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I took a nap with Fate-san…… or so it should have been, but I couldn’t sleep after all, with my drowsiness blown away, though well, I guess this is also fine.

In any case, after Fate-san woke up, we played indoor games together.



[……Alright, Fate-san, how about this]

[Not bad.

However, that’s quite naitve of you, Kai-chan! It’s true that you’ve got a huge amount of luck thanks to Shallow Vernal-sama’s blessing.

But you’re fighting against me, the God of Fate! I won’t fall behind when it comes to games of chance!]

[H- How could this be…… F- For you to make another reversal here, you’re strong.]



I’m currently playing “video games” with Fate-san.

We’re currently using that black box that allows me to play any game in my world, which was a birthday gift given to me by Shiro-san.

Incidentally, even though I can play any game, that didn’t make the games free, as I would still need to pay for the established price of the game before I could play them…… Where did the money I put in go Perhaps, through some mysterious power, were they being paid towards the game creators



Well, putting that aside, I was using the box to play the latest party game.

Some kind of monitor appears in the air, with the screen displayed on it, and its image quality is pretty good.

We’re currently playing a game that’s like snakes-and-ladders, with gameplay that’s easy to understand, so Fate-san, who had never played a video game before, soon got used to it and was able to play.

It’s also a very interesting game.

It was a close race between us, with both sides trying to overtake the other, and now, it was almost the end of the race, but both teams had the chance to win.



[Even so, the entertainment in Kai-chan’s world is very advanced huh.

This is on a different level from the snakes-and-ladders here in Trinia.]

[No, I think that the Hero snakes-and-ladders are more amazing though…… Well, in terms of variety, I’d say that video games excels in it.]



In this world, there are extremely interesting games that make use of magic, such as the Hero snakes-and-ladders.

Table games, tabletop RPGs, and other such games seem to be more advanced in this world.

However, the variety of video games is just overwhelming.

There are so many kinds of games that we really can’t play them all, and it’s great that there would be games that would suit everyone.



With the difference between our physical specs, Fate-san and I wouldn’t be able to fight against each other in some games, like fighting games that require reflexes.

Playing games like that, I can only imagine a future in which Fate-san considers the difference between frames would be so slow for her, and no matter what I do, she will end up responding with her super reaction time.

However, in party games like this where we just roll the dice alternately, the difference in physical ability is irrelevant, and we can have a heated competition like this.



[……Arehh I should already have reached the goal, so why]

[Fufufu, what a shame, Fate-san.

It seems that you didn’t notice it, but there’s an Obstruction Item that a player can use when someone’s close to the goal.]

[Eeeeehhh! Then, I can’t reach the goal]

[Not this turn, you can’t.

You can reach the goal after my turn though.]

[No, no, when your turn comes, Kai-chan will reach the goal though…… that means]

[Unfortunately, the difference in information power seems to have settled our match.]

[Isn’t that cheating! Kai-chan, you’re hiding that item from me!]

[No, I’m new to this game too…… but I got this item in the middle of our match ,and saved it until the time is right after reading the description.]

[Gununu, that’s frustrating……]



It was a close match, but I was able to finish first and win against the frustrated Fate-san.

Well, that was really close.

If I really hadn’t gotten that item in the middle of the game, I might have lost.



[Kai-chan! One more time! Another match!]

[I’m fine with that, but how about we take a break first We’ve been playing for quite a while, so let’s have our rematch later.]

[Mnhh~~ Well, it can’t be helped.]



We had been playing for about 2 hours and I felt a little tired, so I suggested we take a break, to which Fate-san immediately agreed.

Fate-san didn’t seem to be tired at all, so I suppose this might be a difference between our basic physical abilities.



Anyway, it was decided that we would take a break, so we took out some tea and snacks from my magic box.

We fished while eating sweets, had lunch, took a nap, played games and were having a mid-afternoon snack…… It looks like we’re sticking well to the theme of today’s trip.



[Speaking of which, Kai-chan, what are we going to have for dinner]

[Ahh~~ that’s right.

Fate made lunch, so I’ll make dinner.

I can’t make anything that elaborate though.]

[Ohh~~ I’m looking forward to your cooking, Kai-chan.

I’m really looking forward to it.]

[No, I’d like it if you set the bar low……]



After taking a break for a snack, I played a second match with Fate-san, and we would have dinner after that…… What should we do after that

I’ve heard that the stars are beautiful, so it would be nice to look at the stars after the sun sets.

It might be a good idea to prepare something hot to drink and watch the stars on the terrace.



[……The bath was quite spacious huh…… There’s plenty of room for the two of us……]



As I was lost in my thoughts, wondering what to do after dinner, I missed the words Fate-san softly muttered.
















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