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Hearing the dull thud, I hurriedly got up to check on Kaori-san and found her crouched behind the counter, holding her face.



[A- Are you alright]

[……I hit my nose, it hurts.

I’m glad my face didn’t hit the chopping board.

That’s totally not hygienic at all……]



To be concerned about the hygiene in the case of her face smashing into a chopping board while she’s in pain, should I say that it’s to be expected from the owner of a Set-meal Restaurant

Kaori-san continued to hold her face for a little while, but the pain soon subsided and she stood up.

Her nose was a little red, and there was some sort of water film on it.



[……Arehh Kaori-san, what’s that water film on your nose]

[I’m applying something like a cold compress on it.

I’m good at Water Magic and can do quite a few things with it.]

[I see.]

[Well, putting that aside…… God of Creation-sama’s Blessing! Eeeehhhh, no, no, even if it’s Founder-sama that says that, that’s just unbelievable! I mean, you don’t usually get to meet the God of Creation-sama, you know!]



Well, that’s certainly true, or rather, Kaori-san’s reaction is quite reasonable.

The number of people who can meet Shiro-san, this world’s Creator God, is really limited.

Even most of the Six Kings and Human Realm’s rulers weren’t able to meet her.

Other than the Supreme Gods, the only people who can really meet her would be Kuro and Eden, right



[It was certainly as the Shopkeeper said, it’s almost impossible for even people who hold great authority to meet Shallow Vernal-sama.

As for direct conversation with her, it’s almost impossible even for Gods, with the exception of Supreme Gods.

[I- Isn’t it]


[……Ahh, right, it’s not like you’re going to explain things here or anything like that huh.]



It seems that Kaori-san wanted an explanation, but it doesn’t seem like she can strongly say such a thing to Olivia-san, so she ended up looking at me, as if to ask me for help.

Well, I knew I would have to eventually explain this…… but it’s still pretty difficult to actually do it.



[Errr, explaining it in detail would take too long, so to put it bluntly, I was able to meet her through Kuro…… the Underworld King, Kuromueina’s introduction.]

[Kuromueina-sama’s introduction Did Kuromueina-sama have some kind of connection to God of Creation-sama It seemed like she was practically the representative of the Demon Realm, so I suppose it would be through that I see, so it’s like you got to know Kuromueina-sama over a long period of time and she introduced you to God of Creation-sama]

[……No, I received her blessing “on my fifth day in this world”.]

[……This is just incomprehensible.]



Kaori-san had a distant look on her face upon hearing my words, but since what I said is a fact, it can’t be helped…… I mean, even though I’m the one actually saying this, I can see that it’s just too impossible in this world.



[M- My common sense doesn’t apply to you at all…… Kaito-kun, what a frightening child you are…… However, I did hear that you are close to the Six Kings, but you must be especially close with Kuromueina-sama for her to introduce you to God of Creation-sama.]

[Underworld King Kuromueina is one of Miyama Kaito-sama’s lovers.]

[……Arehh Am I actually sleeping right now Is this just a dream This is that lucid dream thing, right…… That’s right! I probably passed out when I hit my head earlier! Ahaha, just to be sure, let’s pinch our che——- It hurts…… My cheeks, my head and my stomach hurts……]



Kaori-san has a confused look on her face.

As expected, it seems like the sudden surge of information would make her head hurt.

There are many other things that need to be explained, but she probably will not be able to accept additional information in this state.



[……Rather, one of his lovers…… means he still has some other amazing partners……]

[The others would be———-]

[Wait a moment, Olivia-san.

Let’s not talk about that for the moment.]

[————As Miyama Kaito-sama wishes.]



I stopped Olivia-san, who was about to launch an unknowing pursuit towards Kaori-san, who seemed to be already at her limits.

No, I’m sure Olivia-san herself has no bad intentions at all but……



[I’m sure Kaori-san has a lot of things you’re curious about, and of course, I’m going to explain them to you…… but it’s going to be quite long, so why don’t we take our time going through them in order]

[T- That certainly would really be great…… To be honest, I’m still having a hard time processing things.]

[If Kaori-san thinks you’re mentally prepared, you can tell me about it.

Incidentally, I have other lovers and there were amazing people among them, so please hold strong.]

[……Hearing that makes me feel nothing but fear.

Even up to this point, all the information I’ve heard has been so tremendous that it’s overturned my common sense, so hearing that there’s more is just……]



Having experienced this situation with Lilia-san, I know that if I don’t explain things, it will be troublesome later.

However, if I were to be asked if these information is just something I can tell someone all at once…… I think that would be impossible.

Well, I was planning to come to Kaori-san’s restaurant often in the future, so I guess it would be fine if I gradually explain things to her.
















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