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Qin Lin left the reservoir and went to Zhao Moqings office.

Before bringing the duck out of reality, he had to get Zhao Moqing to arrange the finances and buy enough feed.

Once the ducks were brought out, they would no longer be affected by the game mechanism.

They had to be fed two to three meals a day.

Furthermore, the ducks produced by the game had to be fed with the best feed.

The more expensive the better.

After all, they had to lay face-nourishing eggs.

The better they were fed, the more eggs they would lay.

In addition, he had to buy the tools to clean the ducks and the supplementary materials to ferment the duck feces.

There would definitely be a lot of these in the future.

When he arrived at Zhao Moqings office, Qin Lin realized that she was interviewing a young man.

Zhao Moqing handed the young mans resume to him.


Yang Dong is a chemical engineering major.

He also worked as a fermentation technician for duck manure fertilizer in the provincial capital.

He also knows how to ferment duck manure to feed fish.”

Qin Lin took the resume and pulled a chair to sit down.

He looked at Yang Dong and said, “Let me introduce myself first.

Im the boss of Qinglin Villa, Qin Lin.”

When Yang Dong saw Zhao Moqing, the lady boss of the villa, he guessed that the boss of Qinglin Villa should be very young.

After all, such a young lady boss couldnt marry an uncle, right

However, he did not expect the boss to be so young.

He was a few years younger than him.

Qin Lin looked at Yang Dongs resume.

His major was very suitable for recruitment.

He also asked Yang Dong, “Mr.

Yang Dong, why did you choose to work at our Qinglin Villa Your salary in the provincial capital is definitely higher than ours.

Besides, youre from Ning City.

Why did you go through so much trouble to come to Youcheng County to look for a job”

Although Yang Dong was shocked by Qin Lins age, he knew that he was in an interview.

He hurriedly replied, “My parents died early and I was raised by my grandfathers family.

Im not young anymore.

My grandfather wants me to find a girlfriend quickly and get married.”

“Isnt Ming City famous for having beautiful women A young woman from Ming City is the most flirtatious.

Sows are everywhere in Tian City, and women in Ning City are the most obscene Therefore, how can I find a girlfriend in Ning City Isnt it good to find a beautiful woman in Youcheng County or Sand City”

“Of course.

Most importantly, my grandfathers house was demolished and we got three houses.

My grandfather and uncle gave me one.

It will definitely be easier for me to find a girlfriend in Youcheng County.”

“…” Qin Lin.

“…” Zhao Moqing.

They looked at each other silently.

So this was the real reason.

He really had a good grandfather and uncle.

Back then, they had to secretly register their marriage because they did not have a house.

A person also appeared in Qin Lins mind.

It was the breeder, Zhang Guizhu.

Why were the reasons for these two returning to Youcheng County to look for a job so similar

Zhang Guizhu was a young lady with good conditions and was also beautiful.

Because she was an only child and her father had high blood pressure and was not in good health, he hoped that she would not marry out of town.

She could return to Youcheng County to find a job and a local boyfriend.

At this moment, Yang Dong continued, “Therefore, its naturally best to have a stable job while looking for a girlfriend in Youcheng County.

Coincidentally, Qinglin Villa has a job that suits my profession.

Everyone knows that the job here is the best in Youcheng County.”

Qin Lin glanced at Zhao Moqing and asked for her opinion.

Zhao Moqing nodded at him.

Yang Dong could pass her interview for the time being.

She would only know the rest after he went to work.

After all, many problems could not be seen through in an interview.

That was why there had to be a trial period.

Seeing Zhao Moqing nod, Qin Lin also said to Yang Dong, “Mr.

Yang Dong, youve been accepted.

The internship period is a month.

Ill get someone to familiarize you with the environment later.”

“Thank you, President Qin.

Ill perform well.” Yang Dong was clearly relieved.

Qin Lin took out his phone and called Chen Dabei to ask him to come over.

Chen Dabei arrived not long after.

He entered the office and asked respectfully, “Boss, Lady Boss, what can I do for you”

Qin Lin pointed at Yang Dong and said, “Yang Dong has just been hired.

Bring him to the HR department to settle the recruitment procedures.

Then, bring him to familiarize himself with the situation at the duck house and choose a place to build the duck manure fermentation room…”

“Okay, Boss!” Chen Dabei nodded and walked to Yang Dongs side to call him out of the office before closing the door.

In the office.

When Zhao Moqing saw the two of them leave, she said, “By the way, weve already recruited four people to raise the ducks.

Ill get them to come over tomorrow.

When will your ducks arrive”


Well wait for Master Ma and the others to separate that reservoir area with barbed wire,” Qin Lin said as he pulled Zhao Moqing over to sit on his lap.

His palm also caressed her flesh-colored stockings.

These stockings were also made of silk.

Although they felt good, they were clearly much worse than the Quality 1 stockings produced by the system.

“You cant tear this!” Zhao Moqing clearly thought of Qin Lins excitement when he tore the stockings previously.

Qin Lin rolled his eyes at her.

These were not stockings produced by a game.

It was impossible for them to arouse his desire to tear them apart.

He returned back to business and said, “The ducks will be here tomorrow.

We have to order a batch of feed, cleaning tools, and fermentation ingredients first.”

Zhao Moqing nodded and said, “Ill arrange it later.”

As she spoke, there was a knock on the door.

She hurriedly got off Qin Lins lap and sat back at her desk.

She shouted, “Come in.”

Gao Yaoyao came in with a strange expression.

“Boss, Sister Moqing, theres a problem with the bridal chamber.”


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