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“Young Master Qin, what a coincidence,” Wang Mazi said.

“The municipal tender project has nothing to do with you, right” Qin Han said.

“Indeed, it initially had nothing to do with me, but I find this project pretty attractive, so Im cooperating with Director Zhao to develop it.”

“You still want to do real estate Do you think you are the right person for the job”

Wang Mazii wasnt angry at all but instead smiled.

“Of all the high-end real estate developers out there these days, how many of them are clean Its only reasonable for us to get involved.”

Qin Han shrugged.

“I cant control you, but Ive already told Zhang Ao everything I needed to say.

Lin Yi is my brother, so youd better set aside those evil thoughts.

Were all businessmen, and were here for money.

Dont make things unpleasant.”

Hearing that, Ji Qingyan was surprised.

She never thought that Lin Yi would get involved with these hooligans.

Sensing Ji Qingyans mood change, Lin Yi patted her shoulder, telling her to relax.

“The bidding is about to start.

Go get ready, dont waste time.”

Ji Qingyan grabbed Lin Yis hand.

“What about you”

“Ill come find you after Im done with this.”

“Come with me.

Dont stay here.”

“Old Qin is here.

How can I leave him behind” Lin Yi gave her a relaxed look.

“Just continue with the bid normally.

Dont worry about me.


“Be careful then.”

Because of his relationship with Qin Han, Ji Qingyan knew that she wouldnt be able to bring Lin Yi away.

However, she wasnt too worried about Lin Yis safety.

This was the citys bidding hall, which was official government property.

No matter how bold these people were, they wouldnt dare to make a move here.

“Okay, go.”

Lin Yi looked at Luo Wan, who was sitting in the corner, and smiled.

“Director Luo, the bidding is about to start.

You guys should go out and prepare for it.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Ill go out with President Ji.”

Luo Wan was a proper businessman.

He had never experienced anything like this before.

President Lin was really something.

He had a feud with Zhao Zhengyang and Wang Mazi.

If word got out, it would be enough to cause a stir in Zhonghai.

Everyone who had nothing to do with the matter walked out of the meeting room.

After this, Wang Mazi put his hands behind his back and looked at Qin Han.

“You can ask me not to pursue this matter, but are you asking me to let Zhang Aos injuries go just like that”

“He ran over to show off and help Li Qingfeng settle a score.

He was stabbed because he wasnt capable enough, and now you guys are here to take revenge.

What are you doing now by taking advantage of your superior numbers to bully those smaller than you”

“This is the rule of the underworld.

From the beginning to the end, this is how we do things.”

“Alright, lets do things according to the rules of the underworld, then.” Qin Han pointed at Wang Mazi and said,

“Ill let you include Zhao Zhengyang.

Ill let you even decide on the place to have the fight.

Anyone who doesnt show up will be branded a coward.”

“Look at how this matter has developed.” Wang Mazi chuckled and said,

“Were already so old, so who would still want fight and kill The underworld has become a lot more civil now.”

“Civil” Qin Han smiled.

“If youre talking to me about civility, it means that you havent risen high enough.”

Wang Mazis face darkened.

Previously, he could still face Qin Han as an elder.

However when he heard the wordhavent risen high enough, he could not control his emotions.

“I, Wang Mazi, have been in this world for so many years.

Isnt it ridiculous for you to say that I dont understand the ways of the world”

Qin Han leaned back in his chair with his legs crossed.

“Were not even in the same class.

Why are you discussing the civility with me Only when two parties are evenly matched do you start discussing such things.

If you meet someone of a higher level, do you think theyd be willing to grant you such mercy”

“But at the very least, the Qin family hasnt reached that level yet.”

“Ill repeat what I said just now.

If you want revenge, we will fight face to face.

If you do anything sneaky in the dark, Ill arrange to take care of your whole family.”

“Who the hell do you think you are talking to…”

“Get lost.”

Zhang Aos scolding stopped abruptly at Lin Yis words.

He didnt dare to say another word.


Wang Mazi laughed dryly.

“Were here to bid today, not to fight.

Well talk about these trivial matters later.

I have plenty of time anyway.”

“Then well waste it slowly,” Qin Han said playfully.

“But I suggest you guys dont join this bid.

You wont enjoy any success.”

“What does he mean by that” Wang Mazi looked at Zhao Zhengyang, wanting to know what was going on.

The latter whispered in his ear a few times, and his expression changed.

Finally, he left the small meeting room with a cold face.

“What a bunch of idiots,” Qin Han cursed.

“Whats the point of being so arrogant Its not worth it.” Lin Yi patted Qin Hans shoulder.

“Lets get Old Liang and Old Gao together for dinner tonight.”

“Just for dinner”

“Then what else were you thinking”

“We should at least have a swimsuit party.

Itll be more exciting that way.”


Three hours later, Ji Qingyan walked in excitedly.

“Lin Yi, we won the bid!”

Qin Han sighed silently.

‘Your man even won over Liang Ruoxu.

Itd be weird if you didnt secure the project.

However, after thinking about it, he found this matter really infuriating.

A mistress giving a project to her first wife was really f*cking shady business.

The benefits would be kept completely internal.

“See, I told you that you would win the bid.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Youre the best.” Ji Qingyan said delightedly, “As a reward, Ill cook dinner for you tonight.”

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Qin Han coughed lightly.

“Old Lin, didnt you say that youd treat me to dinner tonight I think the weathers pretty good today, so lets do it today.”

“You guys are such jokers…”

“What are you talking about” Ji Qingyan stopped them.

“If you guys dont mind, come with us.

We can also invite Liang Jinming and Gao Zongyuan.

Itll be more lively with more people.”

Earlier at Xinhua Airport, Liang Jinming and Gao Zongyuan had helped Lin Yi and herself out of trouble.

Now that they had the chance, they had to repay them.

“Its settled then.”

The group returned to Jiuzhou Pavillion later, but they had barbecued meat for dinner instead of making Ji Qingyan cook.

Ji Qingyan went back to rest after ten at night.

Lin Yi, Qin Han, and the others drank until dawn before ending the engagement.

The next morning, Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan got up and prepared to go to work.

Qin Han and the others were still sleeping soundly.

Lin Yi ignored them and let them continue resting.

“Doctor Lin, its your first day on the job.

I wont make you send me off,” Ji Qingyan said playfully.

“Its wont be good if youre late.”

“That works for me.

Pick a car from the garage.”

Ji Qingyan glanced at the garage.

“Ill drive a Bentley, but you shouldnt drive a luxury car.

Itll be too eye-catching.

Ill find some time to buy you an ordinary car.”

“I dont care what I drive.

I dont need to buy a car.

Im already quite comfortable in my Shari.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

The two drove to work separately after assigning the cars.

As the best hospital in Zhonghai, Huashan Hospital was naturally quite high-class.

Lin Yi sighed as well.

Hed finally found himself a more awesome job.

“Whats going on”

He was walking past a market when he saw a large group of people blocking the road.

There wasnt even enough space for a bicycle to pass through, let alone Lin Yis Shari.

Lin Yi got out of the car and walked toward the crowd.

He wanted to see what was going on.

“Can someone help us My grandfather suddenly has a stomachache and cant stand up anymore.”

Just as he walked over, he saw a little girl carrying a schoolbag and crying.

Beside her was a pale-faced old man with a pained expression, as if his life was in imminent danger.

“Dont move, let me take a look!”

Just as everyone was thinking of helping but was unsure of how to do so, a young man rushed out from the crowd.

The man was about twenty years old.

He had short hair, eyes, and a scholarly air about him.

“Big Brother, do you have a way to cure my grandfather” The girl cried.

“Dont worry, Im a doctor from Huashan Hospital.

Just leave it to me, there wont be any problems.”

“A doctor from Huashan Hospital!”

“This girl is really lucky.

Huashan Hospital is the best hospital in Zhonghai, and the doctors there are all extraordinary.

Her grandfather will be okay this time.”

Lin Yi was a little surprised.

He didnt expect to meet a colleague here.

“Thank you, Big Brother.”

The bespectacled man was very professional.

He first touched the old mans abdomen and appendix, then looked at his eyelids and tongue.

Finally, he said seriously,

“This is acute appendicitis.

We have to send him to the hospital quickly.

If we are late, his life will be in danger!”

“What! Acute appendicitis!”

The little girl cried even harder and panicked.

It was normal for a young girl like her to panic when faced with such a situation.

“Acute appendicitis is life-threatening.

Theres no time to wait for the ambulance.”

“Sigh, how pitiful.

He actually fell ill in such a place.

Hes too unlucky.”

“Alright, stop talking for now.

Since we cant wait for an ambulance, well borrow a nearby car and bring the old man there ourselves,” the bespectacled man said hurriedly.

Hearing this, everyone realized that this would be much more effective than an ambulance.

Then, everyone turned their attention to Lin Yi.

Because this was a vegetable market, no other car could be reached at this time.

At this moment, only his car could be used.

“Kid, I need your car.

Take this old man to the hospital!”

The bespectacled man was about to help the old man up and into Lin Yis car.

“Why do you need to get into my car”


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