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Chu Xuan allowed the few of them to get to know each other.

Ding Yue was full of fighting spirit and said, “Junior brother, come, lets spar!”


Xiao Liang readily agreed.

Chu Xuan let them enter the pocket dimension and trial mystic realm to temper themselves.

Only Su Xianer and Chu Yun stayed behind.

Chu Yun stayed for a while before returning to the Chu familys ancestral residence to give alchemy pointers to the Chu familys alchemy team, and cultivation pointers to some of the younger generation of the Chu family.

The current Chu family was practically Chu Yuns stomping ground.

As long as she made a decision, no one would dare to go against it.

Chu Tianming was grinning from ear to ear every day.

When he met some of his acquaintances from the Zhao, He, and Qin families, he was always boastful.

Xiao Liang and the other two entered the pocket dimension for the first time, and they were shocked.

Heavenly materials and earthly treasures were everywhere, and Heaven realm spirit beasts were not rare.

Further away, there was a ball of golden light, which felt extremely powerful.

Ding Yue pointed at the ball of golden light and said, “That is Senior Brother Buddha Nanwu.

He is special.

His cultivation level has already reached the Divine realm, though we do not know the level.”

Xiang Xing continued, “If we head north.

There is a dark valley.

That is the valley of the Ghost King.

The Ghost King of Fengdu is also in the Divine realm!”

Xiao Liang and the other two were stunned.

Masters servants were all in the Divine realm

Du Yuan was ashamed.

He felt even more grateful to Chu Xuan.

He was so lacking, yet Chu Xuan had been willing to take him in as a servant.

Among all the servants, he was the worst.

Were it not for the wordfate, honorable Senior would definitely not have taken him in.

He had to work hard to cultivate and strive to break through to the Divine realm as soon as possible.

“Who is the one who brought us here” Xiao Liang asked.

“He is a little more special.

He was created by Master.

We dont know the specifics of how it happened.

His name is Chu Yi.

He is at the ninth level of the Divine realm,” Wang Luo said emotionally.

“Created by Master”

Xiao Liang was shocked.

How powerful was Master He had actually created such a powerful existence!

“Youll know more in the future.

Come, lets go to the trial mystic realm and fight!”

Ding Yue pulled Xiao Liang into the trial mystic realm.

The two of them fought inside the trial mystic realm.

Spear and sword clashed against each other.

In the end, Ding Yue won by a hair.

He paid a heavy price and killed Xiao Liang.

After finding out that one would not truly die in the trial mystic realm, Xiao Liang went all out and fought Ding Yue again.

Both sides suffered heavy losses!

In the first battle, Xiao Liang had some reservations, so he lost.

In the following battles, Ding Yue and Xiao Liangs strength were about the same.

Both sides had wins and losses, and more often than not, both sides suffered heavy losses, resulting in a draw.

Thanks to the arrival of the major powers of the Northern Zone, the Southern Region had become turbulent.

The countless powers in the Southern Region either subordinated themselves to the major powers or perished.

Those who were unlucky enough to offend an expert from another region were wiped out.

Countless factions in the Southern Region were disbanded and disappeared.

Only the three sects and three empires remained standing.

The Great Qin Dynasty remained calm and was unaffected.

After all, the Great Qin Dynasty had the support of Nine Swords Mountain and another major power.

Among the many powers and factions in the Southern Region, the Chu family was in avery unique position.

Since they were situated within the Great Qin Dynasty, they were under the latters protection, and outside powers could not reach them.

The Great Qin Dynasty allowed the Chu family to develop without any restrictions.

In the blink of an eye, the twenty-year milestone was almost here.

Chu Xuan was full of anticipation.

What would be the reward for the twenty-year milestone

Another member had been added to the Great Dao Communication Group, who happened to be a Daoyuan realm expert.

It was another creature of the Great Dao.

It was Huang Long who had pulled it into the group.

Its name was Gui Ran, and it was a Great Dao black turtle.

While it was wandering the Great Dao, it met Huang Long and was thus pulled into the group.

As soon as he entered the group, he sent gifts to Chu Xuan.

The creatures of the Great Dao had been bored for a long time and rarely interacted with others.

As a result, they liked the chat group very much and chatted enthusiastically with everyone, even the Dao realm members.

They also were fond of sending gifts.

As a result, the Dao realm group members became more active.

The Dao aura the Origin Dao Crystal obtained also increased, but it would still be some time before it would undergo its next transformation.

It was worth mentioning that Ying Kong had finally broken through to the fourth level of the Dao realm.

For this reason, he had specially found some delicious food and sent it over to Huang Long to express his gratitude.

This matter caused the other Dao realm members to become more and more active.

From time to time, they would discuss the Dao, and the two active Daoyuan realm experts, Huang Long and Gui Ran, would give them some pointers.

Chu Xuan was still at the first level of the Dao realm.

His accumulation of his cultivation foundation had not reached the required level, and his Dao principles had yet to complete their transformation.

However, he was already close to the second level of the Dao realm.

If other Dao realm experts were to learn about his cultivation speed, their jaws would probably drop in shock.

They would be forced to rethink their worldview!

Which Dao realm warrior could advance a level in ten thousand years

To be able to advance one level in ten thousand years was extremely terrifying!.

In fact, the further one progressed on the path of cultivation, the longer it would take to advance one level.

More often than not, one would be stuck at a certain level for a long time.

Even if one had sufficient insights, accumulated a sturdy enough cultivation foundation, nurtured their Dao principles, and transformed their Dao principles, it would still take a long time, usually much longer than 10,000 years.

Unless one obtained a special true treasure.

However, how could such a true treasure be so easy to come by It was better for one to rely on oneself to cultivate diligently as opposed to hoping to strike the jackpot and obtain such a true treasure.

The elimination round of the quota competition had already come to an end.

The quota allocation round would begin in a month.

Chu Xuan could not be bothered to pay attention to it.

Right now, his main focus was on the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region.

He was waiting for an opportunity to use the Heavenly Dao talisman to replace a portion of the original laws of Heaven and Earth here.

Then, he would slowly erode the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region and replace them with his own laws of Heaven and Earth.

He would then completely control everything in the Southern Region.

At night.

Chu Xuan was cultivating and nurturing the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Heavenly Dao Talisman when, suddenly, the systems reward arrived.

“Your ghost granddaughter Youer has brought a hundred ghosts to pass the checkpoint.

She has shocked countless experts and alarmed the entire Northern Zone.

You have been rewarded with the Transformation Dao principle.”


Chu Xuan was stunned.

Youer had brought a hundred ghosts to pass the checkpoint and had alarmed the entire Northern Zone

What a pleasant surprise.

He did not dote on Youer for nothing.

She had actually brought him an unexpected reward.

He took out the Heaven-spying Mirror and took a look at the Eastern Regions checkpoint.

At this moment, the Eastern Regions checkpoint was in chaos.

The sound of ghostly wails could be heard from time to time, and a gloomy aura spread throughout the checkpoint.

Several third or fourth-level Emperor realm cultivators had been possessed by ghosts and had lost control of their bodies.

They were attacking and causing trouble everywhere.

The Heaven Realm cultivator guarding the Eastern Regions checkpoint was entangled with a black-clothed man.

The two sides were in a standoff and did not have the time or attention to spare to suppress the chaos.

As for the Supreme realm expert, his expression was very grave.

He chose to only protect himself and the disciples from his own sect, not daring to make a move beyond that.

A sinister and terrifying aura filled the air, and ghostly cries resounded everywhere.

Moreover, this whole situation made everyone worried and confused.

What exactly were ghosts, and why had they suddenly appeared in the Northern Zone

These things were too terrifying.

“Ling Zhen, hand over your life.

As I said before, I wont let you off even if I become a ghost!”

A shrill female voice screamed at someone.

On a certain mountain around the checkpoint, a young man had a terrified expression on his face.


Suddenly, a figure appeared.

A woman dressed in blood-red clothes appeared in front of him.

She exuded a ghastly and terrifying ghost aura.

The woman in red raised her hand, and on her slender jade-like fingers were long, cold nails.

An eerie ghostly aura filled the air as she struck the young mans chest!


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