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“Madam Xie.” Zhou Jingyun finally reacted.

He suddenly stood up and interrupted Madam Xies words.

Then, he turned around and pulled Jiang Tong.

His tone was reproachful as he said, “Jiang Tong, dont talk about Xie Wenkai like that.

Im friends with Xie Wenkai.

If you talk about him like that…”

“Xie Wenkai is your friend, not my friend.” Jiang Tong raised her head and looked at Zhou Jingyun, she said with an expression that seemed as though she was speaking up for Zhou Jingyun.

She said, “Havent you had enough Werent you trying to help Xie Wenkai out of kindness Werent you afraid that Xie Wenkai will take things too hard Werent you afraid that he will one day really overdo it and do something stupid But Look at how the Xie family treats you.

Whats with Madam Xies tone and attitude She even had people stop you from leaving with me.

She insisted on talking to us and even demanded an explanation from us.

Fine, weve explained it to her, but does she appreciate your kindness Does she think that youre doing this for Xie Wenkai She thinks that youre deceiving Xie Wenkai and trying to get something out of him!”

Everyone knew why Jiang Tong was suddenly angry.

She had had enough of todays events! She felt that all his efforts were not worth it and wanted to stand up for Zhou Jingyun! However, only Zhou Jingyun and Xie Wenkai knew that Jiang Tong was acting.

Jiang Tongs acting was so real that the two of them almost couldnt react in time.

When Jiang Tong said these words to Zhou Jingyun, she even winked at Zhou Jingyun.

“Jiang Tong, dont say that.

Dont be angry.

Calm down.” As Zhou Jingyun said this, he patted Jiang Tongs chest as if he was really trying to calm her down.

Madam Xies expression changed when she saw this scene.

She couldnt believe that a cold and powerful man like Zhou Jingyun would coax a woman like this.

Madam Xie had previously felt that the relationship between Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong was that of a strong man and a weak woman.

But now, it was clear that it was a strong woman and a weak man! Zhou Jingyun was especially concerned about Jiang Tongs feelings.

There was one point worth mentioning, which was that Jiang Tong had just asked the bodyguard to explain in detail her intimate behavior with Xie Wenkai, and then directly rebuked Madam Xies words.

In this, it didnt matter whether Madam Xie felt that Jiang Tong was taking advantage of Xie Wenkai by teaching golf.

As long as Zhou Jingyun didnt pursue it, Madam Xie wouldnt be able to pursue it.

Most importantly, Zhou Jingyuns identity as Jiang Tongs boyfriend was displayed right there.

He had the right to care about whether Jiang Tong had other thoughts towards Xie Wenkai.

However, after Jiang Tong finished explaining, he chose to believe what Jiang Tong said.

Whether Madam Xie believed it or not was her business.

However, Zhou Jingyun believed it! He believed that Jiang Tong was not that kind of person.

Therefore, he comforted Jiang Tong, telling her not to get mad.

“Alright, just do it for me.

Can you give in for my sake Xie Wenkai is my friend.

Dont get angry with me.

Xie Wenkai is still here,” said Zhou Jingyun.

He held Jiang Tongs waist and planted a light kiss on her forehead.

He kissed Jiang Tong in front of Madam Xie and coaxed her in a soft voice.

Madam Xie was shocked! Was this still the Zhou Jingyun that she knew Jiang Tong, who was kissed by Zhou Jingyun, was also stunned.

She did not expect Zhou Jingyun to go this far to cooperate with her.

He was really going all out.

“Okay, okay, okay.

You guys can say whatever you want,” Jiang Tong said reluctantly.

Then, she leaned back on the chair and returned to her calm and indifferent self.

Seeing that Jiang Tong was no longer angry, Zhou Jingyun heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, he turned to Xie Wenkai and said, “Xie Wenkai, Im very sorry.

I apologize to you on Jiang Tongs behalf for what she said to you just now.

Im sorry.” Then, he turned to look at Madam Xie.

His expression immediately darkened and he looked extremely serious.

“Madam Xie, Jiang Tong and I have been busy all day because of Xie Wenkais matter.

Were tired.

Do you have any other questions” He looked as if he completely believed what Jiang Tong said, and he seemed as though he was also affected by Jiang Tongs emotions, so he was also very angry.

It also seemed as though he felt what he did today for Xie Wenkai was not worth it, since he was even blamed for being kind.

This made Madam Xie feel that she might offend Zhou Jingyun.

Originally, Madam Xie was in the right.

Her son was suddenly kidnapped by Jiang Tong, so she naturally had to ask to find out what had happened.

She could only talk to Zhou Jingyun if she was in the right.

She could not be unreasonable with Zhou Jingyun.

If she was unreasonable, Zhou Jingyun could also be unreasonable with her.

The reason why Madam Xie was able to become a good wife was naturally that she had helped Xie Wenkais father, Xie Guofu, in his career.

She knew when to advance and when to retreat.

She knew who to offend and who not to offend under unnecessary circumstances!


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