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1126 - The Day Before the Harmonic Symphony

Southern Demon Realm, the sea facing the mountainous region.

The surface of the sea shook greatly, and a huge water dragon…… Eingana emerged from the sea.

Nidzveld, who happened to be standing on a nearby rock and was meditating with her arms crossed, noticed her arrival and looked at her direction.

Eingana also noticed her presence and spoke to her in a voice that seemed to resound around them.



“What a coincidence, Nidzveld…… Are you training as usual”

(I have free time on my hands, so I was meditating and training my magic power.

It’s unusual on your part to come completely out of the water though…… Ahh, that’s right, it’s that time of the year already.)

“Yes, tomorrow is the Harmonic Symphony after all.”

(You were a music lover, weren’t you Unfortunately, I don’t know much about music, good or bad……)



Eingana loves music and often attends concerts for classical music.

The Harmonic Symphony is an event she looks forward to once every three years, and she adjusts her schedule to attend every time.



“Why do you come attend too, Nidzveld”

(……Mhmm, I guess putting that aside without knowing about it could also be a problem…… There is room in my schedule.

I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea to join too huh.)

“It’s decided then.

That being that case, let’s go together.

If you don’t understand something, I will explain it to you.”

(I suppose, I’m counting on you then.)



Nidzveld, a bundle of desires to improve herself, decided to accept Eingana’s invitation and join the Harmonic Symphony, thinking it would be an opportunity to overcome her lack of understanding of the good and bad aspects of music.



“Well then, shall we discuss our plans for tomorrow”

(No, wait for a moment.

I’ll do the training I had planned for tomorrow today.)

“……I- I see.”








Even in Kuromueina’s castle in the Demon Realm, some were looking forward to tomorrow’s Harmonic Symphony.



[I’m so excited! Tomorrow is finally the Harmonic Symphony!]

[Don’t get too excited.

However, I certainly am looking forward to it.]



Seeing Razelia expressing her joy as she jumps around with her small body, looking forward to the Harmonic Symphony, Funf happily smiled.

Razelia always attends every time the Harmonic Symphony is held, partly because she’s good friends with Tirtania, and because she herself is a Fairy and likes singing and music.



[Hmmm, since we’re at it, I guess I’ll go too.]

[Big Sister Funf is coming too Then, let’s go together with Raz!]

[Fufu, I suppose so.

Let’s go together then.]

[Yes! Yaaaay, going together with Big Sister Funf! I’m looking for it more and more~~]



Hearing Funf also had free time in her schedule and would participate in the Harmonic Symphony since there’s an opportunity, Razelia was more than happy as she flew around the room.

As Funf watched her with a smile, she suddenly thought of something and “sent a hummingbird to someone”.








Northern Demon Realm, the residence of Isis in the Land of Death, the Death King’s three subordinates were conversing over a cup of tea.



[……Harmonic Symphony Fumu, I’ve heard rumors about it but never participated.]

[Same here.

Well, the Harmonic Symphony doesn’t particularly concern us,  but the tea party that follows that does.]



Sirius, who has been training for a long time, doesn’t know much about the Harmonic Symphony.

Seeing Sirius tilting her head, Polaris put her white pointed hat back on with a wry smile on her face.



[Isis-sama has been invited to the tea party hosted by Lillywood-sama after the Harmonic Symphony.

Since Isis-sama wishes us to join her, it has been decided that we will also attend the tea party.]

[I see…… but unfortunately, I don’t know anything about etiquette and stuff like that, you know]

[No, I heard it’s not so formal.]




Isis was a close friend of Lillywood, so she was naturally invited to every tea party after the Harmonic Symphony.

However, until now, due to her Magic Power of Death, Isis hadn’t been able to participate.

This time though, thanks to Kaito, her magic power of death was lesser than before, and since she now has three subordinates, she decided to participate, and Iris, Polaris and Sirius will also accompany her.



[Ahh, come to think of it, I heard that Miyama Kaito would also attend that tea party.

If there’s an opportunity, you guys might have the chance to meet each other.]

[Ohh, that’s fortuitous.

He is very essential to us.

I, for one, wanted to say my greetings to him at the earliest opportunity.]

[I don’t know much about this Miyama Kaito-sama, other than that he’s Isis-sama’s lover…… What kind of person is he]

[It’s a long story, so I’ll try to shorten it to some extent…… Let’s see, the first time I met him was at the Six Kings Festival.]



As Iris began to explain to Sirius, who said he was unfamiliar with Kaito, Polaris quietly pulled out a card from his pocket and looked at it.

Written on the card that clearly looks high class…… was “Miyama Kaito Adoration Association Member №85”.
















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