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For a while, we talked about the Harmonic Symphony, but after some discussion, we moved on to the invitation I had received.



[This is just something I’ve heard of, but there’s apparently a tea party held after the Harmonic Symphony for the purpose of deepening friendship among the executives who usually don’t get together at the Harmonic Symphony, that it’s held only for the subordinates of the World King and those who are specially invited.]

[……It actually does exist.

I heard that the Elder is invited to represent the elves every time.]

[Ahh~~ Fors-san does have deep connections with Lillywood-san’s camp.]



Sieg-san’s words, added to Lilia-san’s explanation, made a lot of sense.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Fors-san had been invited.



[Yes, but it seems that the Elder only participates when there are other elves from Rigforeshia that are invited, otherwise she wouldn’t participate.]

[Are there some kind of circumstances related to this]

[No, it’s probably because…… she couldn’t get to the venue by herself……]




Come to think of it, she was directionally challenged to the point of getting lost for a few days just to get to the Teleportation Gate near Rigforeshia.



[I heard that Mom had participated in one of these once before I was born.]

[Fia-san did]


[Yes, she said that she and Regina-san were invited as excellent spirit mages.]


[Errr, she’s currently the Head Spirit Mage of the Elves and she was the runner-up at the Harvest Festival that Kaito-san won.]




I remember now.

At the night of the Sacred Tree Festival, for some reason, there was that one Elf who suddenly asked me if she could be my apprentice or something like that.

I see, that person was the Head Spirit Mage huh……



[I’ve heard from Mom that it wasn’t like the tea parties hosted by the nobility, but more like a friendly get-together where each person brought tea and sweets to share with the others.

Of course, the scale was quite large, but it didn’t seem to be very formal.]

[I see.

That would be great for me.]



As I listened to Sieg-san’s story, I looked over the letter from Lillywood-san and found that indeed, it stated that we’re free to bring in tea and sweets as we please.

If I could bring in tea, I guess I would bring tea made from Nebula’s tea leaves.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to brew a 100pt pot of tea, so I suppose I’ll just bring a pot of tea made by Illness-san in advance and put it in the magic box.



Come to think of it, I heard that Jutia-san is also quite a tea lover, and there’s a possibility that she would want the tea leaves like Ein-san.

I was also thinking of thanking Jutia-san, including that matter with Sieg-san, so I guess I’ll ask Nebula if she could prepare a can of tea for me to give Jutia-san if she wanted some.


As I was thinking about this, Luna-san suddenly clapped her hands lightly, as if something came up in her mind.



[Since Kusunoki-sama and Yuzuki-sama seem to be interested, and since Milady has some spare time in her schedule around that time, since an opportunity arose, how about we all go to the Harmonic Symphony together]

[Ahh, that’s great! That sounds like it will be fun!]

[Me and Hina-chan have never even been to Yggdresis, so I’m looking forward to it.]



Hearing Luna-san’s suggestion, Hina-chan and Aoi-chan responded enthusiastically.

Indeed, I think that’s a good idea.

I was also interested in the Harmonic Symphony, and it would be fun if we could all participate.


[I certainly would like to participate in it at least once…… so this might be a good opportunity.]



Lilia-san’s announcement made the decision to participate in the Harmonic Symphony almost a done deal.

The tea party will be held after the Harmonic Symphony, so it’s safe to say that the dates in my schedule will not conflict with each other.



[As an Elf, I too have a great admiration for the Seven Princesses…… so if there’s an opportunity, I would be happy to talk with them.]

[I understand how you feel, Sieg, but I don’t think it’s possible to talk to the busy Seven Princesses, and even if you could meet with them…… Ahh, no, I guess that wouldn’t be the case.

I feel like that would certainly be possible.]



As was the case with Jutia-san, it seemed like Sieg-san greatly admires the Seven Princesses, and she seems to be happy about the possibility of meeting the members of the Seven Princesses she hadn’t met yet.

Lilia-san tried to softly admonish her about it, but after glancing at me mid-sentence, she withdrew her previous statement with a somewhat astounded look on her face…… I don’t understand.



Well, I’d like to fulfill my lover Sieg-san’s wish, so I’ll confirm if it’s alright…… Rather, that completely slipped my mind.

All of the Seven Princesses were registered in my hummingbird, so if I wanted to, I could just contact them, right


……Unnn, it was just as Lilia-san said.

Even if they were too busy with the Harmonic Symphony, she would be able to meet them if I wanted to.




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