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Chapter 721: Dig A Hole And Get Three Command Tokens.

Do You Believe Me

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7 private room, Guiyin Pavilion.

Even the Left Guardian Mo Qing, who was a calm and composed person, couldnt help but be blown away by Xu Xiaoshous words.

“Pavilion Master, this void token is really not worth this price.

You must not be provoked,” the elder advised.

The person sitting in front of him was a woman wearing a green dress and a veil.

The womans appearance was faintly discernible under the hazy green veil.

It could be vaguely seen that her facial features were extremely exquisite and her face was beautiful.

There were faint crows feet wrinkles on her brows.

It could be seen that she wasnt young anymore, but her entire body still retained her charm.

Her beauty couldnt be described with words.

She only gently stroked the zither on the table.

Her voice was enchanting, but there wasnt the slightest bit of anger in it:

“Its fine, continue to raise the price.

Since the Great Xuantian Sect is determined to obtain it, then let them pay a little more.

As for this Young Master Xu…”

Xiu Mingyue raised his eyes as he spoke.

He lightly looked at the excited Young Master Xu, who was baring his fangs and brandishing his claws, and the corners of his mouth rose.


Mo Qing was silent.

How could this flea-like annoying thing be interesting

But since the pavilion master had spoken, he had no choice but to obey.

He could only helplessly continue to raise the bid, “10.5 billion!”



“10.5 billion!”

“The bid has been raised! No.

7 private room has lived up to everyones expectations, the bid has been raised!”

“Come, lets turn back and take a look at No.

13 private room together.

Lets see if the legendary evil… uh, major factions will follow closely behind Lets see if they dare to take this move!”

Xu Xiaoshou knocked his hammer on the high platform, he said very excitedly, “10.5 billion going once… No.13, do you dare to raise the price Can he take the second void token and become the only one in the audience Lets wait and see.

Were all ears!”

Everyone was speechless.

The entire audience seemed to be under a mute spell.

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The representatives of the major factions were all speechless as they looked at Young Master Xu on the high platform.

Like a clown, he was constantly squandering the remaining light of his demi-saints descendant.

In their hearts.

The image of this demi-saint descendant had already dropped from a perfect 100 points to 30 points.

If it wasnt for Young Master Xus previous display of strength, he would truly be extraordinary.

At this moment, they believed that he wouldnt even be able to obtain the 30 points that he had left.

In No.

13 private room, the Great Xuantian Sects sect master Leng Qis entire face was as dark as ink.

He felt that if it wasnt for that master from the First Pavilion in the Sky stirring up trouble, he wouldnt have spent so much.

He definitely didnt need to spend so much on this last void token.

But the atmosphere had already reached this point.

How could he, Leng Qi, not raise the price

Just one more step and the only character with two void tokens would be born.

This value was much more valuable than the scattered void token.

How could he not raise the price

“12 billion!”

Leng Qi flung his sleeves and said angrily, “Whoever wants this void token, whoever raises the price, Ill give it to you!”

At this point.

Compared to the first void token, the price was double!

At this time, only people with their heads stuck in the door could make a sound.

The audience was not stupid, so they naturally would not raise the price.

But at this time, Xu Xiaoshou, who was on the high platform, was hitting the hammer and continued to fan the flames:

“Oh my, 12 billion! 12 billion going once! 12 billion, can it really suppress the entire scene I dont believe it!”

“Come, let us turn around and take a look at No.

7 private room, take a look…”

“Shut up!” Inside the private room, Leng Qi couldnt bear it any longer and roared.

The entire place was dead silent.

At this moment, everyone was frightened by the aura of the cutting path.

Xu Xiaoshou was also stunned, but he was not suppressed by this familiar aura.

He asked in puzzlement,

“Why did you tell me to shut up Im the trader, cant the trader speak”

“Cant you just increase the price”

“Do you have no money”

“If you dont have money, then dont come to this trade fair! Seriously…”

“Do you believe it or not, this young master will not let you participate in the trade and sell the void token to No.

7 for 11.9 billion”

The people in the private seats were dumbfounded.

At this moment, everyone realized that the demi-saint factions First Pavilion in the Sky really had guts!

They even dared to forcefully suppress No.

13 private room, one of the overlords whose identity had been exposed

Leng Qi was rendered speechless in the private room.

Thats right!

What right did he have to make this fly shut up

In the end, the treasure belonged to Young Master Xu.

Who would he sell it to Wasnt it up to one person to decide

“Im sorry.”

The situation was stronger than the person.

Leng Qi chose to lower his head, but in his heart, he secretly remembered this debt.

On the high platform, when Xu Xiaoshou saw that the passive points were almost exhausted, the Guiyin Pavilion in No.7 private room had no intention to continue bidding.

He immediately struck the hammer three times in a row.

Dong Dong Dong.


“Forget it, Ill sell this void token to you.

12 billion, sold!”

After saying that, Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and summoned a servant to take the void token and send it to No.

13 private room in exchange for spirit crystals.

The hearts of everyone in the arena pounded wildly.

Was this cheap auctioneer finally going to leave the arena

Who would have thought that after Xu Xiaoshou sent away the void token, he paused for a long time.

After the servant returned the Spirit Crystal Card to his hand, he then continued to take out another piece of black cloth from his ring.

“Hehe, dont worry, I still have a second treasure to trade.”

The people in the private seats and private rooms were stunned.

This familiar black cloth…

This familiar size…

Everyone suddenly stretched their necks again, feeling a little shocked.

“No, it cant be”

On the high platform, Xu Xiaoshou lifted up the black cloth, revealing another black command token in his hand.

“Dang dang dang dang.”

After Xu Xiaoshou uttered a few words, he picked up the black command token and shook it.

“Hehe, you didnt expect this young master to have a second void token!”

At this moment.

Time seemed to freeze.

Leng Qi held the brand-new void token in the private room.

Before his excitement could be expressed, his face immediately stiffened.


Xiu Mingyue was playing the zither with one hand.

Initially, he was a little dispirited, but at this moment, his beautiful eyes were also slightly round, and he was immediately in a daze.


Backstage, the Night cat, Nangong Yin, and Yuan Haisheng were dumbfounded.

In the private room, Cheng Ji and Chu Lisheng suddenly stood up in shock.

Everyones jaws dropped in shock, and disbelief was written all over their faces.



“A third void token”

“Is this real This guy still has more This must be a f*cking joke!”


The moment Xu Xiaoshous second void token appeared, the hundreds of people present collapsed.

Was this person a void token supplier

Where did he get so many command tokens

Could it be that this one was also dug up

“Surprised, passive points, 412.”

“Watched, passive points 462.”

“Conjecture, passive points, 233.”


The information bar started to swish wildly.

Xu Xiaoshou looked around and chuckled.

His gaze landed on No.

1 private room as he explained, “Yes, everyone, you didnt see wrongly.

This is also a void token.”

He pondered for a moment before continuing, “Speaking of which, everyone might not believe me, but I really dont care about this so-calledfoundational roots of Saint Ascension.

Thus, I plan to sell all the void tokens that I dug up.”

“Hu…” Suddenly, someone below the stage started to breathe heavily.

At this moment, some people really felt that this demi-saints descendant was too powerful.

He dug out two void tokens.

He actually really didnt care about the legendarySacred Secret Land and planned to take it all out to trade.

“I give up!”

“Who else could have such luck!”


1 private room was silent.

Xu Xiaoshou saw that the Holy Divine Palace did not doubt him, so he raised his eyebrows and did not intend to explain further.

He suppressed the restless crowd and shrugged, “Base price, 12 billion, the transaction begins!”

12 billion…

As expected, according to this guys nature, the base price rose again..

At this moment, everyones head began to hurt.

Night Cat… why on earth did he invite such a person!

Although there was no limit to the reserve price at the trade fair, as long as the price was reasonable and there was a trail to be followed, it was fine.

But the increase of the reserve price by several times…

Who could bear this

“12 billion!”

While everyone was still immersed in shock, a voice came from No.

13, gnashing his teeth.

Leng Qi had gone mad!

He had already smashed everything in the private room that could be smashed!

What was the purpose of spending 12 billion to buy the second void token

Wasnt it because it was the “last one”

As the only faction that possessed all the void tokens, his Great Xuantian Sect could truly monopolize it.

After that, with some advertising, the value of the void token could be doubled.


Just when everyone thought that it was the last void token, this detestable Young Master Xu took out another one!

If he didnt take this one, then the so-called “Monopoly” that his Great Xuantian Sect had previously established would be nothing more than a joke!

Leng Qi had truly gone mad.

Although the chief elder, Ding Kui, had repeatedly dissuaded him, he was still determined to sell a part of his estate and take the third void token as well.



Xu Xiaoshou, who was on the high platform, immediately became excited when he heard the voice.

“Theyre coming! Theyre coming! No.

13 has once again brought about the aura of suppression and the Spirit Crystal.”

“Does anyone dare to take this attack”

He had clearly said “anyone”, but his gaze had shifted to No.7.

Everyone followed suit and turned their heads in unison.

It was extremely comical.

This time, the Guiyin Pavilion didnt intend to give up anymore.

The Great Xuantian Sect could sell two void tokens in the future.

At worst, they could earn back their capital and earn a bit more.

But if they had three void tokens, the Great Xuantian Sect could even use this to recruit a higher void expert to oversee their faction.

After all, when thefoundational roots of Saint Ascension was multiplied by three, it meant that.

This opportunity might not be so slim anymore!

“13 billion,” No.

7 private room said.

However, this time, it wasnt just Guiyin Pavilion who realized this.

As soon as he said this, Leng Qi couldnt make a bid before another faction raised the price again:

“13.5 billion.” No.

88 was up for grabs.

“13.7 billion.” No.

62 made another bid.

“13.8 billion.” There were still people who were tempted.


“15 billion!” Guiyin Pavilion made a strong move and gathered all the voices together.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Did these big factions really not treat money as money when they went crazy

“16 billion!” Leng Qi gritted his teeth and spoke again.

However, just as he finished speaking, the voice of Guiyin Pavilion appeared once more.

“16.5 billion.”

Leng Qi went crazy and became a hot-blooded qi.


Mo Qing received the Pavilion Masters instructions and raised his paddle in trepidation.


Leng Qi suppressed the price to death.

“18 billion!”

Whoosh —

The entire crowd could only sigh in shock.

At this moment, everyone had calculated the output of No.13 private room for this trade fair.

The value was probably already as high as 100 billion.

100 billion…

Apart from the overlord faction, who else could afford it

This was crazy!

In No.

7 private room.

Mo Qing pursed his lips and shook his head at the woman in front of him, indicating that he couldnt take it anymore.

Not only could he not take the bid, but his heart also couldnt take it either.

Xiu Mingyue couldnt help but laugh, “Leng Qi is crazy! How much property does he have to sell in order to recoup his capital If this Young Master Xu takes out another void token, if I were him, I would die on the spot.”

“Its not to the extent of…” Mo Qing shuddered and hurriedly chased away this terrifying thought from his mind.

“If he were to take out three void tokens, the Holy Divine Palace would immediately look for him.”

Xiu Mingyues delicate hand pressed against the zither string.

It was unknown what she was thinking about, but she replied in a low voice, “Thats true.”

Mo Qing asked for instructions.

“Then we…”

“No,” Xiu Mingyue shook her head.

“Give it to them.

The other factions in the future will probably join forces to resist the Great Xuantian Sect.

Leng Qi is the only one who hasnt realized it yet.”


7 private room was quiet.


13 private room was going crazy.

Ding Kui was actually crazily trying to stop him, but Leng Qi didnt believe it.

He didnt believe that Young Master Xu would have a third void token.

He also didnt believe that after obtaining the void token, the other factions would join forces to resist his Sect.

So what if they did Would anyone be able to resist this temptation

This was an opportunity!

The Great Xuantian Sect would use this opportunity to annex his clan and unify it.

Even if the price they had to pay was huge, compared to the future, it wasnt much.

If they really couldnt annex the Great Xuantian Sect, it would only take some time for the Great Xuantian Sect to recover all of its vitality.

Thus, after obtaining thistrue last void token…

It wasnt a loss!

“18 billion, three times, deal.”

On the high platform, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the hammer and decided on the deal.

At this time, no one made a sound.

He knew that the Great Xuantian Sect had once again obtained the first place.

What a pity…

They probably thought that he, Xu Xiaoshou, didnt have any more…

At that time, Xu Xiaoshou found it funny in his heart.

He stayed on the high platform and didnt leave.

Everyone had faint anticipation.

After the servant returned the spirit crystal card, Xu Xiaoshou, who was on the high platform, directly raised the hammer and knocked three times.

“Everyone, pay attention!”

“Perhaps its really hard for everyone to believe.

To be honest, this young master doesnt believe it either, but its true…”

Xu Xiaoshous voice became longer.

Cheng Ji, who was in No.1, clenched his fists tightly and went to the windowsill in an intangible manner.

Xiu Mingyue, who was in No.

7, stood up with his guqin in his arms.

He looked around with his beautiful eyes as his red lips under his veil opened in shock.

Leng Qi, who was in No.

13, touched thetrue last void token.

While his heart ached faintly, he felt lucky that he wasAlright, Alright.

However, when he heard the sound, he staggered and fell to the ground.

Everyones eyes were on him.

It was as if everyone was waiting for Xu Xiaoshou, who was on the high platform, to take out something again.

“Anticipated, passive points, 462.”

“Resisted, passive points, 2.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath and did not disappoint.

He took out another piece of black cloth from his ring and opened it immediately.

— a command token!


Leng Qis eyes turned red as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was on the high platform, could not see this.

He waved his hand excitedly and stomped his foot:

“Thats right, everyone, you did not see wrongly.

Please believe your eyes!”

“At that time, this young master dug a hole.

F*ck… There were actually three command tokens! Three! Wow! If this young master did not dig this with my own hands, who would believe it if word got out”

“This young master doesnt even believe it himself!”


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