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Chapter 658: The Testing of Cultivation Level Needs You to Sign a Life and Death Contract

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“Lets test it out!”

There was a spirit pearl on the table that was specially used for testing ones cultivation level.

This saves Yao Yue the trouble of asking more questions.

The truth to ones cultivation level, that could not be seen by the naked eye, would be quickly revealed with the help of the spirit pearl.

The Innate (Stage) spirit pearl could be used to measure the cultivators spiritual source to determine all stages of the Innate cultivation level.

The spirit pearl would indicate the colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, black, and white which respectively corresponds with the origin court, occupied void, and the start, middle and end stages of the three upper spiritual levels.

Xu Xiaoshou received the spirit pearl.

He had used this thing before in the outer yard of the Spirit Palace, but at that time, he was using the Acquired (Stage) spirit pearl.

Since he had enterred the Innate Stage, he had relied on his own perception for all his cultivation levels.

This was the first time he had to use the spirit pearl since that time.

He injected his spiritual source into it.

Soon, there was movement on the spirit pearl.

But it only trembled slightly before becoming still again.


Everyone was stunned.

“Thats it” Even Xin Gugu was puzzled.

“Suspected, Passive Points 3.”

Initially, everyone was paying special attention to Young Master Xus cultivation level, but when they were presented with this situation, they could not help but be a little confused.

The feedback of the spirit pearl should have been magnified.

Even if the subject injected only a trace of spiritual source, the reaction would still be magnified.

Consequently, the intensity of the light would be used to reflect the strength of the subjects cultivation level.

However, the one in Xu Xiaoshous hand seemed to be asleep and did not intend to work at all.

“Have you injected your spiritual source” Xiaolian was the first to ask.

She was curious about Young Master Xus cultivation level and she really did feel the movement of the spiritual source in Young Master Xus palm earlier…

But could she have been mistaken

“Try Again!” Yao Yue stood up.

There was no way that the Innate (Stage) spirit pearl could make a mistake.

It did not require anything extra to activate the array.

The spiritual source injected by the subject was the key to activating it.

As for the pearl in Young Master Xus hand…

Was it malfunctioning

Xu Xiaoshou saw everyones reaction and immediately understood something.

He had “Stealth”.

Could it be that under the cover of “Stealth”, as long as it was something that belonged to him, it could not be tested

Frowning slightly, Xu Xiaoshous energy reserve stirred and he madly poured his spiritual source into the spirit pearl.

But this time, other than the spirit pearl trembling more intensely, it still did not emit light.

“Are you really an Innate (Stage)” Yao Yue was surprised.

This Innate (Stage) spirit pearl could only be used to measure the Innate Stage.

If Young Master Xu was an Acquired (Stage) or Master (Stage), the pearl would have no use.

“I am an Innate (Stage).”

Xu Xiaoshou put down the spirit pearl indifferently and said without batting an eyelid, “I remember now.

When I was young, I seemed to have cultivated aStealth spiritual technique.

As such, ordinary objects should be unable to measure my cultivation level.”

Yao Yue: “…”

She glanced at the spirit pearl and then at Young Master Xus calm expression, and for a moment, she was slightly shaken.

The spirit pearl was a magnificent feat of the path division of the Holy Divine Palace.

The appearance of this object directly solved the problem of evaluating the cultivation level of the continents spiritual cultivators.

What rank of spiritual technique had Young Master Xu reached in the past that made him able to even deceive the path divisions proud work

Yao Yues spiritual senses swept across Xu Xiaoshous body.

Although doing that was a little presumptuous, she couldnt care too much about it at the moment.

But as expected, even though she was in such close proximity with him, her Master (Stage) cultivation level couldnt detect the slightest bit of Young Master Xus cultivation level.

“So now what” Xu Xiaoshou was also a little helpless.

“Stealth” wasnt something he could control, so he could only ask, “If my cultivation level cant be tested, then could you at least believe the words of this young master over here”

Yao Yue shook her head.

Just based on the other partys mere words, how could she let him participate in the “Heaven Geomantic Battle”

That would be unfair to the other contestants!

“If you dont wish to believe in what I say, then how do we solve the problem at hand” Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes.

“Dont worry, Young Master Xu.

Theres still one more thing that can be used.” Yao Yue thought for a moment, then picked up the communication bead and instructed the servant outside the door, “Go and get thepath energy bead.

It needs to be at the Master Stage.”

“Path energy bead”


Yao Yue nodded, she explained, “Although I dont know Young Master Xus cultivation level, thepath energy bead can test Young Master Xus path energy.

If you havent reached the Heavenly Image State, which is also known as the Master Stage, then you still meet the criteria for joining theHeaven Geomantic Battle.”

“TheHeaven Geomantic Battle is a battle for the imperial city trials.

The same standards apply to all the contestants and the imperial city trials: the battle is open to all below the Master Stage and does not limit those at the Innate Stage.”

“Even those who are Acquired (Stage) can have a go at it as long as they have the courage.”

“If the path energy pearl discovers that Young Master Xus path energy is beneath the Master (Stage) path energy, then it proves that Young Master Xu falls below the Master (Stage) and naturally meets the standard.”

Everyone came to a sudden understanding.

However, Xu Xiaoshou frowned again.

“Is thispath energy bead powerful enough to test any great path in the world”

“Yes!” Yao Yue nodded.

“Dont worry, Young Master Xu.

This is another piece of work that the Holy Divine Palace is proud of.”

“Then forget it.

Tell them not to send it over.” Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand when he heard this, feeling even more helpless.


This time, even Xiaolian was stunned.

“Doesnt Young Master Xu Want to participate in the competition Testing ones cultivation level is an essential procedure…”

Before Xu Xiaoshou could say anything, Xin Gugu already understood what he meant, he smiled and continued, “My Young Master Xu is a master swordsman! His way of the sword at the Master Stage… Even if you test it, itll be a waste.

Youll only mislead the results.”

“Master” Yao Yue was stunned.

“Master (Stage) concepts!”

Xin Gugu looked at her and he added, “There are incidents where ones cultivation level is only at the Innate (stage) level, but their comprehension of the way of the sword is too advanced and has already broken through to the Master (Stage) level.

This doesnt violate the rules of the Heaven Geomantic Battle, but to test Young Master Xus cultivation level with thepath energy bead would definitely indicate the cultivation level of Master (Stage), so it will definitely be miscalculated.”

Now, everyone understood.

Xiao Wanfeng, who was sitting at the very end, had a slightly shocked expression.

He had not understood why Master Siren wanted to take in a disciple because of his mere constitution, but now it turned out that Young Master Xu was also an ancient swordsman like him!

“Ancient Swordsman” Yao Yue also realized something and was a little surprised.

It was common sense that comprehension of concepts was more difficult than spiritual cultivation.

Most swordsmen had trouble keeping their cultivation level on par with their concepts and ways, but this Young Master Xus cultivation level couldnt keep up with his sword will…

What kind of weirdo was this!

Were all the descendants of demi-saint families so headstrong

After Xu Xiaoshou helplessly nodded his head and admitted to it, the two ladies were a little speechless.

“I didnt expect Young Master Xu to be an ancient swordsman…” Xiaolian opened her red lips and found it difficult to calm down.

Master swordsman!

The ancient swordsman that was cultivated from a master swordsman level was much more terrifying than someone with a Master (Stage) cultivation level.

Previously, she didnt understand why Xin Gugu had mocked her for inviting Young Master Xu to participate in the competition on the first floor of the heavens.

Now, she finally understood.

Wouldnt he just be trashing the noobs here!

The key was that the criteria for participating in the Heaven Geomantic Battle was cultivation level.

There were no restrictions to be applied on an ancient swordsman.

Ancient swordsman were too rare.

If an Innate (Stage) master swordsman wanted to participate in the competition, the Holy Palace would be more than happy to do so.

Why would they place additional restrictions on earlier stages of the cultivation level

But so what

If Young Master Xu, a master swordsman, participated in the competition without restrictions, it would be a blatant violation of the rules and an official approval for him to trash noobs!

“So, does that mean I cant participate in the competition” Xu Xiaoshou didnt think that his “Stealth” could cause so much trouble, so he was a little worried.

“Well, not necessarily so, but I might have to try something impolite next,” Yao Yue said after some time.

“If Young Master Xu isnt lying, we only need to verify your cultivation level.

The only method left is to connect the energy reserve…”

Through a highly reliable guarantor, Young Master Xus cultivation level could be verified using the method of connecting energy reserves.

This time, it would be difficult for any concealment spiritual technique in the world to work.

“Energy Reserve”

Xu Xiaoshou checked his energy reserve and his face stiffened.

“I can accept it, but Im afraid that my energy reserve wont accept it…”

His energy reserve was a bit too awesome!

Above it floated the infernal original seed, the three days frozen calamity, the scruffy-looking mans sword cognition, and the sword cognition formed from his own sword observation…

The last one could be ignored, but as for the rest, Xu Xiaoshou was a little flustered.

He could barely control the first two but since they had already recognized him as their master, even if he had exposed them to outsiders, he could still use some tough methods to suppress them and not let them hurt others.

But the scruffy-looking mans sword cognition..

That thing was so violent that it could even cut through the night guardian, and it even entered his energy reserve in the form of a guardian master.

If it detected an outsiders spiritual source, it would fly into a rage and shoot out violently, separating Yao Yues head and body and creating a scene of bloodshed.

How was Xu Xiaoshou himself going to clean up such a mess

“Young Master Xu, what do you mean” Yao Yue was puzzled.

Although it was an offensive act to connect energy reserves, but this was the only feasible move left.

Even if he agreed to it, his energy reserve would not…

“Doubted, Passive Points 2.”

Xu Xiaoshou found it difficult to speak.

After hesitating for a moment, he said, “This Young Masters energy reserve is a little special.

You also know that those old geezers at home are afraid that this Young Master will be tortured to death by the stronger ones while traveling outside, so…”

Yao Yue immediately understood.

“So there are some restrictions”

“You can put it that way.” Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

In fact, there was another reason that he didnt want to say.

Although outsiders had never seen the real form of the infernal original seed and the three days frozen calamity, they had highly identifiable characteristics.

As long as others were willing to study these two elements carefully, ill-intentioned people may even get something out of them.

“Other than the connection of the energy reserve, is there any other way” Xu Xiaoshou asked as a form of last struggle.

“No,” Yao Yue shook her head, “If you dont mind, Young Master Xu, as long as you slightly suppress the restrictions and let me test it, I will only look at the quality of the spiritual essence in the energy reserve and not do any other prying, how about it”

I think you are courting death!

Xu Xiaoshou cursed in his heart and closed his eyes heavily, “Forget it, let someone else do it!”

Yao Yue was still confused.

Xu Xiaoshou said again, “Call for a Sovereign (Stage).

Its safer.

Best if its someone who is not in any significant position and would not cause a commotion even if they died… Of course, if something really happens, I can provide compensation.

I have money.”

Yao Yue:


Xiao Wanfeng:

The three of them wore a face full of confusion on hearing what Xu Xiaoshou just said.

If he tested his cultivation level, someone would die

More importantly, as a safety precaution, he even wanted a Sovereign (Stage)

A Sovereign (Stage) would risk dying when testing his Innate (Stage) cultivation level

“Suspected, passive points 3.”

“Young Master Xu, stop fooling around…” Yao Yues lips twitched.

She resisted the urge to step forward and give this fellow a kick.

“Im not fooling around.

This is a matter of life and death.

Lets agree in advance.

If you want to test my cultivation level, thats fine, but be prepared to die.”

Yao Yue: “…”

Why did these words sound so strange

However, she had never come into contact with anyone from a demi-saint family before.

What if it happens!

What if the absurd things that this guy said really came true

“Summon Dong Cheng over.” Yao Yue did not say anything else.

She picked up the communication bead and placed it down.

After a pause, she grabbed the communication bead again and said, “Invite Mr.

Zhou along as well!”


A middle-aged man and an elderly appeared in the private room.

However, the atmosphere in the room was even more awkward and weird.

After being filled in with what had been going on, Dong Cheng looked at the life and death contract on the table and felt dizzy.

“So, Miss Yao Yue, this… testing someones cultivation level would require me to sign this life and death contract” His furrowed brows displayed his shock, as if his entire worldview was about to collapse.

Sovereign (Stage)!

I am a Sovereign (Stage)!

No matter how much you dont trust that brat, you ought to have some trust in me right!

Even the other elderly, Zhou Gu, who had a cultivation level of the Cutting Path (Stage), was greatly shocked by the strange scene in the private room.

Yao Yue did not respond to Dong Chengs words.

Instead, she looked at Zhou Gu and said, “Mr.

Zhou, Young Master Xus cultivation level…”

“That being said, I really cant tell.”

Zhou Gu looked like he was sizing up a monkey.

He circled Xu Xiaoshou three times and then said while holding his breath, “But looking at his path energy, he really isnt at the Master Stage.

This is all I can tell.”

He was a little ashamed.

He could not tell a young mans cultivation level at his Cutting Path (Stage) cultivation level, and could only rely on his path energy to analyze it.

It would be a disgrace if he were to share this with others.

Yao Yue sighed.

“But path energy is something that can be hidden.

We cannot treat this matter that was assigned to us by the Holy Divine Palace carelessly.”

If someone were to be blamed, it had to be the demi-saint descendent Young Master Xu! He was like a piping hot potato that no one could bear to put their hands on.

“Sign it!”

The life and death contract was proposed by Xu Xiaoshou, so Yao Yue had no other choice but to accept it.

However, with the situation reaching such a point, no matter how ridiculous or strange it was, any human would always prepare a contingency plan, especially after knowing the background of this young man in front of them.

Dong Cheng very wisely chose to reject, “Miss Yao Yue, if it were anything else, I, as an official, would surely do it to the best of my ability.

However, when its in relation to the demi-saint family… things get a little more risky!”

“Its not a big deal to just try testing it.

However, if I really were to be blown to death by some restriction, that would be too unfair, too disadvantageous, too ridiculous!”

Everyone in the room didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Dong Chengs words were indeed reasonable.

A majestic Sovereign (Stage) was killed by a restriction because he was testing the subjects Innate (Stage) cultivation level.

If this were to be circulated, it would only become a laughing stock.

Yao Yue held her forehead and looked at Xiaolian with a gaze filled with helplessness.

What kind of monster did you bring.

Xiao Lian shrugged, indicating that she didnt know that there were so many tricks up his sleeves.

Seeing that no one dared to sign this life and death contract, Xu Xiaoshou was even more delighted.

“How about this…”

He thought for a moment and suggested, “I am indeed an Innate (Stage) .

There is no doubt about this.

Just trust me this once and let me join the fight.”

“When the time comes for the battle, Mr.

Zhou will be watching the entire arena.

He is a Cutting Path (stage).

As long as I have done something against the rules, he will be able to see through it at a glance.

After that, you can directly terminate the competition.”

“In any case, I am not at the cultivation level of a Master (Stage).

You guys will be able to tell once you see me in practice.

There is no harm in trying.”

Yao Yue subconsciously wanted to refute.

However, Zhou Gu reminded her, “Special people are to be treated differently.”

This finally woke Yao Yue up.

Indeed, demi-saint family descendants were far too rare.

Even if something were to happen, the Holy Divine Palace would surely understand.

And Young Master Xus words were sincere, his attitude was honest, and he even volunteered to take responsibility if something happened..


Yao Yue finally made up her mind, she said, “Sign an agreement.

Young Master Xu can go on stage, but if you do anything that violates the rules, the Heaven Geomantic Arena has the right to stop the competition and impose a complete ban on you.

You will not be allowed to join the fight again, do you understand, Young Master Xu”

“I understand, I understand.”

This is great, Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself.

I dont want any of you to come and test my energy reserve.

I dont want him to lie motionless on the ground and die in vain after doing that.

It would naturally be best if things could be resolved in this manner.

“Then its settled.”

Yao Yue called her servants to draft an agreement.

After both parties signed their names, she was finally relieved.

“The last match for the noontime competition is currently ongoing.

Yours is soon to come.”

“Young Master Xus match will be held in the evening and it will be the ninth round of the “Heaven Geomantic Battle” for today..

Theres still two hours of preparation time left.

Im looking forward to your performance, Young Master Xu!”


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