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The chorus sung by the World King’s subordinates was magnificent.

As the chorus was sung by a considerably large number of people, it held quite the intensity, and the level of singing was so high that I would have believed it even if they had said this was the main event.

And with the venue sufficiently warmed up, Lillywood-san appeared on stage.

Dressed in clothes more luxurious than usual, Lillywood-san walked on the stage with the presence of a king.



Walking to the center of the stage, and after Lillywood-san closed her eyes and fell silent, she began to sing.



Her singing was truly breathtaking.

She was singing alone, and her voice was not extremely loud.

However, her clear voice echoed throughout the plaza, moving the hearts of all who heard her.

It sounded completely different from the way she sang at the birthday party, and the overwhelming presence of her voice was truly a sight to behold.



The song ended while I was so overwhelmed by her tremendous singing voice, and a little later, the song was followed by a burst of applause.



[……T- That was amazing.

It was totally different from the karaoke tournament at Kaito-senpai’s birthday party, or rather……]

[I’m not sure I’d be able to compete with Lillywood if she sang seriously.]



I know very well that Kuro is a good singer.

Even at that karaoke tournament, I felt that if I were to exclude Shiro-san, the best singer would either be Alice or Kuro.

And for such a Kuro to clearly say she’s not a match against her…… When I actually heard it, she really had a tremendous singing voice.

Even Alice’s voice was not as good as hers.



……But well, even so, for Shiro-san to be even more extraordinary than that, I guess that’s to be expected of her……



[With this, does that mean the Harmonic Symphony has ended]

[The big event is over, but the performances will continue in the plaza for a while, and participants will be able to sing and dance as they please.]

[Heehhh…… That sounds kind of interesting, and I’d be happy to stay a little longer…… By the way, what about Kuro and the others]

[If we go now, we’d be able to catch Rosemary-chan’s last performance now.]

[I see.]



And so, we decided to stay in the plaza for a little while longer, while Kuro and her group moved on to see Rosemary-san’s musical with Teleportation Magic.








After Lillywood-san’s song was over and the free participation music was playing, the atmosphere of the plaza…… although it might be a little different, it was kinda similar to that of a Bon-Odori dance.

The crowd is divided into two groups: those who are dancing and singing as they please near the center of the plaza, and those who are watching from afar.



We didn’t join in the dancing and singing, but observed and chatted with each other within such a joyful atmosphere.

After watching them for a while, we were about to go back when suddenly, a person wearing a robe and hiding their face crossed the street in front of us……



[Eh Ahh, wait!]



And just like that, they grabbed me by the hand and pulled me, and in the blink of an eye, I was brought to the center of the plaza, near the people dancing.

What is this What’s going on



As I was feeling confused, the robed person held my hand and stood in a position facing each other…… just as if we were about to go ballroom dancing.

It was at that point that I finally realized who the robed person was by looking at her right in front of me.



[Eh Lillyw———]

“Shhh, if it’s possible, please don’t call me by my name.

I have casted Recognition Inhibition Magic on me, but there’s still a chance that people would realize who I am.”

[————Ah, yes.]



Yes, to my surprise, the robed person was Lillywood-san.

The situation is becoming more and more confusing.

I mean, in the first place, why is Lillywood-san here

Perhaps sensing my thoughts when I tilted my head, Lillywood-san explained with a wry smile on her lips.



“I actually come to see everyone singing and dancing at every event in this plaza.

I happened to find you at this time, and I was so happy that I ended up bringing you along.

I’m sorry.”

[N- No, I was surprised…… but it’s alright.

However, I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do here……]

“Fufufu, I’d be happy if you could dance with me for a bit.

Of course, I’ll lead you……”

[I- I understand.]



After I nodded at the words Lillywood-san said with a happy smile on her face, just as she said, she began leading me in the dance.

With the front of our bodies close to each other, Lillywood-san’s very ample breasts were touching me, which made my heart flutter, but Lillywood-san looked like she was really enjoying herself.



“I had heard that Kaito-san was here, and I was thinking it was disappointing that I didn’t have the chance to meet you…… but I’m so glad that we ran into each other like this.”

[Errr, I’m also happy to have met you like this, and dancing with you is also fun.]

“I’m grateful to hear you say that.

Well then, please go along with my selfishness for a little while longer.”



Although it was quite a surprise, I was honestly happy to meet Lillywood-san like that, and more than anything, I was glad that she was happy to see me.

And so, just like that…… Together with the happily smiling Lillywood-san, we danced for a while to the beautiful music.
















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