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1010 - White God Festival, Noon ⑦

When Jutia-san saw Sieg-san’s eyes welling up with emotions, she brightly smiled and beckoned her towards her.



[Hey, hey, can you come over here]

[Eh Can I come closer]

[Unnn, unnn, tis great, tis great, tis distance is perfect! However, sorry, sorry, can you squat down a bit I’m too short and my hand couldn’t reach you.]

[Your hand Errr, yes.]



Tilting her head at Jutia-san’s words, Sieg-san obediently lowered her posture.

Thereupon, Jutia-san reached out and placed her hand on Sieg-san, and gently patting her head, she spoke.



[……It must’ve been difficult, It must’ve been difficult, being different from those around you must’ve been difficult.

However, you did your best, you did your best, you’re a strong child after all.]

[ ~ ~ ……Jutia-sama……]

[Good child, good child, you love nature very much.

That’s why, it must’ve been difficult.

That’s why, tis alright, tis alright, you are also loved by nature.

That is something I guarantee you.]



It’s something obvious, but being different from those around you is difficult.

Being in such an environment must have brought lots of things to Sieg-san’s mind.

She was born into an Elven Tribe that lives with nature, but she must have thought that she wasn’t loved by nature.



That’s why, the guarantee from Jutia-san, who is equal to a God for the Elves, must have made her inexplicably happy, as tears leaked out of Sieg-san’s eyes.

As I continued to watch the two of them like that, I suddenly saw Jutia-san’s hand emit a faint light that seemed to be absorbed into Sieg-san’s body.



[……Because of that, I think you who loved and are loved by nature definitely have a talent for Spirit Magic.

If you ever return to Rigforeshia, visit the Spirits’ Forest.

I’m sure the Spirits will answer your call.]

[……Yes, thank you very much.]



It’s just a guess, but I think that the light that I just saw Jutia-san give Sieg-san some kind of factor related to Spirit Magic.

I’m sure it’s a gift from the Great Spirit to Sieg-san, who has persevered for so long.








After watching the two of them for a while, we saw Sieg-san wipe away her tears, stand up with a smile, and thank Jutia-san, and thinking that their conversation had ended, we approached the two of them.

When I stood next to Sieg-san, she gently held my hand, and grasping her hand back, I talked to Seig-san.



[Jutia-san, thank you for everything.]

[Tis alright, tis alright, you don’t have to mind it.

I’m also very happy to meet a promising High Elf.]

[I’m glad to hear that…… By the way, did you come here to buy Glorious Tea, Jutia-san]

[That’s right, that’s right, I love drinking tea after all.

It’s not everyday I get the opportunity to buy them, so I came here for that.]



When I asked her what she was shopping for at the store, she told me that she liked tea, which was a big gain for me.

I’m really happy that she was able to help with Sieg-san’s worries, and as her lover, I wanted to do something to repay Jutia-san for that.

However, my thank you gift for that incident in the God Realm ended with just a handshake, but at that time, I didn’t know what I should give to make Jutia-san happy.



However, knowing the information that she liked tea, there was no way I wouldn’t make use of that.

It would be a good idea to go shopping with Sieg-san to look for something to give her.

Sieg-san also knows a lot about tea, so I think we can find something better together than if I go alone.

……Ahh, come to think of it…… Didn’t Nebula mention something about growing tea leaves behind our home Nebula seemed quite confident about them, so if they really were great, it might be a good idea to share them with Jutia-san.



[Oops, sorry, sorry, I’d love to talk more, but I have to go.

I’m relatively free today, so I’m going to visit the Spirits’ Forest today.]

[I understand.

Thank you for everything.]

[Jutia-sama, thank you very much.]

[Tis alright, tis alright, don’t worry about it.

Talking to you was a lot of fun!]



After thanking her together with Sieg-san, Jutia-san gave us a thumbs up with a dazzling smile and waving her hands goodbye, she left.

She was a bright and very kind person, with a dazzling smile.

And most of all, I really wasn’t mistaken with my first impression of her, she was a really nice person.
















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