack.

“Your sword skills arent very refined,” he thought.

“To think that you have a cultivation level of Level Eight.”

In the instant Xu Xiaoshou leaned his body to the side to avoid her attack, he wanted to chop down toward Di Xiners waist using his palm.

However, he suddenly remembered the two holes hed punched in the ground two days ago and immediately clenched his hand into a fist.

Di Xiner quickly reacted.

She pulled her sword back and sliced it through the air.

Then, she twisted her sword and aimed the blade at Xu Xiaoshous fist.

Her sword would definitely break in two if Xu Xiaoshous fist connected with it.


The next second, Di Xiner felt like shed tripped over something and immediately fell onto the ground.

Xu Xiaoshou silently pulled back his left foot, a doubtful look in his eyes.

“is this Di Xiner really at Spiritual Cultivation Level Eight Why is every one of her strokes predictable” he thought.


This match would be decided if Xu Xiaoshou picked up his sword and sliced it toward her at this moment.

However, how could he do that

It was hard for him to get into a battle.

He had to earn a few more Passive Points before it ended.


Di Xiner seized the opportunity, no longer caring about her image.

She rolled on the ground and got out of Xu Xiaoshous attack radius.

Then she stood up, sword in hand.

“That Xu Xiaoshou sure is powerful!” she thought.

Xu Xiaoshou sticking out his foot seemed like a stroke of genius to Di Xiner.

“I was careless!”

Xu Xiaoshou spoke once again when he saw that Di Xiner had adjusted her frame of mind.

“Give it some consideration.

Whatever I said just now is true.

I wouldnt lie to you.

“Neither of us knows any fist techniques, so our brawl would be fair!”

The spectators had already broke into discussion when they saw how Xu Xiaoshou had used his foot, but when they heard his words, they loudly exclaimed their outrage.



“That Xu Xiaoshou is definitely despicable.

Its fine that he used a surprise attack, but why does he insist on a brawl with Di Xiner”

“Thats right.

How could Senior Di deal with a body as powerful as his”

“If it were me, I would never agree to his request!”

A few female disciples turned red when they heard these words.

What kind of crowd was this They were saying such vicious things.

Xu Xiaoshou clearly recognized this problem.

He immediately added, “Lets do this, then.

I have an advantage over you because I have a powerful body, so how about I fight you with just one hand…”


When he saw Di Xiner thrust her sword at him once again, he shouted, “No hands! No hands!

“Ill fight you with my feet.

Lets brawl!”


“Shut up!”

Even though she knew that Xu Xiaoshou was intentionally riling her up, she could no longer stand it anymore.

A despicable, shameless person like him should be stabbed by a sword.


Xu Xiaoshou didnt know why this girl had suddenly become so angry.

“You can be angry, but please be more refined with your sword technique.

You need not hold back against me.”

She left so many openings that Xu Xiaoshou didnt know which one to take advantage of.

Xu Xiaoshou dodged the attack again, but he didnt counterattack this time around.

Instead, he said sincerely, “Give it some thought.

Lets brawl!”

Di Xiner swiped her sword through the air several times, her face turning red with anger.

To think that she had cheered Xu Xiaoshou on in the past.

She didnt expect him to be such a person.

“Be careful, Senior Xu!”

After stabbing thin air a dozen times, Di Xiner finally realized that Xu Xiaoshou knew some sword techniques and battle movements, so she decided to use her spiritual technique!

A pulsing spiritual energy forced Xu Xiaoshou backward.

Di Xiners sword suddenly slowed down after she collected herself.

Xu Xiaoshous expression turned puzzled.

The White Cloud Sword Technique

This lady wanted to fight him using the White Cloud Sword Technique

What kind of a joke was this

Xu Xiaoshou somersaulted and grabbed Hiding Pain.

“Hm, I shouldnt injure her…” he thought.

He picked up the wooden sword and reacted to Di Xiners Fleeting White Cloud by leaping into the air and maneuvering past the dozens of glowing blades.

The crowd was in an uproar.

“That Xu Xiaoshou sure is something.

To think that he was able to avoid such an attack.

I thought that hed only be able to take the attack head-on!”

“I think that Xu Xiaoshou also knows the White Cloud Sword Technique.

I heard that he practiced it for three years, so he might be really familiar with the tricks behind the technique.”

“Three years That lad only managed to master one stroke, the Fleeting White Cloud, in three years!”

“Why is he holding a wooden sword Doesnt he have the ninth-grade spiritual sword”

The spectators looked on in shock as Xu Xiaoshou maneuvered past the web of attacks without getting injured.

He shifted from left to right as he faced Di Xiners sword before finally arriving in front of her.

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated for a moment, then chose to gently tap on Di Xiners head with his wooden sword, intending to signal that shed lost.

That tap couldve killed her if hed decided to wield the spiritual sword instead of his wooden sword.

However, the crowd obviously didnt share the same thinking.


“Stop it, Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Ah, Di Xiner is mine!”


“Darn you, Xu Xiaoshou.

Take the battle seriously! Why are you using a wooden sword!”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his wooden sword and decided to give her another chance.

Since he couldnt get her to engage in a brawl with him, he could infuriate her and get her to mock him in order to earn Passive Points.


“Your technique is decent!”

Xu Xiaoshou held his wooden sword the opposite way.

“But you rushed to unleash your web of blades and cast it all in one layer.

You lost any way of retaliating the moment your opponent avoided your first attack.”

He looked down with a belittling gaze.

“Theres room for improvement for your Fleeting White Cloud.

Keep at it!”

He criticized her area of expertise in the most brazen way possible.

A belittling gaze and an arrogant attitude like that made him a great villain!

Who could resist becoming eranged and fiercely scolding him!


Xu Xiaoshou felt that no would be able to tolerate what hed just done.

He was very satisfied with his tone.


He didnt expect Di Xiner to forget about the sword on her head.

Shed started mulling over his words.

“What Xu Xiaoshou said makes sense,” she thought.

“Could it be that his area of expertise doesnt lie in brawling but in sword techniques

“I heard that he once practiced the White Cloud Sword Technique.”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt a little awkward.

He didnt know what to do when he saw his opponent freeze.

It didnt feel right to him to just withdraw his sword, but just leaving it there didnt feel right either.

“Miss, were in the middle of a battle.

Why are you mulling over your cultivation” he thought.

Di Xiner came to her senses.

She raised her head and propped up the wooden sword that Xu Xiaoshou had hit her with.

She immediately realized that something was wrong.

Why had she slipped into her bad habit again


This was a battle.

She shouldnt be pondering her technique!


She blushed and put more distance between herself and Xu Xiaoshou.

There was a strange look in her eyes.

She seemed to want to say something but stopped herself.

“Got appreciated.

Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

“Is this lady that innocent Did she really think that I was giving her pointers” Xu Xiaoshou thought.


“Again!” Di Xiner ultimately couldnt find the words to express her gratitude.

She twirled her sword around as she moved toward Xu Xiaoshou.

It looked like she wanted to engulf Xu Xiaoshou within a vortex of sword energy.

“The second stroke of the White Cloud Technique—Billowing Clouds!”

There was a glimmer in Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

This was a stroke that he hadnt been able to master even after practicing it for the past three years.

To him, this seemed like an opportunity.

He prodded his sword toward the vortex Di Xiner had experimentally created.

He then emulated her sword technique and twirled the sword around, using a counteracting force to deflect all of his opponents attacks.

Di Xiner froze.

She saw her sword get guided toward the side by Xu Xiaoshou while his sword remained on her shoulder.

Xu Xiaoshous sword stopped for a second before gently tapping her slightly pudgy face.


The sound wasnt loud.

However, everyone in the spectator seats all angrily stood up and voiced their fury.

“What a beast!”

“Xu Xiaoshou, you wont die a pretty death if you snatch my Senior Di away from me!”

“Move your sword away.

Otherwise, Ill definitely pursue you to the edge of the world!”

Some white knights stood on Di Xiners side, but there were also young ladies who had been captivated by both of Xu Xiaoshous attacks.

“Ahhh, my heart has melted.

Xu Xiaoshou, please tap on me!”


“Xu Xiaoshou, fight properly.

I forbid you to be this gentle!”


“Xu Xiaoshou, you must be insane.

Youre flirting with another woman in front of me”


Xu Xiaoshou felt awkward.

He also wanted to have an intense battle but the wooden swords offensive capabilities didnt allow for that.

This was the best he could do.

Other than tapping on her and hitting her, his wooden sword really couldnt inflict any damage.


And Di Xiner wouldnt be able to last against Hiding Pain!

What if he released his Sword Will again and tore this beautiful lady to shreds

Di Xiners face turned completely red.

However, she didnt avert her gaze this time around.

Instead, she passionately looked at Xu Xiaoshou.


Xu Xiaoshou froze.

“What does she mean by that Does she want an explanation from me”

He gave it a try.

“That technique should be used as a follow-up to the web of blades from your previous stroke.

If you injure your enemy with your web of blades, you can suppress him with the momentum of your sword and achieve victory with a single attack.

“However, if your enemy manages to avoid your web of blades, you should pull your momentum back and entangle him.

In that situation, you should use Billowing Clouds to trap your opponent, stop his attacks, and prepare for your next one.”

For some reason, the other party suddenly looked like shed an epiphany even though he was talking nonsense.

“Got appreciated.

Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

He deliberated whether or not to continue earning Passive Points off this lady.

Truthfully, he didnt feel too good about doing that.


Di Xiner once again put more distance between them and tenderly shouted, “The third stroke—Within the Cloud and Fog!”


Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly thrust his sword forward.

This time he used a little force and hit Di Xiners wrist with his sword while she was attacking, and the sword in her hand fell onto the ground.

Di Xiner looked at Xu Xiaoshou in shock.

She had an aggrieved look in her eyes.

“Cough, cough.”

Xu Xiaoshou let out a few dry coughs.

He couldnt let this continue.

This girl had a strange look in her eyes.

Love sparks might fly if they continued this battle.


He pointed his wooden sword at Di Xiners throat.

He decided to nip the problem in the bud before any feelings started to develop.

“Youve lost!”

His tone was arrogant, as he hoped to get a negative reaction from Di Xiner.

Di Xiner didnt seem to have noticed anything.

Her indignance turned into gratitude.

She said with a wide smile on her face, “Thank you for your pointers, Senior Xu.

Theres a time limit for the preliminaries, so Ill only be able to learn from you again if I have the opportunity in the future!”

“Got appreciated.

Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know what to say.

This girl was hopeless!



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