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 1048 - Rose Princess' Visit ⑥

When I was chatting with Rosemary-san, it occurred to me.

Rosemary-san looks so beautiful when she drinks tea.

How should I say this…… She looks like the daughter of a prominent noble family, making me feel her elegance through her actions.



[……E- E- E- Errr…… I- I- Is something the matter Do I look strange]

[Ahh, no, I was just thinking that the sight of you drinking tea looked picturesque…… How should I say this…… It’s like you have this atmosphere around you as if you’re accustomed to drinking tea.]



She may look like a confident and noble young lady on the surface, when she speaks, she suddenly looks timid.

I suppose it’s probably because her voice is so much cuter than her appearance would suggest.



[I- I suppose.

Jutia and the others often give me tea, so I guess I drink them often.]

[I see, but more than that, I think it might be because Rosemary-san seems so stylish and graceful.]

[S- S- Stylish and graceful I- I don’t think…… t- t- that was the case though……]

[I think you’re fashionable though…… Speaking of which, I know it’s a little late to say this, but you’re wearing a dress different from the one you’re wearing at the White God Festival It looked kinda similar, but somehow a little different from before]

[Errr, it was the same kind of dress…… but I changed the color scheme of the decorative roses, s- s- so that maybe why it looks different]



I see, that’s why it kinda had a slightly different impression huh…… Indeed, now that she mentioned it, many of the roses in her dress may have a brighter hue than the ones I saw at the White God Festival.



[I see…… Speaking of which, I’m changing the subject, but Rosemary-san also likes art, right]

[U- Unnn.

I like art.

A lot of thoughts can be conveyed through art even though no words were spoken……]

[I’m not very familiar with art…… but do you have any tips on how to look at those artworks in places like the exhibition hall in the White God Festival]

[L- L- Let’s see…… Errr, a very simple way to enjoy artworks is to imagine what the artist was thinking when they created it.

I- If you can see that, it will be easier to understand what kind of thoughts they put into it.]



Perhaps, it was because I’ve had a painful experience with art in the past that I’ve always tended to shy away from it, but thanks to Rosemary-san’s commentary, I was able to enjoy viewing them at the last White God Festival.

The Northern Area of Symphonia’s royal capital is said to be quite famous for its art in the world, so I feel like I want to be able to understand some of it.



[H- However, I think the most important thing is how you receive their thoughts after you’ve thought about it.]

[What do you mean]

[In the end, you can imagine all sorts of things, but I think the only person who can truly understand the feelings the creator put into their artwork would be the creator themself.

Depending on who looks at it, it may be received in a completely different way than the creator intended…… However, I think that the charm of art is that each person can receive it in different ways.

Think about the thoughts of the creator and receive them in your own way.

That’s my favorite way of enjoying them.]

[I see…… I’ve learned a lot.]



Indeed, the painful experience…… that failed artwork I made at the Six Kings Festival was also a work in which the creator’s intentions were different from the way the viewers received it.

But as it turned out, that difference in interpretation had a positive effect on the Gun Rock Dragons…… In the end, as Rosemary-san said, I guess what matters was how the viewers received it.



[……Even so, you were very eloquent when we were talking about art.

I guess it’s really because you’re talking about things you like huh]

[A- Ahh, I- I- I’m sorry, I spoke too vigorously……]

[No, I really learned a lot, and Rosemary-san was really cool when you talked about art.]

[Awawawa, i- i- if you praise me that much…… I’ll feel embarrassed.]

[Ahaha, you look more cute than cool now though.]

[G- Geez…… Kaito-kun, you tease.]



Somehow, much less compared to the time I met her at the White God Festival, I felt like I was getting to know Rosemary-san better than when she first visited today.



[I’m sorry.

Returning back to the topic, I heard that the art in the Northern Area of Symphonia’s royal capital is quite famous……]

[U- Unnn.

There’s the Royal Art Museum there after all.

It’s pretty big and has a lot of different items, but Symphonia Kingdom does have a lot of sculptures.

Meanwhile, the Archlesia Empire has a lot of paintings, and Hydra Kingdom isn’t confined to a genre…… How should I say this…… They do have many avant-garden artworks.]

[Heehhh…… Well, since I’m living in Symphonia’s royal capital, I was thinking I’d like to visit such places too.]

[I- I think that’s a great idea.

You’d be able to see various artworks and expand your horizons…… I- I- I- If you’d like, would you like me to show you around]

[That sounds great as there’s still a lot of things I want to figure out, and I’d appreciate it if you would but…… Errr, would it be alright, Rosemary-san]

[……I- If there aren’t many people over there…… maybe…… sure……]



If I’m really going to go there with her, I need to check out the days when it’s less crowded and time it well in advance……
















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