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Chapter 478: The Savior, Xu Xiaoshou!

Yu Zhiwen spat out a mouthful of blood, but because of the sound waves, the blood splattered all over her face.

Xu Xiaoshou flew up and grabbed her.

He passed through the surging sound waves and flew up into the sky.

He grabbed Yu Zhiwens slim waist with her back against his chest.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

Yu Zhiwen muttered unconsciously.

Her eyes became dizzy and she fainted.

“Darn it.”

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

Yu Zhiwen was not weak.

Even though she was only at the Peak of Innate Stage, she had many defensive spiritual weapons and defensive array wheels on her.

However, under that roar, those Master Stage spiritual weapons that were activated on their own did not even manage to block half a breath of time before they exploded.

One could imagine how terrifying that huge White Skeleton inside was!

An intense pain came from her back.

However, this wasnt enough to make Xu Xiaoshou retreat even half a step.

The “Recoil” and “Toughness” forcefully blocked the sound of the battle.

On the other hand, the others werent as lucky.

Except for Yu Zhiwen who was the first to be sent flying by the roar.

Luo Yupo, who was intoxicated by the spiritual array and had the intention to harm Xu Xiaoshou, was sent flying by the impact.

After smashing through dozens of Flaming Maple Tree, he barely managed to stop his momentum and fell headfirst into the ground.

Qu Qing-er and the others were also caught off guard.

Faced with the might of this roar, they spurted out blood and fainted.

It was as if the scene had fallen into a desperate situation.

Everyone had arrived at the gates of Hell.


Xu Xiaoshou was swept by his “Perception”.

Other than the two great Masters, Qu Qing-er and Luo Yupo, the rest of the people present were completely useless.

They had completely lost their ability to fight.

After he shouted, he carried Yu Zhiwen and flew away first.

Qu Qing-er clutched her chest and struggled to get up from the ground.

She glanced at the end of the spiritual mist with a horrified expression.

She didnt even look at who the attacker was.

She, on the other hand, was about to fall.

“Hurry up and leave!”

A rational voice in her heart urged.

However, as she looked at Chen Chen, Xu Jing, and Du Cheng, who had fallen to the ground unconscious, there was hesitation on her face.


Luo Yupo stood up from behind and barely managed to regulate his breathing.

He immediately retreated without looking back.

He saw Qu Qing-ers hesitation.

Naturally, he knew that up until this moment, this girl could not let go of her teammates who had fought with her in the past.

But look at the situation now!

With just a roar, the enemy that would charge out later would definitely be at the Sovereign level!

If she still wanted to save people at this time, she would only be putting herself in danger!

He called out once, but Qu Qing-er did not respond.

Luo Yupo could no longer suppress the fear of death in his heart.

He accelerated under his feet, and in an instant, his figure disappeared.


The earth began to tremble.

It seemed that some big guy was about to rush out from the spiritual mist.

Qu Qing-ers face was filled with pain.

Even if she could carry Xu Jing at this moment, with her heavily injured body and an unconscious person on her back, how could she escape the pursuit of a Sovereign Stage opponent

Her spiritual senses could see that Xu Xiaoshou had long disappeared with Yu Zhiwen on his back.

Luo Yupo was also unreliable at the critical moment, so he left by himself.

Everyone directly handed over the biggest problem to themselves.

At this moment, the sadness in their hearts surged, and Qu Qing-er was unable to extricate herself.

As the saying goes, when a great disaster comes, everyone flies separately.

This was nothing more than that!

“Rumble –”

The ground trembled even more violently.

At the same time, the air began to heat up.

Even though the monsters inside had not appeared yet, Qu Qing-er could already feel the scorching heat that was about to melt her.


“Can you run away”

Her face was filled with difficulty as she looked at the three future floating corpses lying on the ground in different directions.

In the end, she still could not overcome the compassion in her heart.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Three faint sounds of air breaking rang out amidst the worlds shock.

When her spiritual sense detected that the exquisite stone had landed, Qu Qing-er immediately detonated it.

In an instant, the three unconscious people on the ground were enveloped by a pale blue light and were instantly teleported away.

“Whether or not you can survive depends on yourselves.”

Qu Qing-er smiled bitterly.

To be honest, in a place like White Cave, it was meaningless to teleport three unconscious people to an unknown place.

It was possible that after they landed, they would be dismembered by other foreign objects.

It was not an exaggeration to say that this action was a complete waste.

But people were like this.

Only at the last moment could one see their own heart clearly.

Qu Qing-er had always thought that she could be cold-hearted and face the business path of only exchanging benefits.

It was only now that she realized that she was not!

Using three precious exquisite stones to save a few unrelated strangers.

Qu Qing-er was about to laugh herself to death!

“How naive…”

The light in her hand circulated again, and another exquisite stone appeared.

Accidents in the White Cave always came so suddenly.

Qu Qing-er had never thought that in just one day, she would use a total of four exquisite stones.

However, there was no other way for her to survive.


She was going to use more strength.

At this moment.


Another earth-shattering roar sounded as it approached.

Qu Qing-er could no longer withstand the pressure and was sent flying.

Even the exquisite stone in her hand could not be held and scattered with the sound wind.


Waves of intense pain assaulted her delicate body.

It was completely unable to hide the fear in Qu Qing-ers heart at this moment.

“The exquisite stone has flown away”

Her only life-saving method had actually been shouted away at this moment

“Theres more!”

“I still have the exquisite stone!”

She forcefully suppressed the fear in her heart.

At this moment, Qu Qing-er had to seize every second with the Grim Reaper.

She had to take out another exquisite stone before the monster arrived.

But at this moment!

As the spiritual mist churned, a white color suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.

In the blink of an eye, the White Bone Giant that was more than 200 feet tall broke through the clouds.

It was as if it was chasing after the sun as it slowed down in the sky.

It could be imagined that even with such speed, it was only the initial stage when the White Bone Giant took a step and began to run.

“What is this”

Qu Qing-er was shocked.

She had never seen such a huge White Skeleton.

It was so huge that she could not see the end of it.

The giant was surrounded by white flames.

It was a question of whether it was a White Skeleton that was a specialty of the White Cave.

“Exquisite stone!”

She screamed crazily in her heart.

However, under such pressure, Qu Qing-er could not move at all.

The only thing she could do was look up at the step that had crossed the spiritual mist and descended from the sky, and the gradually enlarging white soles in front of her eyes!

“Am I going to die…”

Time seemed to slow down.

At this moment, Qu Qing-er seemed to have seen all sorts of people that had appeared in her short life.

She still had her mission to accomplish.

There was also Old man Jins anticipation.

She still had the headquarters of the Plenty Gold Company, which she had passed the assessment but was unable to attend because of the White Cave.

She also had a bright future where she could leave the Tiansang Prefecture, leave the Eastern Region, and even compete for the talents of the Central Region…

But all of this.

Under the foot of this super large White Skeleton, it was as low as a bubble that could be extinguished with a single touch.

Her vision blurred.

Her life was about to disappear.

At the moment before her death, the scene that was like a projection froze.

What appeared in front of her was actually Xu Xiaoshous frivolous face.

“This guy…”

Qu Qing-er smiled bitterly.

Good people dont live long, but disasters last for a thousand years.

Perhaps, under the background of this era where the strong preyed on the weak, those who could live for a long time would ultimately be hateful people like Xu Xiaoshou and Luo Yupo!

It really made people speechless…

Qu Qing-er closed her eyes and waited for death.


The White Bone Giants foot smashed down, causing a huge crater to appear on the ground.

Qu Qing-ers brain shook, and blood instantly spurted out of her ears.

Her mind was completely blank.

Even so, she could still feel her body being sent flying three times.



Was this the feeling of death…

Qu Qing-er felt her heart stop beating.

But in the next second, she suddenly felt that something was wrong!

“Im not dead!”

The White Bone Giant stepped on her.

How could she be sent flying

It was obvious that she would be turned into a puddle of meat!


She realized that the situation had changed and opened her eyes abruptly.

In front of her was still Xu Xiaoshous hateful and detestable face.


It was said that the memories before death would only surge for an instant.

But why was it that when it came to Xu Xiaoshou, the scene was stuck

She didnt like him either, and she didnt have much contact with this person.

Why was it that at the last moment of her life, it was all him


“You gave up just like that”

Just as she was in shock and bewilderment, Xu Xiaoshou, who was supposed to be a frozen image in front of her, actually moved.

He had a mocking expression on his face, and there was even a hint of ridicule at the corner of his mouth.

However, it was this mocking sentence that caused Qu Qing-er to come to a complete realization.

“Xu Xiaoshou didnt leave.

Did he come back to save her”

The joy in her heart bloomed completely.

At this moment, Qu Qing-er felt that her vision had returned to clarity.

“Roar –”

The deafening roar from the White Bone Giant came again.

But this time, the voice that entered her ears did not have any offensive power.

On the contrary, it was filled with pain

After zooming in, Qu Qing-ers pupils constricted.

What did she see

She saw the huge White Bone Giant with its distorted body covering its left foot in pain.

It seemed to be unable to stand steadily as it bounced back and forth.

Why was it jumping

Because one of its feet was broken!

The foot that should have stomped on her to death and trampled on the Sun was actually broken!

In that case, the explosion just now and the airwave that sent her flying should have been caused by this foot hitting the ground

“But, how is this possible”

Qu Qing-er looked back in disbelief and her gaze landed on Xu Xiaoshou.

At this moment, she finally saw the young man in front of her clearly.

Behind the figure that was bent over and mocking her was Yu Zhiwen, who had completely lost consciousness.

He had to hold the beauty behind him with one hand so that she would not fall.

But even so, with only one arm left, the black and red sword that was held upside down and the continuously raging and ferocious molten gas were all clearly displayed…

“Xu Xiaoshou, with just one arm, cut off this White Skeletons foot!”

The shock in Qu Qing-ers heart was simply indescribable.

She could completely imagine that when this White Skeleton giant that was like a god descending from the heavens stepped down, Xu Xiaoshou, who was carrying a beautiful woman on his back, was actually able to slice off the sole of the White Skeletons foot with just one hand!

But how was this possible!

Xu Xiaoshou was only at the Innate Stage at the very most.

At most, he had the Master Physique.

How could he possibly be able to withstand the super large White Skeleton in front of him


Qu Qing-er suddenly realized something.

The sword that Xu Xiaoshou was carrying was no longer the eighth-grade black sword.

Instead, it was a sword that she had never seen before, but she could tell at a glance that it was definitely not ordinary…

“Famed sword!”

“Suspected, Passive Points, 1.”

“Run for your life, I cant carry two people.”

An exhortation interrupted Qu Qing-ers shocking thoughts.

When she came back to her senses, she saw that the young man in front of her was carrying a beauty on his back as he turned around to pick up the famed sword.

He raised his head and faced the White Bone Giant that was more than 200 feet tall…

Only his resolute back view remained.

At this moment, Qu Qing-er understood.

Xu Xiaoshou and Luo Yupo were not the same kinds of people after all.

Perhaps at some point in time, their subconscious choices would be the same.

However, some people would eventually explode at the critical moment, swallowing up that monstrous selfishness and greed.

“Is this Xu Xiaoshou…”

“Admired, Passive Points, 1.”

“Roar Roar Roar!”

The White Bone Giant that had its foot cut off was completely enraged.

Not to mention that Xu Xiaoshou and the others were completely unprepared at the start.

Even just now, it was completely unprepared when faced with that sword that cut through the sky.

They were clearly just a group of ants that dared to disturb its cultivation.

However, when it was caught off guard, these ants actually caused such a considerable amount of damage to it.

At this moment, because some of its food had been teleported away, the White Bone Giant that had placed its hatred on Qu Qing-er finally saw the figure of the young man who had the famed sword.

With just a glance, it was completely sure.

This person was the real culprit who had disturbed it just now!


Another roar shook the sky.

However, Xu Xiaoshou, who was fully prepared, quickly formed a large wave of a defensive spiritual array as spirit threads danced around him.

The sound wave attack, which had been weakened layer by layer, was completely useless against his Master Physique.

“Can I kill him”

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated.

At first, he was indeed shocked by the White Bone Giant.

He couldnt fight against the Sovereign Physique at all.

He might not even be able to deal any real damage.

However, he suddenly thought of the famed sword Flame Python.

Could the famed sword that could cut through everything in the world do what he couldnt


“There are thousands of Sovereigns in the world, but the only 21 Famed Swords!”

“If I cant cut through it, whats the point of having it”

But what if

Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to take the risk.

While carrying Yu Zhiwen, his only thought was to run for his life.

But when his “Perception” saw that everyone was running for their lives, Qu Qing-er still foolishly chose to save them.

It was fine if she saved them, but she was about to sacrifice her own life!

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt take it anymore.

He also felt that Qu Qing-er was stupid and not worth it!

But in this world, it was because there were still these silly, willful, and stubborn people that they were forced to have a trace of human warmth.

A person who chose to struggle for his life for the sake of himself, of course, he survived.

But at the same time, he also lost the most precious thing in human nature.

Xu Xiaoshou chose to turn back, not because of Qu Qing-er.

But because he saw in Qu Qing-er that there was still a small chess piece like him who had self-determination under the chess player who disregarded the common people.

At that moment, he felt that he should step forward.

And so.

Xu Xiaoshou stepped forward!


Xu Xiaoshou shouted.

He looked at the White Bone Giant who had begun to mobilize white flames to repair its damaged body.

He knew that he couldnt kill the other party in this battle.

Under such circumstances, the only thing he could do was to help Qu Qing-er hold on for a few more breaths so that she would have time to teleport.

As for himself…


If he could not kill the White Skeleton, with the support of his passive skills, could it be that it could kill him

Qu Qing-er flipped over and stood up.

After swallowing an elixir, she did not dare to delay and ran in the direction where the exquisite stone was scattered.


At this moment, the super large White Skeleton that had its foot broken had already been repaired.

Its terrifying recovery speed was even faster than Xu Xiaoshous “Eternal Vitality”.

With a roar, it slammed its hands onto the ground and flew up into the air.

“This again”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered.

As expected, creatures with low intelligence would never be able to climb out of their horns.

It knew that its “Foot Stomp” did not affect its famed sword, but it still chose to fly up into the air after recovering

Wasnt this a living target

Xu Xiaoshou received the reverse-handed spinning sword and held the Flame Python horizontally in front of his chest.

The sword will of heaven and earth was dense, suppressing the scorching steam for a moment.


However, the White Bone Giant didnt land after doing a toad jump into the air for a long time.

On the contrary, after it jumped to an extremely high point, it suddenly inhaled, and the void was almost torn apart.

“This is…”

The earth was torn apart, and Flaming Maple Tree was ripped apart.

The White Skeletons bloody mouth was like an extradimensional crack that suddenly opened up in the Eighth Palace, sucking everything on the ground into its stomach.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He could see that the suction had completely swelled up after taking a deep breath.

“This fellow doesnt want to step on it, and it doesnt have any physical attacks.”

“Its a mage”

While he was shocked, he saw the White Skeleton suddenly roar after the energy entered its stomach reached its peak.


In the next second, a terrifying white flame that looked like a waterfall from the nine heavens gushed out from its mouth.


Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

This fellow had such a strong body like a warriors.

Could it really be a mage

Looking at the white flame, could it be that it could only be born from the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed and had the same flame power as Elder Sang

How could he withstand this wave

Xu Xiaoshou looked back and saw that Qu Qing-er, who had lost her target of hatred, had already struggled to get the exquisite stone again.

But this silly girl was still hesitating.

Did she want to save him

Then what was there to play with!


Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but roar.

Qu Qing-er finally realized that even if she stayed, she wouldnt be able to help much.

With a crack, the exquisite stone shattered and she disappeared.

“One strike!”

Xu Xiaoshou erected the famed sword Flame Python, his eyes became calm.

Even though he knew that even if he was a fire-type, facing such white flames, he would probably die and vanish.


The ancient swordsman was unmoved!

“Buzz –”

His eyelids lowered.

The Flaming Maple Tree leaves that had been shaken off by the aftershocks of the battle suddenly exploded with dense sword energy.

With a whoosh, they were pulled up into the air and floated above Xu Xiaoshous head.

“Buzz –”

The world shook once again.

Under the tens of thousands of maple leaves, all sorts of sand and gravel flew.

They also exploded with sword energy and steamed straight up.

In a split second, in the sky, between the pouring of flowing flames, Xu Xiaoshou completed the start of the “Ten Thousand Sword Style”.

After which, he turned around and pointed his sword at the blue sky.


In an instant, the maple leaves that had formed a thick layer of stone in the air formed a tornado and suddenly faced the nine heavens flame waterfall.


The instant the flame stream and the leaf stone came into contact, they directly exploded in mid-air.

In the next instant, the splashing flame stream and the charred leaf stone scattered in all directions.

Under that magnificent and gorgeous scenery, the one who was doing his best to hold on was Xu Xiaoshou, who was already sweating profusely and shaking his sword.

He would definitely not be able to catch the white flame.

The maple leaf and the stone were merely ordinary objects.

However, Xu Xiaoshou had an idea.

He used the “Ten Thousand Swords Style” to give this ordinary object a new life.

He used his will to counter the shape and forcefully pushed the white flame waterfall into the air.

However, although his idea was good, his sword will was only a Master Sword Intent.

How could it withstand the fire beam attack from the huge White Skeleton

That was a power that could completely surpass the Sovereign!

In just a few breaths, Xu Xiaoshous ten thousand sword leaf stone was defeated.

The white flame waterfall that did not slow down at all came pouring down on him!


Xu Xiaoshou instantly had the idea of throwing Yu Zhiwen into his Yuan Mansion and take the easy way out.

However, in his heart, a conceit that he did not care about this actually appeared out of nowhere.

“This is…”

“The famed sword!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately understood.

The noble famed sword sitting on the peak of the fire-type Sovereign didnt care about lowering its head under such white flames.

Thats right!

At that time, when it was suppressed by the “The Bewitching Demon” sword, the Flame Python could even break through the shackles of the wretched saint and fly into the sky.

Now that the white flames had landed, how could it submit so easily

“Can I trust you”

Xu Xiaoshou looked hesitant.

There were many ways to escape, and he didnt want to gamble his life.

However, he had to maintain the pride of the Flame Python.

This was the dignity of a famed sword.

As the sword wielder, even if he wanted to escape, he had to accept this move first.

In an instant, Xu Xiaoshou, who had thought about this matter, calmed down again.

“Fine, Ill take it.

Whos afraid of who”

His surging sword will suddenly poured into the body of the Flame Python.

With a hum, the Flame Python seemed to expand.

It suddenly raised its head and pointed straight at the waterfall in the sky.


“Its gone!”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He originally thought that the Flame Python would use a big move of its own.

Who knew that the other partys conceit was really just conceit!

Other than stretching it a little straighter, it didnt even let out a fart!

“The darn sword misunderstood me!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself that this broken sword was worse than “Hidden Bitter”.

However, he still had to face the flame waterfall that was starting to burn his body.

He couldnt just ignore it.

Feeling that extremely familiar burning smell, Xu Xiaoshou was impulsive and abruptly inserted the Flame Python into the flowing waterfall.


The sword will exploded with a bang.

However, the white flame on his face was only shattered, and he didnt have the time to receive the follow-up energy.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously twisted his body and twisted his sword as if he had Gods help.

“Modified Sword Style”

This long-lost Modified Sword Style appeared in a way that was very compatible with the charm of the heaven path energy.

With a flash of inspiration and the support of the Flame Python…

The flame waterfall that fell from the sky was sent flying back in a way that couldnt be resisted!

The White Bone Giant that was still spewing white flames in the air was dumbfounded.

His attack had landed on his body

With a boom, it was sent flying by the white flame waterfall.

Xu Xiaoshou was also dumbfounded.

Using a Master Sword Intent to send back a spiritual technique that surpassed the Sovereign

He didnt even dare to think about it!

However, wasnt this the true meaning of the Modified Sword Style

Wasnt this the scene of the godly strike that reversed the situation and pushed back the Deity Mountain-Lifting Technique of Zhou Tianshen

“Ancient swordsman!”

“The path of a sword will!”

Xu Xiaoshou completely understood.

This was the true use of sword will.

The Modified Sword Style was the sword skill that was most suitable for the pure sword will battle in the past.

Today, the reappearance of the “Four Ounces Can Move a Thousand Catties” stance further proved that ancient swordsmen were truly powerful existences who could rely solely on one person and one sword to challenge those of a higher level!


In the sky, the Flame Python trembled with excitement when it saw the White Bone Giant that had been burnt to a crisp by its white flames.

After sending out a thought that said, “This is what a swordsman should be like, this is what a sword wielder should be like in battle.” It then sent out another message:

“Charge! Seize the opportunity and attack.

Kill it directly!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately raised his sword and flicked it.

“Bang –”

“Attack your head!”

“Its already good enough to be able to withstand one move.

If it gets angry again, I dont even know how it will die later!”

This was a White Bone Giant with the body of a white flame Sovereign.

It was equivalent to half of Elder Sang!

Xu Xiaoshou did not have the confidence to continue acting like this.

He grabbed his sword and carried Yu Zhiwen on his back.

Taking advantage of the White Bone Giants momentum, he took the opportunity to run away.


The Flame Python was unhappy.

What kind of sword-bearer was this How could a swordsman be so cowardly

“Shut up!”

Xu Xiaoshou reprimanded.

What do you know!

On the way to escape, you should learn from your big brother “Hidden Bitter”!


The Flame Python protested again.

Xu Xiaoshou was displeased and flicked his finger.

“Bang –”


The Flame Python was furious, but its protest was useless.

“Bang –”


“Bang –”


“Bang –”

“Wu Wu…”


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