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“6 million going once, is there anyone else willing to bid”

“6 million going twice.”

“6 million going thrice, sold, congratulations to these guests for winning the exploding spirit bow.”

Lin Mo smiled, and the auction hammer in his hand dropped down.

Although he still didnt understand why Li Long would auction the exploding spirit bow.

As long as it could be sold, he was willing to accept it.

[ Congratulations host for successfully auctioning off a spirit rank 7 explosive spirit bow ]

[ Successful triggering of 5,000 times the auction return ]

[ Congratulations host for obtaining a spirit rank 9 instantaneous shadow bow ]

A spirit rank 9.

This time, the auction had been given to a spirit rank 9.

This made Lin Mo very happy.

Regardless of whether it was used for combat in the future or if he directly used the God Devouring Body to devour it, this instantaneous shadow bow would be of great use.

Thinking up to this point, Lin Mo waved his hand, and another maid walked over.

“The next item is also a spirit rank 7 item, but its rarity is comparable to a spirit rank 8 or even a spirit rank 9 item.”

Lin Mo smiled mysteriously, and under everyones comments, he slowly opened the red cloth.

Under the red cloth, there was an earthy yellow talisman paper that gave off an ancient aura.

The moment it appeared, everyone was stunned as they stared in disbelief.

“Am I seeing things That seems to be a talisman…”

“A spirit rank 7 talisman, this is impossible…”

Some people were shocked.

As everyone knew, the highest grade talisman master in the eastern continent was the grand elder of the Divine Secrets Sacred Land.

Even that person was only a spirit rank 6 talisman master.

As for a spirit rank 7 talisman master, the success rate of refining it was probably not even 10% .

“Heavens, where did this Lin Mo get this talisman from could he have dug up some ancient ruins”

Amidst the exclamations of the crowd, Lin Mo held the talisman in his hand and slightly injected spiritual energy into it, showing it to everyone.

“This talisman was sent to me by an unknown expert.

I dont know who this person is, so I cant answer everyone.”

“Its called the Earth Shrinking Inch Talisman.

This is a talisman that has been lost in the eastern continent.

No one knows how it was made.”

“As for its effects, I think I dont need to say much.”

Lin Mo smiled mysteriously.

when he cleaned up the battlefield that day and saw this talisman, he was also shocked.

To be able to hold such a heaven-defying talisman, it was clear that this person had quite a background.

According to his initial estimations, only the Divine Secrets Holy Land and the Hidden Ghost Sect had the qualifications to send such an expert to hunt him down.

This was also the reason why he had activated the Moon Pavilions great formation today.

Being targeted by such an expert wasnt a good thing.

“I must take down the earth shrinking inch talisman…”

In the crown princes private room, his gaze was fixed on the talisman in Lin Mos hands.

The Spirit Rank 7 Earth Shrinking Talisman, once used, would be able to travel a thousand miles in a single step.

Even a Nirvana Realm ninth sky expert who specialized in speed might not be able to catch up to it.

From this, one could see how heaven-defying this talisman was.

It wasnt just him.

In the other private rooms, everyones eyes were wide open as they rubbed their fists, intending to auction off the talisman.

“Earth Shrinking Talisman, starting bid, 5,000,000 mid-grade spirit stones, each bid must not be lower than 100,000.”


“I bid 6,000,000.”



Just as Lin Mo finished speaking, the bids started to rise one after another, because the land shrinking into inch talisman was too precious.

Its research value even exceeded its own value.

Anyone who could use this to see how this talisman was made would be able to ascend to the heavens in a single step.

Even the grand elder of the Divine Secrets Holy Land would have to come.

In the auction hall, everyone in the private rooms had already disregarded their status.

The prices continued to rise, causing Li Longs expression to turn ugly.

The price of the Earth Shrinking Talisman had already been bid by the crown prince to 10 million.

Even so, the second prince, the fourth prince, and the seventh prince had no intention of giving up.

This talisman had an extraordinary meaning, and it was no longer the time for spirit stones to measure its value.

“10.1 million middle-grade spirit stones.

Everyone, please give me face.

Your Highness, please give me face…”

Li long pushed open the door of the private room and walked out.

At this point, he had no choice but to step out.

If the bidding continued, he wouldnt have the money to bid for the next item.

Although with his status as a disciple of the Divine Secrets Holy Land, he could prepare more spirit stones in a short period of time.

However, money wasnt spent like this.

The key was that the treasures he bought didnt belong to him…


The crown prince was a little hesitant.

He didnt expect Li Long to personally step out.

This talisman should be auctioned for the supreme elder of the Divine Secrets Holy Land.

The reason why he could sit safely on the crown princes seat was not only because of the emperors support, but also partly because he had a good relationship with the Divine Secrets Holy Land.

If they were to fall out over a talisman, it would not be worth it.

“Hehe, senior brother, if you had told me earlier, you would not have spent such a high price.”

The crown prince walked out of the private room, cupped his fists at Li Long, and said with a faint smile.

“It was my negligence.

Thank you, junior brother.”

Li Long cupped his fists and saluted.

The other princes didnt bid either, and they werent willing to offend the Divine Secrets Sacred Land.

“10.1 million, sold.”

Lin Mo didnt hesitate and immediately dropped his hammer, auctioning this talisman to Li Long.

He didnt care so much.

In fact, he hoped that this item would be auctioned off at the lowest price.

That way, he might be able to trigger a 10,000 fold rebate.

That would really be a huge profit.

However, things did not go as he had hoped.

Th Earth Talisman was destined to trigger a bidding war, so he could not set a top price…

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning a spirit level 7 land shrinking into inch talisman ]

[ Successfully triggered a 2,000 fold rebate ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining a spirit level 8Earth Shrinking talisman ]

It was a rank higher than before, but the increase in speed was not just a tiny bit.

Adding on to Lin Mos Kun Peng Wings, one could imagine his speed with such a boost.

“Next up is the third item from the bottom.

Its a fire attribute cultivation technique, a spirit rank 7′ Li Fire Technique.

Its quite extraordinary.”

Lin Mo smiled.

This cultivation technique was not bad.

It was considered a top-tier item among spirit rank 7.

“Everyone knows that cultivation techniques are generally more expensive.

Hence, the starting bid for thisLi fire technique is 4 million.”

Just as the hammer landed, Li Long walked out from the Divine Secrets Holy Lands private room.

He looked at the auction stage and under everyones curious gazes, he said, “6 million.”


Regardless of whether it was the people in the main hall or the private rooms, all of them were stunned.

Why did Li Long look like he was determined to obtain it

The Divine Secrets Holy Land shouldnt lack cultivation techniques, right After all, this wasnt a top-tier cultivation technique…

“Six million going once, no one is bidding”

Lin Mo knocked on the auction hammer to remind everyone.

“Six million going twice…”

The scene was still quiet, and no one was willing to raise the price.

It wasnt until the third time the auction hammer fell and the transaction was announced that the auction had been completed that the sounds of discussion started to ring out.

Lin Mo was a little puzzled, but he didnt think too much about it.

The second last item was presented.

“This is the inner core of a fire attributed demonic beast, its from the seventh tier Nirvana Realm Scarlet Flame Lizard.”


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