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After exchanging our greetings with Ariel-san, we moved to the venue as it was getting close to the starting time.

A good number of people had already gathered at the venue and were waiting for the event to start.

A few moments later, a person who seemed to be Ariel-san’s subordinate went up on the central stage and spoke with Loudspeaker Magic.

“Everyone, welcome.

The Sky Flower Princess Ariel is about to begin.

I will now give an explanation.

From now on, everyone will move to your designated areas and enjoy the dance.

The dance will be very simple, so don’t worry if you don’t have any experience.”

As Eingana-san said, it seems that it really was a participatory dance.

The content of the dance is very simple, so even I, who don’t have much experience in dancing, don’t need to worry.

“We will now be dividing everyone into their respective areas.

A colored card will now appear in front of you.

Please move to the area corresponding to the color of your card.

Please note that the division of areas will be done completely at random.”

Immediately after this explanation, a card appeared in front of me, and I picked it up.

A red card.

Looking at everyone else’s cards, I found that our group is pretty spread out.

Hina-chan and Frea-san had the same red card as me, so the three of us moved to the area with the red floor.

“……It seems that everyone has moved to your designated areas.

Please keep your distance from people around you so your hands won’t hit them.

Well then, I will now explain the dances.

The World King’s subordinate, who will be the dance leader of each area will stand on the platform at the center of each color-coded area and will demonstrate the dance at the same time for your reference.

Well then, to start with……”

And thus, the explanation of the dance began, but it really was quite simple, basically just repeating simple steps.

I guess they keep it simple so that even children can learn it easily by imitation.

I was able to learn it without any difficulty.

Basically, the dancers just repeat the simple steps, but there’s one instruction she gave us: when the dance leader of each area gives the signal to stop, the dancers stop dancing, and when the leader gives the signal to resume, everyone would dance again.

For the time being, I guess we will repeat these simple steps and stop huh

“That is the end of the explanation, and now, Ariel-sama will dance on this platform.

Please enjoy the dance.”

After the explanation was over, the World King’s subordinate descended from the stage, and Ariel-san climbed up on the center stage.

After a few moments, the music started to play and Ariel-san started to dance.

After a short pause, the dance leader of the area we were in gave the signal, and we started to dance the simple steps.

We started dancing the simple steps in time with the music.

It’s simple, but as there are quite a number of people dancing together, the dance held quite the intensity.

This is quite a great deal as even though we’re just repeating really simple steps, just by following the dance leader’s instructions to stop and continue dancing, we are indeed dancing on a large scale with Ariel-san in the center.

The dance leaders of each area would organize the dances of the participants, and the dances of the dance leaders were linked to Ariel-san who was dancing in the center.

As we repeated each step, I felt as if my movements had become more and more in tune with the dancers around me, and the sound of our synchronized footsteps gave us a sense of unity and intensity.

It was as if everyone really was dancing together, and although Ariel-san’s dance was quite intense and complicated, the dances of each area seemed to enhance it.

The large-scale dance with a tremendous sense of unity soon came to an end.

No, I checked the clock set up at the venue and found that quite some time had already passed, so I guess I was just so absorbed in the event that I had lost track of time.

My body feels a certain amount of fatigue, and above all, a sense of satisfaction.

[It was really fun! It was like everyone’s hearts were united!]


The sense of unity feels amazing.]

I agreed with Hina-chan, who was speaking excitedly.

Indeed, how should I say this…… There’s this strong feeling that “we all had a great dance together”, and I felt extremely fulfilled.

[……That performance sure is well thought out.

It’s designed in such a way that even young children and those with no dance experience can feel the joy of dancing.]

[It was indeed amazing.

The steps we were making should be simple, but thanks to the way Ariel-san and the others put it all together, it feels really great.]

As Frea-san said, this performance was really based on the concept of “feeling the joy of dancing”, which makes you want to dance again or dance some more even after the performance.

How should I say this…… It kind of reminded me of the time I danced with Ariel-san at the park.

The desire to have many people know the joy of dancing…… How should I say this…… This certainly is a performance that was just like Ariel-san to have.


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