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After paying, we walked out of the store and just as we were instructed, we opened the 6th envelope.



『Choose and buy clothes for each other! During this date, each of you must wear the clothes you have chosen!


※Open Envelope 7 after you finished buying your clothes and left the store.』



After dinner, we’ll go shopping, or as it’s written here, I’ll pick out Dr.

Vier’s clothes, and she’ll pick out mine.

And then, wearing the clothes bought for us, I guess we’ll go to our next objective

The envelope also contained a map of the clothing stores in the Northern Area.

There were several stores on the map, and it didn’t seem like it matters where we bought them.



[Anyhow, Dr.

Vier, which store should we go to]

[But before that, Miyama-kun, I’d like you to look at this card…… It’s a pattern I see for the first time.]

[Eh ……Ahh, indeed.]



When I was told, I looked at the message card that Dr.

Vier was holding in her hand…… Basically, the content was the same as mine, but the last part, the specification for the next envelope, was different.



『※Envelope 7 must be opened at the time written on Kaito’s Envelope 7.』



This was indeed a strange way of writing it.

The fact that it was written like this meant that Dr.

Vier’s timing for opening her Envelope 7 could be different from mine.

I see, patterns like this existing means there should be a possibility that the order of our envelopes may shift in the future…… I feel like things are getting a little complicated.



[……How should I say this…… Tre-san really thought this through huh The fact that she wrote the timing…….]

[Sister Tre had always been smart…… She just doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions.]

[I see…… Well, for the time being, how about we go]


I’m looking forward to it.

I wonder what kind of clothes Miyama-kun will choose for me~~]

[P- Please don’t get your hopes too high.]



To be honest, even I’m completely clueless by my own taste in clothes.

Especially if I would have to choose clothing for the opposite gender…….

I- It would be great if I can manage to pick out some nice clothes for her.








The shop Dr.

Vier and I went to, if I had to describe it, was a shop selling casual clothes.

It’s not a super high-end store, but their brand is still relatively popular.

Entering that shop, we started to choose clothes.

I’m supposed to be choosing clothes for Dr.

Vier, but I wonder which one I should pick……



First of all, although it’s my arbitrary imagination, I think a long skirt would definitely look good on her.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m used to seeing her in a nun’s outfit, but I don’t think revealing clothing would fit her image.

I think one with a calm color would be good, but since Dr.

Vier’s hair color in itself has a darker shade, would something with brighter colors be better for her

A long dark brown skirt with a slight orange tinge…… For her upper clothing, I think a white-colored one would look good on her.

I don’t know what this black knitted shirt is actually called, but I’m matching this up with a white fuzzy-looking jacket.



After I finished picking out my clothes, I met up with Dr.

Vier and we decided to try on the clothes we had chosen for each other.





Vier picked out a pair of dark blue jeans, a black shirt…… a hoodie with a white base, and a splash of orange and pink.

Rather than this being an interesting choice, I don’t think I would have chosen this if I had chosen my clothes myself.

I used to wear only white shirts, so feeling rather refreshing, I changed my clothes and looked in the mirror…… It looked pretty good, and I could tell that Dr.

Vier had good taste.



A little while later, Dr.

Vier seemed to have finished changing as well, and we decided to show each other our clothes.



[What do you think]

[It looks good on you.

How should I say this…….

You looked fantastic, like a calm and mature lady.]

[Fufu, thank you.

You look cool too, Miyama-kun.

White looks great on you.]

[Thank you…… However, we somehow both ended up wearing a white outer garment huh.]


Moreover, the colors look great together.

I have no complaints, but what about you, Miyama-kun]

[Yes, I like my clothing too, so I don’t have any problem.]



We ended up unintentionally going for a pair look…… but it’s refreshing to wear clothes that look different from what I usually wear.

Moreover, it may sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but I think Dr.

Vier’s clothes look great on her.

She kinda feels like a neat and tidy lady, which fits the image of Dr.

Vier, and I realized once again how Dr.

Vier is an incredibly beautiful woman.



After telling the shopkeeper that we will both buy our clothes and wear them as they are, we put the clothes we were wearing earlier away in our respective magic boxes.

Walking out of the store with our new clothes, I opened the 7th envelope.



『Acting as the escort, Kaito would lead Vier to a date spot!


※Vier is to open Envelope 7 when you reach your destination.

Kaito is to follow Vier’s instructions written in her Envelope 7 to open Envelope 8.』



……Somehow, this is the most complicated instruction we’ve received…… Eh There’s also a pattern where she entrusts the decision to me!
















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