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As I crouched down to give Olivia-san a piggyback ride, Olivia-san muttered in a trembling voice.



[Miyama Kaito-sama, this is a really serious matter…… This is an extremely discourteous act.

With the era we are in, I would be executed for committing such disrespect.]

[No, no matter what era we are in, executions won’t happen when I’m the one who offered to carry you on my back.]



At any rate, I can see that Olivia-san is extremely horrified, but well, I’ll have her give up on this matter.

Now then, the one problem here is that I have to carry Olivia-san on my back to the location of the stone monument.

Olivia-san may look like, but it still takes a certain amount of physical ability for someone to carry a person on their back.

If it’s on flat terrain, it wouldn’t have been a problem, but walking through a gentle slope with a person behind your back will be very difficult.



……is what I would normally think, but such a thought hasn’t skipped my mind.

In fact, during the break we had earlier, what I was drinking wasn’t a sports drink just like what I gave to Olivia-san.

What I was drinking was a Fruit of the World Tree given to me by Nebula and made into a drink by Alice.

The Fruit of Nebula’s World Tree has the effect of increasing physical and magical abilities by 1.5 times for about an hour.



This means that my physical abilities are 1.5 times stronger than normal…… not.

It should be noted here that my magical abilities have also increased by 1.5 times.

By strengthening the amount of magic power I have, the effect of Body Strengthening Magic is also increased.



With the combination of the physical enhancement due to the enhanced magic power and the increased physical abilities due to the effect of the fruit…… my physical ability has increased to “three times” what it normally is.

Fufufu, my power is frightening.

I’ve never played with a punching machine before, so I don’t really know my punching power, but if my normal punching power is 100kh, my current punching power would be 300kg…… It’s truly a killer punch.



It isn’t only my attacking strength that has become more powerful, as my speed and power are orders of magnitude different than normal.

I can even say now that I’m at a level where I could participate in battle mangas.

……Well, incidentally, Hina-chan is good at Body Strengthening, as her Body Strengthening Magic has an enhancement rate of tens to hundreds of times higher than normal.

Hina-chan, she’s already crossed the speed of sound…… Isn’t she on a pretty strong level even compared to those in battle mangas

As a side note, Aoi-chan, who isn’t good at Body Strengthening Magic, has an enhancement rate of around 10 times…… Unnn, battles really ain’t my cup of tea.

If anything, even Aoi-chan would be able to unleash a powerful one punch.



Well, putting battles aside, I’m now fully capable of carrying Olivia-san on my back and reaching the monument.



[……Rather, umm, Olivia-san I’d like it if I don’t keep on crouching like this here, so please ride on my back already.]

[……Y- Yes.




When I called out to her, as if she had made up her mind, Olivia mumbled and began climbing on my shoulder.

I felt my heart beating faster at the softly wafting pleasant scent and the soft warmth of her touch, but I concentrated on firmly supporting Olivia-san’s body, and stood up with my hands on the back of her knees…… Wait, she’s so light!

I think my physical capabilities may have increased a little too much…… I feel like I could have done this just fine with normal Body Strengthening Magic.



[M- Miyama Kaito-sama, a- are you alright Aren’t I heavy Even though I’m not largely-built, the burden of carrying a person is just……]

[You’re surprisingly light.

It’s not a problem at all.]

[I see, Miyama Kaito-sama has a strong body huh.]

[A- Ahaha……]



Strong Among the people I know, the only person with weaker physical strength than me is Tre-san, so I think I’m rather weak……

Wryly smiling at Olivia-san’s words, I started walking a little cautiously at first to gauge my sense of balance, then picked up the pace a little as I get used to it.


Thanks to the increase in my physical ability, I have quite a bit of leeway.

It looks like I can have a conversation with her and enjoy the scenery without any problem.



[I admire your steady gait, which gives me a sense of how wonderful your torso is, and your back, brimming with strength.]

[U- Unnn]

[The way you handle a task as difficult as this with such ease, I could only say that it’s to be expected from Miyama Kaito-sama.]


[Your eyes staring firmly ahead seemed to see through it all, possessing a strong glow of wisdom.

As I had expected, even without saying anything, your noble self is brimming with greatness that can’t be concealed……]



The heck is with all that crazy compliments With the way she’s saying it, I feel like she’d start praising me just for breathing.

And if anything, she has become most talkative while like that.

I could somehow guess the cause with my Sympathy Magic though.



[……Olivia-san, let’s calm down for the time being, okay I understand that you’re feeling a little overwhelmed so…….]


[Uuuuu, y- yes.]



Unnn, I don’t know if it’s to be expected or not, but it seems that she was so apologetic of being carried on my back that she’s at her wits end and started singing praises.

……I see, Olivia-san sings praises when she’s nervous huh…… I’ll keep that in mind.



[For the time being, it’s dangerous, so please hold on a little tighter.]

[E- Errr, how do I……]

[Like putting your hands around the front of my neck.]

[With the world we are in, wouldn’t I be burned at a stake for committing such disrespect]

[Such a world doesn’t exist, so don’t worry.]



Well, for the time being, I guess I’ll have to deal with Olivia-san’s dreadful state before I can chat with her or enjoy the scenery.
















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