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Chapter 419: The Clash of the Swords… But Xu Xiaoshou Wants a Lesson

Challenged, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes and looked around him.

Sure enough, there were many people who liked to boast.

However, there were not many who dared to make a move.

There was an exception, however.

It was the swordless swordsman, Gu Qingsan.

One word from him had suppressed the controversy in the field.

Everyones attention immediately followed this “I challenge you” and was focused on this swordsman.

Like all the swordsmen present, he had a sharp temperament that was unique to swordsmen.

Even if there was some silliness in this temperament, there was no way to conceal his dominating Way of the Sword sense.

However, it was also different from all the swordsmen who were present.

This person was the only swordsman who did not have a sword.

If he were a Spiritual Cultivator, everyone would feel that this person had kept his spiritual weapon in his spatial ring.

But Gu Qingsan gave people the feeling that since there was no sword, then there was no sword.

‘I am the sword.

‘I need no sword.

“Its them, those three guys…”

Someone murmured expectantly.

“Yes, I have been waiting since they entered the arena for the three people with two famed swords.

What a luxurious line-up is this”

“This wont be the past tense of three Su Qianqians, will it If the famed sword was… No matter how it would still be two and a half swords!”

“No, depending on their age, they may already be three mature swordsmen.

Even Su Qianqian with the famous sword in hand is not their opponent.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, can you resist him”

“I bet he cant resist this wave.

He will definitely end up cold!”

“Yes, he just has an eighth-grade spiritual sword…”

Doubted, Passive Points 231.

Looked Down, Passive Points 1,268.


Xu Xiaoshou squeezed Hidden Bitter slightly.

Even if he knew that these guys were not easy to deal with, the battle was inevitable.

He could not avoid it.

“Bring it on.”

He lowered his chin and softly spoke.

Gu Qingsans eyes were full of fire.

His uncontrolled fighting spirit burst out at this moment, sending everyone into shock.

Under such a high spirit of fighting, he had not yet made a move.

Instead, he bowed toward the two senior brothers beside him.

“Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, may I”

“You may.”

The swordsman holding the sword sat firmly on the seat and nodded his head.

“Be careful not to kill him.”

The understatement fell on everyones ears like thunder, and everyone was in an uproar.

“Damn, so are these three akin to three Xu Xiaoshous”

“Are the swordsmen all so mad now Is it because I havent achieved this kind of arrogance yet”

“I cant bet too heavily.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou is arrogant, his strength still lies there.

The Master Sword Intent is not a joke…”

The discussion in the crowd was not over.

Gu Qingsan had already turned around and moved forward with the consent of his two senior brothers.

Taking a step forward, the aura that had accumulated in his body instantly exploded.

At this moment, the dishes and chopsticks at the banquet tables were shocked into tremors.

Even the turbid yellow wine liquid that overflowed seemed to morph into little swords that contained infinite sharpness.

The Master Sword Intent was instantly cued.

It was evenly distributed to all things in the banquet room as if it had been precisely measured.

Everyones expressions changed.

“This Sword Will…”

It was more than Master Sword Intent.

A real swordsman who had such proficiency and refinement could have only been achieved that after a long cultivation period.

All of the people present could clearly perceive the horror of this Sword Will, but they did not feel the slightest weight of Sword Will at all.

That was because Gu Qingsan had focused all the pressure on Xu Xiaoshou in the far sky.

“What a delicate control!”

The Night Guardians eyes flashed with admiration.

Compared with Xu Xiaoshous brutal sword power, Gu Qingsans Sword Will was completely representative of the walking of the large sect.

Such skillful application was not something that Xu Xiaoshou could compare to.

Gu Qingsan took one step at a time, and the sword power rose steadily.

When he leaped into the sky and fell in front of Xu Xiaoshou, everyone felt that he was a blazing sun.

Under such brilliance, Xu Xiaoshou was so small that he also seemed invisible.

“Not bad.”

Suddenly, the familiar voice sounded in everyones ears with admiration.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded with satisfaction and applauded.

“Your ability to get off the ground already has 30 percent of my demeanor.”

Everyone in the surrounding area was immediately distracted by Xu Xiaoshou again.

They looked at him with a smile of relief as if they were watching a junior, and they were all stunned.


“Xu Xiaoshou is Xu Xiaoshou.

You cannot suppress this fellow anywhere.”

“The kid on the other side is still a little worse.

He should have to say something.

Otherwise, he wont be able to hold it.”

“Tsk tsk, this is a good show.

It turned out to be two Master Sword Intents!”

Lauded, Passive Points 422.

Commended, Passive Points 222.

“Gu Qingsan.”

Gu Qingsan performed a sword ceremony.

He would only perform it when he faced an opponent that he highly valued.

As an ancient swordsman, he would perform a sword ceremony.


Xu Xiaoshou nodded silently as if he knew it.

Gu Qingsan was a little surprised.

“Should you not return the favor”

“Return the favor”

Xu Xiaoshou felt taken aback.

“What favor do I return Should I introduce myself”

“Everyone here, do you know me”

Gu Qingsan was speechless.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

“Good fellow!”

Everyone watched in amusement.

Xu Xiaoshou was really low.

Even if Gu Qingsan started so high, he still shattered his presence with a single word.

“This guy, hes not easy…”

Gu Qinger looked at his eldest senior brother feeling a little depressed.

“Junior Brother still miscalculated.

He started well, but he should not have spoken.”

“Once he speaks, he will not be able to resist at all.

His presence will be shattered instantly .”

Gu Qingyi, the swordsman holding the sword, also looked into the distance and whispered softly, “Lets see.

Junior Brothers ability does not need the traditional ancient swordsman aura anyway.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, you lied to us!”

Naturally, Gu Qingsan would not worry about the situation that he did not pay much attention to.

In his heart, he was still worried about the incident at the inn when Xu Xiaoshou had misled them.

With a sword cognition of this prowess, why did Xu Xiaoshou refuse to admit it

If he admitted it earlier, perhaps they could have asked each other for advice and exchange tips.

They could have even become good friends that held hands and had fun together.

It was a pity that he was now an enemy.

Xu Xiaoshou still held his hands behind him.

“Thats right, I lied to you.”

“Why should I tell the truth to people I have not met before”

“This world is full of malice.

You are too young and need to be tempered.”

Gu Qingsan was frozen again.

He thought that Xu Xiaoshou would refute him.

To his surprise, this guy had openly admitted it and even taunted him smoothly.

In this case, what should he say

He took a deep breath, thinking that it was best to keep silent.

“Lets fight!”

“Wait a minute.”

Xu Xiaoshou stretched out his hand.


Gu Qingsans momentum paused again.

At this moment, everyone could see that the sword power that had just appeared had died down again.

“What do you want to say” Gu Qingsan asked.

“Its nothing.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and retrieved Hidden Bitter.

“Its time to start.”

Gu Qingsan twitched his face.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

“Damn it, Xu Xiaoshou is so low.

Did he just dissolve the sword power like that Is it even okay”

“Its such a loss! Gu Qingsan, dont talk nonsense with him and just finish him off! You cant win this guy with words!”

“Dont drag any longer.

If you drag it on, Xu Xiaoshou will suppress you.”

The spectators were already advising him from the sidelines.

Although Gu Qingsan was outstanding, he was easily swayed.

Xu Xiaoshou had deflected his first move in this manner.

Now, he had no advantage at all.

Insulted, Passive Points 231.

Acknowledged, Passive Points 666.

“The fight starts!”

The referee could not bear to see it anymore.

Originally, he did not need to speak.

Now, he was afraid that if he waited any longer, Gu Qingsan would be directly rubbed by Xu Xiaoshous lips until he bled.


Instantly, Gu Qingsan, who was said to have been stunned before, was given the go-ahead to fight.

He unleashed his sword power completely.

He suddenly jumped, looking up at the moon.

In the next moment, the void danced behind him.

There were dense cracks in it.

Those black cracks intertwined.

The void fragments had solidified in less than half a breath, turning into miniature swords of the space that flew in the air.

“Void Solidifying Sword Technique”

Everyone off the stage was shocked.

“How terrifying is Gu Qingsans Sword Will that even the Master Swordsmans highest level, Void Solidifying Sword Technique, can be realized from it”

“Xu Xiaoshou is in trouble!”

When everyone blinked, the solidified swords behind Gu Qingsan were already roaring in the wind and shooting directly at Xu Xiaoshou.

At this moment, everyone knew why Gu Qingsan did not need a sword.

The real Master Swordsman had perfected the All Things are Swords move.

With that, why would he have any use for a sword

“Swordless Sword Technique, All Swords to the Master!”

He bellowed lowly, and the tens of thousands of miniature swords of the void fell in front of Xu Xiaoshou like a meteor.

At this time, Xu Xiaoshou had a puzzled look on his face.

“Void Solidifying Sword Technique”

It turned out that he was not the only person who knew this skill.

He held Hidden Bitter and pointed straight forward without flinching.

“Prevailing Sword Technique, All Swords to You.”

Gu Qingsan was confused.

What kind of weird swordsmanship was that

Was there such a coincidental sword name

It had taken on the name of his Swordless Sword Technique from the Nine Major Sword Techniques of the Burial Sword Tomb.

Everyone felt amused by Xu Xiaoshous words.

After hearing the sword cry of Hidden Bitter, the tens of thousands of miniature swords of the void that fell in front of Xu Xiaoshou cracked

There was no sign, nor any starting point, and had even directly omitted the process of the void tearing.

From the miniature swords of the void that had cracked, more miniature swords of the void had appeared.

However, the direction of the swords was reversed this time.

The swords pointed toward Gu Qingsan.

“What sword skill is this”

Everyone was horrified.

Had Xu Xiaoshou torn away all the miniature swords of the void from his opponent and split them for his own use

“Thats not right!”

Instantly, someone realized that something was wrong.

“This is not a sword skill.

It is also a Void Solidifying Sword Technique!”

“The difference is that Xu Xiaoshou doesnt need the process of condensing the sword at all.

His 10,000 swords are generated from Gu Qingsans All Swords to the Master.”

“This move has not only broken his opponents sword skill but even made a counterattack!”

“How exquisite!”

All the swordsmen present were enthusiastic and eager.

This hand was so good that it was impeccable.

In the next second, they all realized that there was still something wrong.

“Does this mean that Xu Xiaoshou also knows the Void Solidifying Sword Technique”

Everyone stared in horror.

Suddenly, their minds were completely blank.

There were two Master Swordsman Supreme Realms there.

One alone was rare during regular occasions, but now there were two of them.

It was not the common Chinese cabbage.

It was like a dream.

Doubted, Passive Points 1,212.

In Awe, Passive Points 868.

Xu Xiaoshou ignored the shock of everyone and looked at Gu Qingsans face, who was still in shock.

This guy seemed to be enlightened by the onlookers before he understood his method.

He was almost as simple as Zhou Tianshen…

But it was too late to fight at this moment.

“Prevailing Sword Technique, stop for me!”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes focused, and a White Sword Aura exited out of Gu Qingsans body.


The sword energy that suddenly rushed into the sky pierced through the black clouds and broke through the high platform, directly shocking everyone back once again.

“Did it get to him”

Everyone felt their hearts suddenly picking up.

If it had gotten into him, looking at Gu Qingsans weakened body devoid of spiritual source, he would have ended up as a corpse on the spot.

Even the referee felt his heart pumping at that moment.

This was a swordsman.

Sometimes one move would decide the outcome.

Even if one wanted to save it, one simply could not do anything about it.

“All Things are Swords, I Am the Sword”

The swordsman holding the sword finally showed surprise in his eyes.

“Xu Xiaoshous Way of the Sword is so accomplished.

His foundation is indeed solid.

Can I know which family passed it down”

Gu Qinger nodded in agreement, but then the corner of his lips twitched.

“Even so, its not enough.”

In the void of sword energy, Gu Qingsans body suddenly shook as if confirming his words.

Following that, he lined his hands forward.

“Swordless Sword Technique, nullify!”

His body seemed to disappear.

He stepped back and escaped the captivity of the sword energy.

The sword energy that stood in his place was bound by his palms after he got out.

Immediately afterward, under the horrified gazes of everyone, this guy summoned the sword energy on the spot.

As if pulling out his Original Life Spiritual Sword, Gu Qingsan took the sword energy and swept it away.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The frantic burst of air blasted in a row in the void.

In this sweep, as if there was an attack on the fallen leaves, the roaring of tens of thousands of swords was hooked into Gu Qingsans sword energy.

Yes, it was Gu Qingsans.

Xu Xiaoshou could no longer exert control of his sword energy at this moment.

“What is going on”

He was a little surprised.

‘Has the I Am the Sword that I stole from the masked man been resolved

‘What kind of structure did Gu Qingsan have to even move among the sword energy

It was unscientific.

“How did you do it” Xu Xiaoshou could not help his curiosity.

This guy was incredible.

The sword moves he used were completely different from the partial Spiritual Cultivator and partial swordsman in the past.

Not only the Void Solidifying Sword Technique but also his comeback of ignoring I Am the Sword as means to seize another persons sword energy into his sword…

Was this the pure ancient swordsman

Did he use the Pure Sword Energy Art of Combat

For the first time, Xu Xiaoshou had an eye-opening feeling in a battle with his peers.

As Gu Qingsan listened to his question, a smug look flashed across his face.

“Your comprehension of All Things are Swords is certainly very deep, and you have even comprehended the highest level I Am the Sword mentioned by my eldest senior brother.”

“I admit that you are far better than me at this!”

He admired him sincerely, but his conversation steered away.

“However, between the two of us, only I alone can ignore your I Am the Sword.

It is derived from my Swordless Sword Technique!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt taken aback.

“Swordless Sword Technique”

He thought that this was just Gu Qingsans sword skill name.

He even ridiculed him in the previous battle.

Listening to his explanation at the moment, it did not seem so.

Gu Qingsan was also a little confused.

“Have you never heard of it”



Gu Qingsan showed a shocked expression.

“Have you never heard of the Swordless Sword Technique”

“Then how did you practice the Path of the Ancient Swordsman”

“Dont tell me no.

Even if you have some weird sword skills, in essence, it is this way!”

Xu Xiaoshou put away his sword and took a step forward thoughtfully.

“What do you mean Should all those who practice the Ancient Sword Technique know the Swordless Sword Technique”

Gu Qingsan was speechless.

He finally got the answer from Xu Xiaoshous puzzled expression and confirmed that this guy really did not understand.

However, he did not give up and pressed on.

“So, have you not only never heard of the Swordless Sword Technique, but also other sword techniques”

“Do I have to know them” Xu Xiaoshou wondered aloud.

Gu Qingsan took a deep breath.

“So, what you mean is… The Nine Major Sword Techniques, Eighteen Flows, 3000 Sword Styles, and 21 Famed Swords in Ancient Sword Technique Framework… You do not understand any of them.”

Xu Xiaoshou finally heard a familiar term.

“You look down on me! I still know the 21 Famed Swords.”

As he spoke, he was curious and asked, “But what about the Nine Major Sword Techniques”

Gu Qingsan was shocked.

Listening to what Xu Xiaoshou said, he understood that he had no teacher and had embarked on the Path of the Ancient Swordsman.

It was terrible.

During this era of Spiritual Cultivation, would anyone still want to go down this path

Was he slapped upright, or did he do it deliberately

No matter what, admiration suddenly rose in Gu Qingsans heart.

The Path of the Ancient Swordsman was difficult.

He, a man of orthodox origin, knew it the best, and he had developed a compassion for what happened to Xu Xiaoshou.

Putting away the White Sword Aura in his hand, Gu Qingsan shook his hand casually.

The sword energy dissipated.

He explained to Xu Xiaoshou, “The Ancient Sword Technique includes the Nine Major Sword Techniques, such as the Fantasy Sword Technique, the Nine Swords Technique, the True Sword Technique, the Swordless…”

“Junior Brother!”

Outside the court, Gu Qingsans words were interrupted by a voice that seemed incensed.

Gu Qingsan turned his head and realized that it was his second senior brother.

“Are you crazy Its a fight now.

Are you teaching him a lesson Do you want to come down so I can also give you a lesson” Gu Qinger was furious.

Gu Qingsans neck suddenly shrank back.

“It seems that I have steered a bit off the track…”

Everyone off the stage was silent.


What kind of people were these two

One was Xu Xiaoshou, who had a peculiar style, plus a silly Gu Qingsan, who could be easily led astray.

Combining these two people, they were able to turn the White Cave quota competition into an event of humbly asking for advice and a role model.

“What on earth Regardless, I am now convinced.”

“But these Ancient Sword Techniques that he used… I dont think I have heard of them either.”

“Hehe, its weird if you have heard them.

Even if the Eastern Region is the Holy Sword Land, there are only a few that are eligible to inherit the Path of the Ancient Swordsman.”

“Dont even mention hearing it.

You dont even have the chance to touch it on regular occasions.”

Everyone looked at Gu Qingsan and realized the gap in vision.

Indeed, if they just settled in a small place like Tiansang Prefecture, and if there were no events like the opening of the White Cave, they would not even have heard the phrase Ancient Sword Technique tonight.

Xu Xiaoshou thoughtfully recovered from Gu Qingsans remarks.

He suddenly thought of the masked man.

At that time, the guy always wanted to take him away.

He did not understand the reason, but now he vaguely understood why.

Perhaps because of the existence of the Sword Techniques Proficiency, he really became a unique case.

To the outside world, this unique case was an absolute qualification.

Perhaps the masked man wanted to teach him these things.

“Ancient Sword Technique, Nine Major Sword Techniques …”

“So, this Swordless Sword Technique should be one of them, Swordless…”

“This guys comeback just now… Did he not display his understanding of the true meaning of Swordless”

Xu Xiaoshou faintly felt that maybe if he were willing to go with the masked man at the time, it would have been a good choice.

He could even say that it might be more exciting than now.


It was alright.

He still thought the same thing,I will go and see this world, even if I were covered in cuts and bruises!


Xu Xiaoshou turned his head and looked outside the arena.

His gaze fell on the nine swords that were behind the swordsman with nine swords.

“Is what you learned Nine Swords Technique”

Gu Qinger was speechless.

Could he go back now

It was a fight now.

Could these two be serious

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

“You are right.”

Gu Qingyi suddenly said, “Continue to fight with my junior brother, and you will see more things.”

There was also a vague shock in the depths of his eyes.

If Xu Xiaoshou could really comprehend the Void Solidifying Sword Technique on his own, then his potential would be a bit too terrifying.

If he had no major force supporting him, practicing the Ancient Sword Technique was equivalent to looking for death.

How could a person in the world singlehandedly support the Sword Dynasty, which was left behind by the times

“One person…”

Gu Qingsans eyes burst into an enthusiasm that he could not conceal as he thought of one person.

If it were that person, maybe it was a little bit possible, but it would be a pity.

He had fallen prematurely.

Xu Xiaoshou…

He was powerful.

However, he had yet to reach the point of that person.

Even by comparing the Way of the Sword, he did not even have the qualifications to look up.

Xu Xiaoshou retracted his gaze and picked up Hidden Bitter again.

His eyes fell on the sword body.

With a glance, Sword Will raged across the room.

“You dont seem to be as weak as I thought.”

He had a solemn look on his face and said, “I thought that being living treasures, the three of you would have the same strength.

I didnt expect you to give me a lot of surprises.”

After saying that, the figure of a young man holding a black sword hovered in the air.

His hair was flying.

He was floating in the night sky.

He drew a sword, and the platform exploded.

The Sword Will was like a spider web that followed the soles of everyones feet.

It started to spread.

Everyone retreated in shock but could not avoid the speed at which the spider web sword marks spread.

Suddenly, some people felt pain all over their bodies.

“Its a barrier!”

Fu Xing twitched the corners of his mouth and shouted sharply.

Xu Xiaoshou was serious.

‘Damn it!

When Xu Xiaoshou was not serious, he had blown up two high platforms.

Now, what would become of the City Lord Mansion

He immediately looked at the referee.

“Quickly launch the barrier.”

The referee had already pinched the command token.

He was shocked by Xu Xiaoshous seriousness.

Did he dare say that before this, Xu Xiaoshou was releasing the water all the way


Where was the water It was the sea.

If he had let his Sword Will out earlier, everyone would not have the confidence to talk, let alone challenge him.

The light curtain of the barrier instantly covered the two people.

At this moment, the double swordsmen inside failed to feel the restraint.

Because of the built-in vast space in the barrier, they had a sense of being able to flex their muscles.

Gu Qingsan felt this passionate Sword Will, and his body began to tremble slightly.

“Xu Xiaoshou, you are too strong!”

“For a person without background or external support to cultivate to this level, I admire you.”

“But a Sword Will like this is not enough!”

His eyes opened in anger, and he reprimanded him.

“Today, I will teach you the true Ancient Sword Technique and let you appreciate the concepts of the Sword and the Way, Prevailing, and Swordless!”

As he spoke, he held both hands out in the air.

There was no sword in his hand, but Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that everything in this world had become the sword of Gu Qingsan.


Why Swordless

‘All things are my swords, so I need no sword.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes also glittered in excitement.

Such an opponent was too rare.

His hand moved past the sword body of Hidden Bitter.

The sword energy after the Sword Observation weighed heavily and filled his heart and spleen with pain.

Hidden Bitter groaned with excitement.

Was it finally time for it to show its power

Suddenly raising his eyes, Xu Xiaoshou and Gu Qingsan locked gazes with each other.

The void suddenly exploded.


Under the brazen battle of the two, the invisible Sword Will had turned into a fiery sword that swayed violently, shaking the barrier wildly.

Everyone was frightened to see it.

They thought the previous battle was exciting enough but never thought that it was just the beginning.

“Do you want to teach me”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“Bring it on.

However, my methods are untamed.

If you want to teach me, Im afraid you cant bear it.”


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