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Chapter 688: Are You Dumb This Isnt Hidden Bitter!

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“Sacred physique!”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly reacted.

The magical brilliance revealed from the masked mans sleeve that had been blown up by Ajes punch was the sacred physique magical brilliance in his hand.

Even the arm had turned into iron, Xu Xiaoshou was familiar with this light!

After all, he had just beaten up Luo Yin, a sacred physique.

However, Xu Xiaoshou never dared to imagine that this person had such a hard core cultivation level of the sovereign stage, such a mysterious ability to use the iron attribute, and a pair of soul-fixing eyes..

Forget it.

Putting everything aside, he was still a sacred physique!

“Where did this scary thing come from Do you still want to give others a way out” Even though Xu Xiaoshou had several supreme treasure, at this moment, he also felt that this masked man “Yama”, who could fight with Aje, was perhaps the chosen one


There was another explosion from below.

Obviously, Aje did not care about this.

After receiving a punch, it did not say anything else and threw another heavy punch.

The masked man threw an elbow backward.

This time, both parties were pushed back a few steps by the huge force.

Aje did not feel any pain and once again charged forward.

The masked man was a little shocked.

He swung his numb left arm and temporarily chose to dodge, avoiding another powerful whip kick from AJE.

“Divine puppet”

After a few punches, the masked man finally reacted.

This little boy was exactly the same as the divine puppet that he had fought against before.

However, his combat strength was almost the same.

However, the appearance of this fellow was a little baffling.

“How could a saint servant possess a divine puppet produced by the Path Division”

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“Furthermore, this divine puppet… is malnourished”

The masked man dodged repeatedly.

Within the bounded domain, he didnt need to clash head-on with his opponent.

Instead, after some thought, his gaze landed on the slightly weaker Zhou Tianshen.


With teleportation, he arrived beside Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” realized that something was wrong and he immediately turned around and activated the “Close-bounds force field” before pouncing backwards with a hug.

“Soul control.”

However, a green light flashed under the “Yamas” mask again.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou clearly did not meet this pair of strange eyes.

However, his soul was once again attacked, and his body froze in midair.

“Damn it…”

Xu Xiaoshou was going crazy, and he was repeatedly being attacked.

This feeling was not good.

Seeing the masked mans hands turn into molten iron, high temperature struck, and the “Ghost Bronze Prison” was about to take shape again.

At the same time, Ajes figure landed in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

“Ma Ma!”

With a shout, a red light flashed in his eyes, and Aje threw a punch.

“Boom –”

The air current cut through the sky, and a black energy wave shattered the space.

The masked man dodged in a fluster, and the “Ghost Bronze Prison”was broken.

A huge hole was punched in the space of the bounded domain behind him.

“You can move now”

Xu Xiaoshous fingers trembled again.

He suddenly realized that perhaps the soul-fixing eyes really didnt have a time limit, but if the caster moved while controlling others, or if their attention was diverted..

The soul-fixing effect was canceled on the spot!

This discovery was really a pleasant surprise.

In other words, as long as Aje was still present, the masked man couldnt completely control him.

“Aje, break this bounded domain,” Xu Xiaoshou ordered.

With a vanishing technique, his figure immediately disappeared from this space.

Aje was too obsessed with fighting to the death.

The most important thing now was that the support effect of the sovereign domain was too strong.

If he didnt break it, even if Aje had super combat strength, he would still be fooled.

After receiving the order, Aje stopped moving and raised his head to look at the sky.

“Ma Ma…”

Aje muttered and raised both of its hands.

An earthy yellow aura suddenly appeared on its body.

Then, it formed a fist with its palm and clenched it fiercely.

With a loud rumble, the power of the higher void exploded.

The sovereign domain was like paper and immediately shattered.

“Its gone!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was invisible in the void, was delighted when he saw this.

A mere sovereign (stage) .

If he didnt have a bounded domain, how could he do anything to Aje

Ever since the previous battle with Red Dog, Aje, who was trapped in the Abrogated Origin Residence and could not be released, thus Xu Xiaoshou rarely kept him in the Abrogated Origin Residence after that.

One should traverse the Jianghu with Aje.

Was it not to deal with such a sudden accident

However, before the joy on his face could be maintained for long, once the bounded domain shattered, what Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” saw was not the reappearance of the Imperial Citys neighborhood, but still darkness.


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

Turning his head, he saw that the masked man had pulled away from the battle, as if he was not surprised at all that the bounded domain had been broken.

Moreover, a mysterious and complicated black array pattern suddenly floated under this fellows feet.

“Spirit Array Caster”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned, and in the next second, his scalp went numb.

It was not a spiritual array!

It was a power Upanishad Formation!

Realizing this, Xu Xiaoshou panicked.

He had only glimpsed this kind of power upanishad formation when he was watching Yu Lingdi.

Although the structure of this formation that appeared under the masked man was completely different from what Yu Lingdi had in the past.

However, the strong aura of path energy was almost suffocating!

“No wonder…”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou thought about why this guys battle awareness was so strong.

A throne that could cultivate a sovereign to the final-stage was even more terrifying than a sovereign (stage)!

The next second when the bounded domain was broken.


The masked man pressed his palms together and the power Upanishad Formation on his body was activated.

In an instant, the sky and Earth changed.

Space fragments within a radius of a few miles were dyed black iron color under the effect of the aura of path energy before they could fade away.

A black-iron bounded domain that covered several miles of the land realm was formed once again!

Right after that, the black-iron bounded domain started to smoke, turning black and red.

The rock-solid bounded domain started to have endless molten iron that rolled down.

The ground melted, the space melted..

“Upanishad, ghostly prison lotus flower!”

The masked man opened his hands, and the void shook.

The red molten iron gathered like a tsunami, slamming onto the shore.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was in the disappearing state, was completely stunned.

This large-scaleGhost Bronze Prison, which covered an area of several kilometers, didnt want to give anyone a way out!

It seemed that he had only seen such a special bounded domain in Gou Wuyuessword realm

Who exactly was this masked man !

Where did this guy come from !

The red molten iron whistled like magma and pressed down on Aje like the surging waves of the ocean.

Xu Xiaoshou disappeared.

Even if this molten iron had been slapped on his body, it was useless.

However, he had clearly seen that every time Aje smashed this molten iron, an additional piece of his body would be corroded.

And the molten iron was endless!

“Damn it…”

Xu Xiaoshous heart ached.

His mind spun rapidly, thinking about how the other partys move would break the situation.

“Come out!”

The masked man seemed to have merged with the way of the heavens in theghostly prison lotus flower, leaving no trace behind.

However, his voice seemed to be speaking to Xu Xiaoshou.

“Although I dont know what spiritual technique you used to disappear, you cant break out of myghostly prison lotus flower.

You wont be able to escape at all.”

“And if this drags on any longer, your treasure will really become one more trophy on my body.”

Aje punched at the molten metal, occasionally appearing beside the masked man in an attempt to break through the enemy.

However, the masked mans figure melted into the molten metal again and again.

Every time he appeared, he was in a distant location, not giving Aje a chance at all.

Within the bounded domain, the molten metals level continued to rise.

If this drags on any longer, let alone a blow, Ajes entire body would be submerged in the molten red metal!

If this continued, how would he be able to defeat the enemy

Xu Xiaoshou once again saw the small iron man hanging on the masked mans neck and belt.

He finally understood what the other party meant by the spoils of war.

This fellow was determined to use theghostly bronze prison to forge such small iron men and hang them on his body to show off his battle achievements.

However, how could he resolve the current situation

Xu Xiaoshou had never met such a difficult enemy.

Or rather, he had never faced such an opponent alone.

Looking at Ajes rotting body inch by inch, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly calmed down.

Worrying was useless.

Only by keeping quiet in his heart could he resolve the situation.

“Bounded domain, high temperature, the world inside the furnace…”

The scenes in his mind about how elder Sang tortured Yu Lingdi were replayed like scenes from a movie.

Xu Xiaoshou admitted that he could not achieve the extraordinary “Dragon melting realm” that elder Sang rose from the Hundred Thousand Mountains in the white cave that day.

But at this moment, when he used the “ghostly prison lotus flower” as an alchemy cauldron and the surging red molten iron inside it as medicinal liquid, he understood.

“The world maketh the cauldron whilst Fortune Maketh the Craft; from Yin and yang, firewood for burning, from all things living, iron for smithing…”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up as the fantasy realm brought about by hiscooking expert merged with theTriple Death Method taught by Elder sang.

At this moment, a white flame lit up in the depths of his eyes.

“Infernal Heavens Burn!”


A faint sound was heard.

The molten iron that had turned red from the high temperature was suddenly dyed with a thin layer of white.

White was not eye-catching in this world of the bounded domain that was like a steamer.

However, in the blink of an eye, it could be assimilated by its own kind and dyed everything a thin white.

“Infernal original seed, open!”

Xu Xiaoshou unceremoniously detonated the infernal original seed in his sea of Qi.

His white flame was still of low quality and could not compare to elder Sangs ability.

However, the infernal original seed was a supreme treasure that contained calamity power, just like the “three days frozen calamity”.

It was the most suitable thing to use as the energy of the “Dragon melting realm” that elder Sang had risen from the Hundred Thousand Mountains in the past.

“PFFT –”

The instant the fire seed detonated, white instantly overshadowed red to as far as the eye could see.

As the most extreme and tyrannical ability of the fire attribute, the white flame released by the infernal original seed at this moment was almost the same as the one that detonated the entire spirit fusion swamp at that time.

“What is it”

The masked mans body escaped from the molten metal.

He rose into the air.

On his body, on his sea of energy, and on the path energy reserve around his body… all of them were lit up by the white flame.

They could not be extinguished.

Sovereign (stage) !

At this moment, the sorrow in his cultivation level caused the masked man to be unable to resist the burning pain of the white flame that surpassed the power of the cutting path (stage) .

He could only reveal his body in the empty space of the bounded domain.

“Aje, beat him up!”

Xu Xiaoshou gave another command.

Aje, who was covered in injuries, began to swallow the White Flames energy to recover his damaged body.

At the same time, his red eyes turned to lock onto the masked man floating in the air.

Then, its body swayed, and its whip leg suddenly fell.


The sound of an explosion sounded.

The masked man could only raise his hands, but he was kicked by Aje, which was full of the power of the higher void.

He was thrown back into the molten iron that was burning with white flame on the ground.

The molten iron splashed, like a stone sinking into the ocean.

The world of theghostly prison lotus flower, which was surging with red molten iron, was dyed with white flame ink.

Thebounded domain belonged to someone else.

As for the tyrannicalInfernal original seed, it returned to this world in an absolutely crushing manner after being deprived of the red fire element.

Xu Xiaoshou ended hisvanishing technique.

At this moment, the white flame burning on his body soared into the sky as if the god of fire had arrived.

The consequences of completely detonating theinfernal original seed were no different from the intense pain one had to endure when consuming the fire seed for the first time.

After all, when the three days frozen calamity was completely withdrawn, the infernal original seed, which had lost its balance, was actually harming itself at the same time as injuring the enemy.

However, in the bounded domain of the enemy, Xu Xiaoshou, who had used his own strength to ignite the bounded domain and crush the enemy, had a heroic aura at this moment.

He truly had the unparalleled aura of a giant in the “swallow the mountains and rivers” fantasy realm.

He stood in the blazing flames of pain.

He was unbridled in the enemys world.

— a little pain, its not worth bothering about.

Xu Xiaoshou pulled out hidden bitter and looked down at the masked man who had rolled out from the water of white flame and fled in a sorry state.

He gritted his teeth and sneered, “A mere sovereign (stage), you dare to beat me up alone”

Aje was in the posture of beating up a drowning dog.

He used a whip kick to ruthlessly hit this masked man who was still in a confused state and still did not understand why his own bounded domain had suddenly become the enemy.

Xu Xiaoshou really used his innate cultivation level to grab hidden bitter and pounced on the supreme sovereign (stage) who had mastered the profound meaning.


In a flash, a white sword aura froze the masked man.

In just an instant, the other party broke free.

But in a battle between masters, one second was eternity.

Aje rose from the molten metal and punched the masked mans abdomen, sending him flying high into the air, towards the direction where Xu Xiaoshou came with his sword.

The masked man was dumbfounded in mid-air.

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou could even read the masked mans true thoughts through the pair of strange green eyes on his young face under the shabby “Yama” mask.

“You dare to make a move”

A grade seven spiritual sword and an innate (stage) .

Even though he was surrounded by white flame and looked like a god of fire, he was still a weakling!

The masked man twisted his body in mid-air and faced Xu Xiaoshou head-on.

The power of the Higher Void, Ajes punch, did not feel good.

However, the sacred physiques ability to resist blows was also extremely strong.

The masked man also completely withstood the process of being thrown into the air and reversed his inertia.

The sacred physiques treasure light spread in mid-air, and his Black Iron Fist smashed heavily at Xu Xiaoshou.

“If you dare to court death, I will do as you wish!”


The masked mans reaction was exactly what Xu Xiaoshou had expected.

A sovereign (stage) who had mastered the Upanishad was crushed by Aje in his bounded domain.

Facing an innate (stage), his first reaction was definitely not to run away, but to counterattack!

Thus, when the Black Iron Fist came, Xu Xiaoshou turned his body slightly.

In a flash, his left shoulder blade was completely shattered by the punch, and his entire arm was sent flying.

He gently sent the black sword in his right hand into his opponents left chest.

The scene became quiet.

Xu Xiaoshou, whose white flame was burning fiercely, and the shocked masked man looked at each other at the same time.

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

“Hehe, idiot.” Xu Xiaoshou grinned and smiled in pain.

The masked man still lowered his head in disbelief.

He didnt understand how his sacred physique, which even the heavens secret puppet couldnt break with one punch, was penetrated by a black sword of the seventh grade

“The sword has been changed.”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes twitched as he explained.

This battle was too painful, and he couldnt bear it.

But fortunately, the result was gratifying.

Xu Xiaoshou pulled out the black sword and took a step back.

After thinking for a moment, he flew a little higher and looked down from above.

Then, he used spiritual source to blow his clothes.

White flames were raging, and his clothes rustled.

Even with a broken arm, his stance was still out of this world.

Xu Xiaoshou picked up the black sword and carefully examined the demonic aura on it.

He said with a smile,

“Feel stupid This isnt hidden bitter!”

“I changed my sword at the critical moment.

Its called the fourth sword, the honorable vicious sword….

which can demonize an existence like a giant python that can cover the sky with one strike.”


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