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“Foundational roots of Saint Ascension do exist…”

“Spiritual cultivators, come to Sky City to look for me…”

“My name is Bazhunan…”

Resounding echoes reverberated throughout the five regions.

Almost everyone in the spiritual cultivation world, be it the acquired, innates, cutting paths, or higher voids heard this simple and direct statement.

Bazhunan did not mix in any ancient language to make it easier for everyone to understand.

He was concise and clear as he listed out the treasures that made peoples hearts palpitate.

These treasures easily stirred up the desires in the hearts of everyone in the spiritual cultivation world.

Just as some people were still doubting the authenticity of the content conveyed by the voice, the last sentence, “My name, Bazhunan,” cut off the doubts of countless people.

Eighth Sword Deity

Sure enough, only the legendary Eighth Sword Deity could spread his voice throughout the five regions.

As expected, he didnt die.

Since this was what the Eighth Sword Deity had said, it was impossible to be false.

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The voice also contained the power of the Holy Emperor.

Under the premise of the situation being too sudden and them being defenseless and not taken seriously, no one was able to use their strength to stop the voice from spreading.

“So, this is your ultimate goal…”

Dao Qiongcang stopped in front of the shattered Dragon Pearl.

He looked silently at the Holy Emperors power that had shattered into nothingness after a short period of glory and sighed in his heart.

Previously, he did not understand why Bazhunan had made such a big detour in this game of chess.

With the interference of the Holy Emperors power, he was unable to deduce Bazhunans intention using the way of the Heavens energy movement in advance.

He originally thought that it could berevenge,probing, orventing…

But no matter what, Dao Qiongcang would do his best to stop it.

Should it come to the worst scenario, he even thought of ending in mutual destruction.

He wanted to disregard the other partys plan and destroy the two potential disasters, the Black Dragons remnant, and the Dragon Pearl.

But in the end, he was still a step too late.

The idea of “destroying all” was good, but there was still a sequence.

Perhaps, if he threw the “Nine Arrow Nail Divine Array” at the Dragon Pearl first and then used the saint phantom to chase after the remnant will of the Black Dragon, it would have been a better choice.

But Dao Qiongcang understood that he was good at planning, not at attacking in a short time.

If he really had to make this choice, the Dragon Pearl might be shattered ahead of time, and Bazhunans plan might fail.

However, there was a greater possibility that his saint phantom would not be able to catch up with the Black Dragons remnant will, causing the other party to really leave behind a seed of disaster in the Shengshen continent.

“An overt scheme”

Dao Qiongcang could not help but laugh.


The battle had already ended.

His saint phantom slowly disappeared in the sky above the Yunlun mountain range along with the Ten Orders Spiritual Array, leaving behind only a silent sigh of praise.

“Bazhunan, as expected of you…”

In the eastern region, including the Eastern Sky Realm, Bazhunans voice resounded in every corner of the one hundred and eight realms.

At this moment, countless cultivators and swordsmen were alarmed by the voice and were in an uproar.

These included those spiritual cultivators who worshipped the way of the sword but step onto the way of spiritual cultivation without a choice.

“Dear God of the sword, what did I hear Is this the voice of the Eighth Sword Deity”

“Heavens, what exactly happened in Dongtianwang City Didnt the Eighth Sword Deity die decades ago I still remember the legend of that battle.

Outside the City of the Dead Bodhisattva, Seven Sword Deity… Sword Deity Hua defeated the Eighth Sword Deity with three swords and defended his reputation asThe strongest in the way of the Sword.” Someone said with passion.

“Bullsh*t!! Bazhunan was proficient in the Nine Major Sword Techniques.

There must have been something fishy going on back then.

Otherwise, the Eighth Sword Deity wouldnt have fallen so easily.

Even if the Eighth Sword Deity had really fallen, the strongest in the way of the sword is still our old man You Tu!” This was clearly from an Eighth Sword Deity fanatic admirer.

“Hehe, the strongest in the way of the sword is Elder You Tu He had long disappeared! Dont you see In todays world, you can still call him as you please, but Sword Deity Hua… you cant call him by his first name anymore.

What does this mean Use your stupid head to think about it!” Someone sneered.

“It means that youre a piece of sh*t who betrayed your faith! Elder You Tu must have long become a saint.

Its just that he doesnt care that we devout swordsmen call him by his first name.

Hes kind and hes the best elder in the way of the Sword! What about the others Look at Sword Deity Hua… the moment he became strong, his temper went up… Oh, and he doesnt even let us call him by his name.

How noble!” The fanatical admirers of the Eighth Sword Deity all had the temperament of the Eighth Sword Deity when he was young.

They spoke strangely and couldnt suppress their anger at all.

However, as he said this, the other people who were slightly calmer turned pale with fright.

“Shh, you can continue to worship the Eighth Sword Deity, but you must not belittle the other sword deities.

Sword Deity Hua is also very powerful, okay His battle record is very terrifying too.”

The guy who refuted the Eighth Sword Deitys fanatical admirer was also frightened.

He said in a trembling voice, “You, you, you… are unreasonable!” With that, he flicked his sleeve and left.

After all, if these words annoyed the saint and they sent down a saint punishment, he might also be implicated.

Demi-saint obviously didnt have the leisure to use the saint punishment to discipline people of such minor importance.

However, the swordsmen of the eastern region were still shocked by “Bazhunan” and “Foundational roots of Saint Ascension do exist” and other shocking information.

Bazhun Realm.

As one of the one hundred and eight realms that belonged to the Holy Sword Land of the eastern region, the Bazhun Realm was under another name thirty years ago – the Eastern Moon Realm.

However, with the arrival and expansion of the Fringe Moon Immortal City, there was a faint trend of it taking over the banner of the number one swordsman faction in the eastern region of the Burial Sword Tomb.


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