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Xu Xiaoshou really was rich.

He had a small pond of spirit fishes, a fake mountain, and a few tall spirit trees in his yard.


Xu Xiaoshou had wanted to go back to sleep after he closed the door.

However, he noticed that a new section had appeared in the red interface in his mind: Store.

He shifted his gaze down to the text beneath it.

Passive Points: 64.


Xu Xiaoshou was elated.

He had earned a lot of Passive Points just now.

Could it be that he had only unlocked the store when his Passive Points had reached two digits

He tapped into the store.

The store was empty save for a red gift box.

“Passive Gift Box (Purchase: 10 Passive Points).”


Xu Xiaoshou had tried to upgrade his skills with his Passive Points last night but hadnt been able to figure out how to do it.

He realized now that the Passive Points were used to purchase items.

Without thinking too much, he immediately tapped to purchase the gift box.

He tore the gift box open and the notification panel refreshed.

“Skill Point 10.”


“Passive Key 3.”


At the same time, the store shook as a red wheel appeared.

This wheel was a size smaller than the black wheel from last time.

Also, the surface of the wheel was obscured by a layer of gray fog.

He couldnt see its contents.

The corners of Xu Xiaoshous mouth involuntarily twitched when he saw the wheel, and his eyes dulled.

He immediately recalled the needle that he had broken the last time.

Two other gray items appeared within the store section.

“Skill Point (Purchase: 1000 Passive Points).”


“Passive Key (Purchase: 1000 Passive Points).”


Xu Xiaoshou was startled when he saw these two notifications.

It was that expensive

Had he just purchased 10,000 Passive Points worth of items just with 10 Passive Points just now


“Wow!” Xu Xiaoshous eyes widened.

He realized that the gift box was equivalent to a bundle for new players that didnt measure up to his level.

It might as well have been free!


It felt great!

“Passive Key… That must be used to activate this wheel, right” Xu Xiaoshou deliberated.

Had the wheel upgraded itself after being ravaged the last time It was no longer activated manually


He didnt have to think too hard about the Skill Points.

Those were definitely used for upgrading his passive skills.

“So do I upgrade the Breathing Technique” he thought to himself.

But Xu Xiaoshou quickly tossed that idea to the side.

“Let me try the Passive Key first.

I might be able to obtain other passive skills.”


The Windcloud Competition of the outer yard would be held in three days.

It was a competition for the bosses who wanted to place in the top 100 of the Windcloud Scoreboard.

However, to Xu Xiaoshou, it was an elimination exam.

He might be able to continue training in the Tiansang Spirit Palace if he obtained a decent passive skill from this red wheel.

He wouldnt have a place to stay if he were really ousted out of the Spirit Palace.

Xu Xiaoshou inserted the key into the small hole at the base of the red wheel.

The fog above his head became even thicker.

He couldnt see a thing.

“Give me a chance.

Give me something that can instantly make me stronger!”


After he turned the key, Xu Xiaoshou placed his hands together and started to pray, “I dont want techniques.

I dont want techniques.

They cant help me for the time being…”

The gray fog billowed.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know what was going on within the fog, but the notification panel soon refreshed.

“Better luck next time!” it read.


Xu Xiaoshous expression turned black.

“Whats going on here” he thought.

“Would I really have better luck next time”


Couldnt they have come up with something that an average person could use Why was the system always so evil It was just like the needle from the previous wheel!

Xu Xiaoshou finished venting internally.

He still had two keys.

Xu Xiaoshou inserted another key and then shouted like a maniac, “Go! RNGesus!”


The gray fog billowed.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the notification panel expectantly.

“One extra key!” Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

“Hey, whats the meaning of this” he thought.

“I spent one key to get one key and nothing else Are they just toying with me”


Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes back as far as theyd go.

“Do you think youre Mr.

Big Shot or something One extra key”

“Well, Im not amused!”


He had used two keys and had two keys left.

Xu Xiaoshou could no longer stand such torture.

He inserted one key and stopped looking at the notification panel.

He estimated that sufficient time had passed and saw that the key had vanished.

He then pushed his last key fiercely into the hole.

“Nothing good, nothing good…” he muttered, trying to jinx it as he stole glances at the notification bar.

“Obtained an Extended Passive Skill: Strengthen!”


“Better luck next time!”

Jinxing himself had worked!

Xu Xiaoshou slapped himself on the thigh when he looked at the line of text.

Hed finally gotten something good.

However, after he read the sentence more closely…


Xu Xiaoshou was so flabbergasted he almost vomited blood.


Why not just say Im scrawny while youre at it


“Oh Maybe its not what I think”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly remembered that the Breathing Technique hed gotten the other time also had an unassuming name, yet had a marvelous effect.

Perhaps Strengthen would also have an unexpected effect

“Lets hope so!” Xu Xiaoshou collected himself and looked at the red interface.

He noticed that the interface had changed again.

One, Fundamental Passive Skills.

Two, Extended Passive Skills.

Three, Store.

“Theres an extra Extended Passive Skills tab” He looked again at the notification panel and realized that Strengthen was an Extended Passive Skill.

It belonged to a different category than the Breathing Technique.


“The classification is quite detailed…”

He tapped open the tab and saw a small line of text at the bottom: Strengthen (Acquired Lv.



“Could it be a technique that will strengthen my body” Xu Xiaoshou pinched his arm.

His arm hadnt become more muscular because of the appearance of the passive skill.

Could it be that its level wasnt high enough

Xu Xiaoshou was conflicted.

He still had ten Passive Points.

What should he use them on


The Breathing Technique was a fundamental technique and naturally worth leveling up.

However, it took a long time to accumulate its effects.

He had only managed to achieve a breakthrough yesterday because he already had a strong foundation.

On the other hand, Strengthen, if it was as he guessed, was a passive skill that would strengthen his physical body.

It was undoubtedly a more suitable choice for leveling up at this moment.

He would have a fighting chance at the Windcloud Competition if his body could be enhanced.

At the very least, he wouldnt be eliminated.

After weighing the options, Xu Xiaoshou ultimately decided to use his Skill Points on Strengthen.

What if there was a miracle


He used his Skill Points in the interface.

The notification panel immediately got updated.

“Strengthen (Acquired Lv.


Xu Xiaoshou constantly monitored his body for changes.

He didnt know if it was an illusion or not, but he felt that he now had more strength, but the transformation wasnt apparent.

He continued tapping on the skill level on the panel.


“Strengthen (Acquired Lv.


“Strengthen (Acquired Lv.


“Strengthen (Acquired Lv.


The transformation was much more obvious this time.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his muscles bulge slightly, and he no longer looked scrawny.


“Thats good!” Xu Xiaoshou was elated.

He punched the ground, and there was a dull thud from the impact.

Hed created a slight indention in the ground.


“Thats great.

Its obvious that my strength has increased.

Could the Acquired Stage of the passive skill be equivalent to the ten levels of Spiritual Cultivation of Spiritual Cultivators” Xu Xiaoshou murmured to himself.

There were ten levels of Spiritual Cultivation when Spiritual Cultivators first started their training.

After those ten levels was the Innate Stage.


Thus, the first ten levels of Spiritual Cultivation was called the Acquired Stage.

No problem there.

The technique was only an Acquired Lv.

5 right now, yet it had such power.

Hed be able to break a few rib bones if he punched a person!


If it was as he thought and the levels of the technique were equivalent to the levels of a Spiritual Cultivator, wouldnt his body reach the Innate stage if he put all of his Skill Points into the technique

“Oh, wow!” Xu Xiaoshou felt a wave of passion.

It was more difficult for the physical body to reach the Innate Stage than to reach the Innate Stage in Spiritual Cultivation!

He had wanted to split the Skill Points evenly between the two techniques.

However, he now decided to put all of his Skill Points into Strengthen.

He wanted to see what kind of effect it would have.


“Strengthen (Acquired Lv.


“Strengthen (Acquired Lv.


“Strengthen (Acquired Lv.


His bodys power continuously skyrocketed.

Xu Xiaoshou felt as if hed taken drugs.

He felt like he had infinite energy.


But after his muscles had reached a size that could be considered muscular for the average person, his muscles no longer bulged and started to tone instead, becoming perfectly defined.


Xu Xiaoshou took off his shirt, revealing a beautiful, toned body underneath.



He shattered the ground with a punch!


It was powerful enough to rival a Spiritual Cultivation Level Eight fighter!


Xu Xiaoshou was in awe.

“Too powerful.

This is too powerful!”

He should be able to rank within the first few hundred of the Windcloud Scoreboard just with that fist alone.

It was more than enough for him to avoid elimination!

There was a glimmer in Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

He wasnt going to stop here.

He still had three Skill Points, go!


“Strengthen (Acquired Lv.


“Strengthen (Acquired Lv.


“Strengthen (Innate Lv.


Xu Xiaoshous mind turned blank with bliss after he saw the last line of text, “Innate, to think that its really innate!”

Every inch of muscle in his body started to twitch violently.

The next moment, his muscles expelled sticky black impurities that smelled immensely foul.


Xu Xiaoshou looked up and let out a long howl, giving himself a fierce slap.



He wasnt dreaming!

He punched the ground.

With a thud, a palm-sized crater appeared, and web-like cracks spread out from the craters center for a few inches.


That was just half his power!


Xu Xiaoshou was dazed.

He had only used half of his power.

If he were to punch someones head at full power…



Xu Xiaoshou felt that the Windcloud Competition might be very interesting…


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