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After finishing the meal Fate-san had prepared for us, we were thinking about what we were going to do next when Fate-san made a suggestion.



[Let’s take a nap!]

[……Well, you certainly would feel like having a nap after lunch.]

[They have a terrace over there, so let’s sleep there.]

[That sounds great.

If we use the beach chairs, we can sleep on the terrace without any problem.]



I was momentarily taken aback by her suggestion of taking a nap, but the theme of our trip was to relax.

It wasn’t like we had to do anything after lunch, so it really would be nice to take a leisurely nap.

In fact, it was a beautiful day and the breeze was just right, so a nap was quite appealing.



[No, since we’re at it, let’s lay down in a hammock.

I’ve never laid down in a hammock before, so I’d like to try it.]

[A hammock huh…… I’ve certainly never experienced one before, so I’m interested…… b- but well, we don’t have a hammock, do we]



Fate-san requested for a hammock.

Napping in a hammock while being gently swayed by the wind certainly sounds like an attractive situation…… but I didn’t buy a hammock, nor is it provided in the cottage.

I mean, I’ve never bought a hammock before, but as far as I can tell, I don’t think there are any places where we can mount a hammock……



[Don’t worry, leave it to me! For the time being, let’s go to the terrace.]


[A- Alright.]



It doesn’t seem like it’s possible for us to nap in a hammock, but Fate-san seems to have some idea in mind, so we move to the terrace together.

Then, when I looked towards Fate-san to see what she was going to do, I saw a golden pattern framing Fate-san’s eyes, where a golden cross formed in the center of her pupils, and immediately afterward, several thick pillars and a hammock that was already in place appeared on the terrace.



[Eh Ehhhh]

[Fufufu, even though I’m still not as good as Shallow Vernal-sama, I’m now capable of Creation.

If it’s just a hammock, I can easily create it!]

[I- I see……]



I did hear that Fate-san’s authority has evolved and that she has risen to a higher stage as a God, but I’m a little surprised personally seeing how she’s improved.

I’m not sure when her eyes returned to normal, but the magic power Fate-san was clad in just now resembles Shiro-san’s and Eden-san’s, though her magic power feels like it’s on a different level from them.

It’s amazing.

What she did felt amazing…… but in the first place, from my point of view, the Six Kings and the Supreme Gods all seemed to be omnipotent, so her improvement wasn’t much of a surprise for me.



[……O- Ohhh, this thing shakes a lot before you get on it, doesn’t it It’s a little difficult to get on it……]



While I was nervous about my first experience with a hammock, I managed to keep my balance as I got on and laid down…… This sure feels pretty great.

It’s a little uncomfortable until you get used to it, but once you do, it’s quite comfortable, feeling as if you’re floating in the air.

I think it really would be nice to take a nap here.



[Ohh~~ This is nice.

This feels pretty comfortable.]

[Yeah, it’s more comfortable than I expected.

If hammocks were like this, I’m sure I’ll fall asleep soon.]

[Unnn, unnn.

Alright, now that we’re satisfied with actually trying it out, let’s move.]

[Unnn Move]



I’m a little worried that I might fall off when I turn over in my sleep, but well, it doesn’t seem like I’d fall off as I had imagined, so I’ll probably be fine.

As I was thinking about this, Fate-san suddenly said something strange.

Move We’re already on the terrace though, so is she planning on napping somewhere else




As I was thinking of that, I immediately felt the soft touch of…… Eh



[Wait! F- Fate-san! What are you doing]

[Eh Was I heavy]

[N- No, you’re so light that I didn’t immediately notice……]

[It should be alright then~~]

[No, no, no!]



Yes, as if to cover my body who’s laid down in the hammock, Fate-san got on top of my body.

The move she’s talking about earlier meant this!

I can see Fate-san’s ample breasts on top of my chest.

So this is that soft touch I felt earlier huh…… This was completely beyond my expectation.

Rather, Fate-san’s face is incredibly close.

In addition, the shape of the hammock makes it difficult to twist and turn, so there’s no way for me to escape.



[Fuaahhh, Kai-chan’s so warm.

Well then, good night~~]




As I was feeling puzzled, Fate-san told me in such a lax tone and closed her eyes as she brought her face against my neck.

A few moments later, I could faintly hear the sound of her breathing.

Not only did she just sleep like this, she fell asleep very fast.

Even though my drowsiness was completely blown away, Fate-san just slept there with a peaceful expression on her face.



H- Hmmm.

I don’t know if I should be happy that Fate-san thinks of me as someone she can feel relieved around with, or if I should lament the fact that I’m going to have to sit still for a while in this incredibly close position, with her breathing down my neck……



[Unyuuu…… Kai-chan…… Munyaaa……]




When Fate-san moves her small face, I feel the slightest touch of her lips on my neck, making my heart skip a beat.

Geez, this won’t do.

I’m completely awake…… with a situation like this, I’ll never be able to sleep.















Serious-senpai : [Guaaaaahhhhhh!]

Doctor M : [Ahh, Serious-senpai is suffering! I need to provide mental care……]

Serious-senpai : [NOOOOOOOOOOO!!]

Doctor M : [Arehh It seems like she’s making an even more mournful cry Must be just my imagination huh.

Now then, let’s provide mental care…… For the time being, let’s have her hear my impressions about the history of my child’s birth to the current year.

I’m sure that if she listens to my child’s story, her mental health will be restored soon!]

Serious-senpai : [S- Sav———–!]


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