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998 - The Encounter with the Rose Princess ①

After enjoying our time in the quiz event, I moved with everyone to a slightly more high-class area…… where rare items were on display.

The area kinda feels like a museum, where various items related to the God Realm were on display.



[This time, Shallow Vernal-sama has especially allowed us to exhibit a few items related to the Sanctuary, so the raffle that could grant you entry was quite the large scale.]



As Sky-san explained, this area is located in a building that resembles a temple, and the number of people who can enter is very limited, so prior registration for the raffle was needed.

I was told that there would be items used by the Gods in the past Festival of Heroes, plants that were rare even in the God Realm, and other items that could be called hidden treasures were on display, so this event was being talked about even before the festival.

In particular, this exhibition will feature several items related to the place Supreme Gods can’t enter without permission, the Sanctuary…… items which could be described as related to Shiro-san, which includes some flowers that can only be found in the God Realm like the Eternal Flower.



[However, recognizing how rare such items were, I realize how amazing it is that Master is invited to the Sanctuary with such frequency.]

[Master can even take us into the exhibition area without having to go through the raffle, as expected of Master…… desu.]



It was certainly as Eta and Theta said.

When I reconfirmed how big of an impact Shiro-san and Fate-san’s names had in the world, I realized how great the people around me are.

Kuro and Alice are also incredible big names in the world, and even though she was being overshadowed just because the people around her are too great, Lilia-san is also a former and currently a Duke, and is even capable of competing with Laguna for the title of being the strongest Human.



As we were chatting like this, I suddenly saw a familiar face out of the corner of my eye as we reached the exhibition area.

I seriously often meet people I know huh.

However, now that I met her, I guess I should say hello.



[Sky-san, excuse me.

I saw an acquaintance, so I’d like to say hello.]

[I understand.

Well then, we’ll be at the entrance.

There were some shops selling souvenirs and other such things there, so please take your time and don’t worry about us.

We’ll all enter when Miyama-san returns.]

[Thank you.

Well then, I’ll be right back.]



Sky-san, who quickly made sure that everyone else wouldn’t have to wait around and let me know that it would be okay if we took a while talking, really gave off an aura of competence.

Thanking her for her concern, I walked a little faster and approaching the acquaintance I had just found, I called out to her.



[Good afternoon, Camellia-san.

What a coincidence, meeting you here.]

[Kaito-san Good afternoon…… You surprised me.]

[I’m sorry for suddenly calling out to you.

I just happened to see you from a distance, so I thought I’d just say hello……]

[No, it’s not that…… I’m surprised that you noticed me in this crowded place.]

[It doesn’t seem to be that crowded though……]



When I approached Camellia-san, who I had seen by chance, she seemed to be surprised about something strange.

No, there certainly are lots of people here, but there aren’t that many people here because this is supposed to be the area where many events require prior registration.



[N- No, that’s not what I mean…… I look very plain, so it’s much more likely that people won’t notice me…….]

[U- Unnn No, we’re already acquainted after all, so I would be able to easily recognize you from a distance.]

[……Come to think of it, Kaito-san always notices me right away, even in Lillywood-sama’s castle huh.

Fufufu, it may sound a little strange, but this kinda makes me happy.]



Speaking of which, I think Lillywood-san once said that Camellia-san is very excellent, but her presence is so thin that it’s hard for others to notice her…… I honestly thought she was just joking back then.

I’ve never felt that Camellia-san’s presence was thin, so I guess this may have been the effect of my Sympathy Magic.



[By the way, Camellia-san, did you come to see the exhibition area]

[……Errr, I was invited to the festival by a friend, who wanted to see something in the exhibition area…… but embarrassing it may be to say this, but neither my friend nor I have done much research about this festival…… I made my friend wait in the distance while I checked it out, but I was told that I couldn’t enter because we needed prior registration to be granted entry, so I’m going back to meet up with my friend.]

[Ahh, is that so.]



I see…… So that’s how it is…… Hmmm, it’s not like we don’t know each other, and I’ve been under Camellia-san’s care when I visited Lillywood-san…… doing this might trouble Sky-san, but I’d like to help her if I could.



[……Camellia-san, if you want, would you like to come with our group Perhaps, if I ask them, I can manage to get you and your friend in……]

[Eh T- That would be quite grateful but…… wouldn’t we trouble you then]

[Camellia-san has always been taking care of me, so please don’t worry about it.]

[……Thank you.

My friend was really looking forward to this event…… My apologies, but please allow us to take upon your words.

I’ll be sure to repay this debt later.]


[Don’t worry about it so much.

For the time being, let’s go meet up with your friend, Camellia-san.]



Smiling as gently as I could at the thankful Camellia-san, we began walking towards her friend, who should be waiting a little further away.

However, Camellia-san’s friend huh…… I wonder what kind of person they are
















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