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1004 - White God Festival, Noon ①

Walking out of the exhibition area, our group parted ways with Camellia-san and Rosemary-san.

It seems that Rosemary-san originally wanted to attend the festival to see the flowers in the Sanctuary, and since her main goal was reached…… Well, Rosemary-san, who doesn’t like being in crowded places, something even outsiders could see, has no reason to stay at the White God Festival any longer.

Since Camellia-san was here only to accompany Rosemary-san, she was going to go back with Rosemary-san.

Thanking me several times, Rosemary-san left with a promise that she would come visit me at my home later.

She said she would bring me some ornamental flowers as thanks for the Eternal Flower, so I’m looking forward to her visit.



[……Now then, Sky-san.

Where are we going next]

[After moving around so much, everyone must be getting hungry, so how about a meal]

[Ahh, that sounds great.

I certainly am getting a little hungry.]



It was true that I had eaten at a few stalls on the lower-level, so I wasn’t that hungry, but it was currently lunchtime, so it was the right time for a meal.

Checking others’ opinions, they all seemed to have no objection to going out for lunch.

The location was also left up to Sky-san.

We’ve understood enough about Sky-san’s guiding abilities up to this point, so we can leave it to her without any worries.



[Sky-san! Is the lunch we’re going to have something unique to the God Realm]

[I would like to say yes, but many of the Gods don’t eat, so there is no such thing as a cuisine unique to the God Realm.

However, in the restaurant we’re going to, we’re going to eat meals that were made with ingredients from the God Realm.]

[Heehhh, I wonder what they will be like.

I’m looking forward to it.]

[Since the restaurants were opened under the leadership of the Supreme Gods, many of the Gods were trying to accommodate the food culture of the Humans and the Demons, so I think it would be alright…… but as I’m one of the aforementioned Gods who don’t eat, I’m a little nervous about whether they will suit your palate.]

[If Sky-san chose it, I’m sure it would be fine!]

[Fufufu, thank you very much.]



Hina-chan seemed to have grown quite attached to Sky-san in a very short time, and seeing her happily chatting with Sky-san brings a smile to my face.

I wonder if their personalities mesh well with each other When she’s talking with Sky-san, Hina-chan feels like a younger sister who is being spoiled by her kind older sister.



[I’m also looking forward to it, but I’m also a little nervous because there would sometimes be unusual cuisines like that pig trotter dish in the Six Kings Festival.]

[Ahh~~ I understand what Aoi-chan feels here.

Like in the 6th day of the Six Kings Festival, there was that restaurant that served these so-called “baby castella cuisines”, and all of them completely ended up being prank dishes……]

[Eh Kaito-san, you went to that restaurant We happened to catch sight of it, but it was just too much for us……]



As we walked, I exchanged conversation with the nearby Aoi-chan.

The pig trotters at the Six Kings Festival were certainly a surprise, but personally, the impact of that baby castella cuisine was so strong that I had forgotten about it.

That was just, honestly speaking…… brutal, and just as Aoi-chan said, a land mine visible in sight.

But unfortunately, the moment we came to that area, there was no way I could avoid that store.



[……I’m with Kuro at that time after all.]

[Ahh, I see…… Even so, I wonder where Kuromu-sama’s passion for baby castellas came from]

[I’d like to know that too.

Well, it seems that she just likes them……]



Seriously, Kuro is a dependable and patient person, and despite her young appearance, she had this reliable atmosphere around her.

She’s also very attentive and good at sensing others’ feelings.

But for some reason, when baby castellas are involved, her IQ suddenly drops drastically and she starts to do things that seem like pranks to others.



[Speaking of which, I’m changing the subject…… but how is it like, actually working as an adventurer]

[It’s fun.

Thanks to Hapti-san’s teaching when we’re just starting out, we’ve been able to fight without much trouble…… The Adventurer’s Guild itself is very well organized.

I feel like a lot of thought has been put into their system so that the adventurers can set up and fulfill the quests they received.]

[From the knowledge I got from games and manga, I had the impression that the Adventurer’s Guild would be filled with ruffians, but it was pretty clean and well-managed, wasn’t it]


They also had a guarantee system set up, where you can apply to learn about information you needed.]

[I see.

Even so, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourselves.

However, make sure you don’t push yourselves, okay]


If there’s another opportunity, let’s go on a quest together, Kaito-san.

Not for monster subjugation quests, just a search quest so that we could take a stroll somewhere.]

[That sounds great.

If there’s an opportunity, by all means.]



Just like that, I had a nice conversation with Aoi-chan about the quests they had received so far.
















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