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Xu Xiaoshou was almost sent flying backward when the golden domineering blade and Hiding Pain collided for the first time.

His spirit power surged in his body, and he almost vomited blood.

“That felt great!” Zhou Tianshen laughed heartily.

“Lets continue!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked confused.

For the first time, he was at a disadvantage in terms of strength with his Innate-stage physical body, and his opponent had even stolen his lines.

How detestable!

“I cant take his attacks head-on…”

Xu Xiaoshou deliberated.

His opponents Acquired-stage Blade Will had to be a frontal-assault type technique, so with his weaknesses, he would definitely be defeated if faced with his opponents strong suits.

He wanted to try fighting Zhou Tianshen with his Innate-stage Sharpen but was afraid hed be cleaved in two with one strike, so he was forced to abandon the idea.

Since that was the case, he could only use his opponents blade techniques to test out his Acquired-stage Sword Will.

Seeing the other party cleave toward him with brutal force, Xu Xiaoshou held onto Hiding Pain and thought about the countless techniques hed gained while in the illusion of white clouds.

Those were killing techniques that hed hidden deep inside his mind!

The golden blade was directly above Xu Xiaoshous head.

Xu Xiaoshou slanted his sword to defend against the attack but saw the golden domineering blade slice down along the body of his sword.

He flicked his sword, and a fleeting yet weighty force fiercely pushed the golden domineering blade to the side.


Xu Xiaoshous sword sliced across the air in front of Zhou Tianshens throat.

Zhou Tianshen abruptly leaned backward, and the sword sliced off a few strands of his hair.

Zhou Tianshen followed through with the momentum and rolled on the ground.

Then, he waved his domineering blade and caused a rich spiritual power to surge and slashed his blade down toward Xu Xiaoshous knee.


Xu Xiaoshou had stabbed Hiding Pain at the ground when he missed his opponent, and the sword accurately stabbed the area where the blade and guard of Zhou Tianshens domineering blade connected and let out a loud buzz.

The two candidates looked at each other.

They saw the passion in each others eyes, and could almost see smoke in the air from how heated they were.

Xu Xiaoshou flexed his arms and instantly propelled the two of them apart.

The crowd cheered after the electrifying first bout, their blood racing with excitement as they observed the battle.

“Its here.

Acquired-stage Blade Will vs Acquired-stage Sword Will!”

“My God, how harrowing.

Zhou Tianshen wouldve had his throat sliced open, while Xu Xiaoshou wouldve had his knees severed if theyd been careless.

This battle is going to get exciting.”


Furthermore, theyre both extremely quick to react.

All advancement battles should be like this.

I cant get used to those one-sided victories.”

“Thats right, thats right.

These two have only been at it for a few seconds, but theyve nearly died on several occasions.”

The crowd was still talking excitedly when they saw that Zhou Tianshen was the first to steady his blade.

However, he didnt attack.

Instead, he laughed heartily and said, “Xu Xiaoshou, witness my Nine Tides!”

Nine Tides was a blade technique that unleashed a constant stream of cuts, each attack stronger than the last.

If Zhou Tianshen managed to get a momentum going, there was no way Xu Xiaoshou would be able to defend against the attack if it was paired with the Acquired-stage Blade Aura that Zhou Tianshen could control at will.

He slowly raised his knife vertically, and the strength of his aura increased as he gradually brought the blade up.

On the other side, the young man wielding the sword was silent.

He immediately closed his eyes, and a mysterious atmosphere seemed to engulf the arena.

Even the debris in the air seemed to slow down.

This was a starkly different kind of battle.

The blade and sword were keeping each other in check.

Crack, crack!

The arena under their feet gave way under the force of their techniques, and even the barrier started to violently tremble.


The spectators were sitting upright, their fingers laced.

Even Xiao Qixiu was concentrating hard on the battle, his eyes squinted.

The rising tension reached a breaking point, and even the sky seemed to tremble.

The next second, Zhou Tianshen slashed down with his blade, and his Blade Will transformed into a wave and rose and fell as it advanced.

On the other side, Xu Xiaoshou abruptly opened his eyes and slowly sliced his sword through the air.

His attack was like a cloud in the sky, enveloping the entirety of Zhou Tianshens wave.

Clang, clang, clang!

The crowd held its breath and saw the reality of the situation in the area between the two candidates.

Outline of sword and blade clashed wherever the wave and clouds crossed, and the sound of weaponry clashing was endless.

“My God, theyre this powerful” someone couldnt help but say.

A person to the side immediately scolded, “Stop talking.

Shut your mouth!”

Xu Xiaoshous robes rustled in the wind, and his hands became after-images.

His attacks looked like they were slow as fleeting clouds, but in reality, his sword was dancing at a high speed.


Countless sword glows shot out from the body of Hiding Pain.

This was Xu Xiaoshous first time using the ninth-grade spiritual sword at full power, and his sword was buzzing excitedly with joy as it went all out to show off its strength.

However, Xu Xiaoshou still had to dodge from time to time to avoid the blade glows that his body couldnt handle, but even so, streaks of blood started appearing on his shirt.

“Got attacked.

Passive Points 1.”

“Got attacked.

Passive Points 1.”


His notification panel constantly updated.

Zhou Tianshens Blade Will was extremely powerful.

Just a scrape from it caused Xu Xiaoshou immense pain, and it left a coursing power behind in the wound, which made it difficult for the average person to recover from the wounds it inflicted.

However, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt display the terrifying regenerative capabilities of Eternal Vitality.


The passive skill would immediately activate whenever a wound opened on his body, and the Blade Will that an average person couldnt easily get rid of would be healed on the spot.

Xu Xiaoshou was elated.

He was in awe of the foundational passive skill.

Its regenerative capabilities were top-notch.

It was different for Zhou Tianshen.

He was practically an immobile weapon.

He didnt move an inch, yet he was able to force Xu Xiaoshou back with just a few strokes.

“Hahaha, Xu Xiaoshou, youre out of moves, arent you!

“Once the Nine Tides gets going, I, Zhou Tianshen, will be able to defeat even an Innate-stage fighter, much less you and your mere Acquired-stage Sword Will!”

The Blade Will was completely overtaking Xu Xiaoshou, and he and his sword glows were about to be pushed out of the arena.

“Xu Xiaoshou, hang in there!”

“Stand your ground! Fight back! You cant let him push you out of the arena like that!”

“Hng hng hng, hes already covered in blood.

Xu Xiaoshou, aaahhhh! I feel so bad for him!”

“Xiaoshou, stop trying to hang on.

Come into my arms.

I cant take it any longer.

Why is there so much blood”


Xu Xiaoshou was indeed covered in blood, but it only looked bad.

He was trying his best to survive with as little damage as possible under the barrage of blade glows.

Thus, the injuries all over his body werent fatal, and they didnt affect his mobility.

Furthermore, because Eternal Vitality was constantly activating, Xu Xiaoshou was practically in peak condition.

As he used his sword techniques, Xu Xiaoshou turned into a hungry sponge.

He made use of the attacks that Zhou Tianshen was sending at him to practice the techniques in his mind, and nearly instantly understood the sword techniques that hed never used in the past.

Seeing that he was about to be pushed out of the arena, Xu Xiaoshou no longer hesitated.

He exchanged his Passive Points for two Skill Points and used them on Sword Technique Expertise.

“Sword Technique Expertise (Acquired Lv.


“Sword Technique Expertise (Acquired Lv.


In that instant, his mind was flooded with boundless knowledge.

Xu Xiaoshou roared and moved around the flurry of blade glows.

With one strike, he swiped away all of the Blade Will, then sprung his sword once again.


An explosion sounded, and the barrier buzzed.

Zhou Tianshen was shaken and sent staggering backward, his face filled with shock.

The crowd was confused.

None of them understood what was going on.

“Xu Xiaoshou, he… achieved a breakthrough”

“I think so.

To think that he managed to retaliate while being beaten back by the powerful Blade Will.

That last Sword Will looked like the second form of the White Cloud Sword Technique, Billowing Clouds!”

“But how do you explain the counterattack after he pulled his sword back That wasnt the third stroke of the White Cloud Sword Technique.”

“This… Youre asking me, then who do I ask”


Xu Xiaoshou had achieved a breakthrough.

Di Xiner had taught him this attack.

However, hed never succeeded at using the second stroke of the White Cloud Sword Technique.

Just now, in the middle of a tense situation, hed managed to forcefully tweak the technique and push the White Cloud Sword Technique into a different direction.

Even though hed been introduced to sword techniques with the Fleeting White Clouds, his current techniques were no longer that of the White Cloud Sword Technique.

Xiao Qixiu looked startled.

That Xu Xiaoshou managed to modify a sword technique with his Sword Will during battle

This wasnt even something that a master in the arts of the sword would dare to easily try, yet hed managed to battle like that just with his Sword Will

This was potential of unprecedented proportions!

Xu Xiaoshou looked as though hed been bathed in blood.

His clothes had been torn to shreds, revealing his already red body.

Even his hair was covered in blood.

Even so, he cracked a smile and lifted his sword in invitation.

“Junior Zhou, can you go faster Dont stop!”


Zhou Tianshen was still angry and in shock from his Nine Tides being countered, and his expression turned fierce when he heard Xu Xiaoshous words.

He lifted his blade and laughed.

“I was thinking the same thing!”


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