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Pouring alcohol into the two prepared glasses, we smiled at each other and exchanging a toast, we took a sip.



[Ahh, this is delicious.]

[I’ve never tasted it before either, but it certainly has a nice, clean aftertaste.]

[Unnn, unnn.

I like alcohol like this.]



I immediately tried the alcohol I bought at Kaori-san’s store, and found it to be well worth the price.

Although the alcohol had a strong taste, it was very easy to drink, wasn’t too rich, and had a nice aftertaste.

This is a very good alcohol.

If I see this kind of alcohol again, I will buy it.



[Speaking of which, it crossed my mind since Dr.

Vier likes herb teas, but you like drinks with refreshing flavors huh.]

[Now that you mentioned it, I guess that might be the case I had never really thought about it, but I guess I may have naturally chosen herbs with a refreshing aftertaste.]

[Preferences are surprisingly something you don’t notice on your own huh.]

[I guess so.

It’s true that even if you aren’t consciously aware of your choices, other people may see a certain pattern in your choice.]



Even if it’s just casual conversation, we’re having a very pleasant time.

Instead of drinking all at once, we’re sipping a little at a time while talking…… and then, taking another sip, we continue talking.

It’s quite nice to have a calm time enjoying conversation and alcohol.






As we slowly sipped our alcohol and ate snacks while peacefully enjoying our chit-chat, we realized that the time had flown by and it was almost midnight.

We drank quite a bit of alcohol and finished all the snacks we had prepared.

It seemed that I wasn’t the only one who thought it was time to call it a night, as Dr.

Vier spoke, looking a bit reluctant.



[Hmm~~ As expected, I guess it’s time for us to wrap up things, right]

[You’re right.

I’ll help you clean up.

[Thanks…… Okay, I know it’s not that few, but can you gather the tableware I’ll wash them.]




Hearing what Dr.

Vier said, I quickly gathered up the dishes and glasses and carried them to the sink.

While she was watching the dishes, I collected the bottles and other trash by type, asked Dr.

Vier where to throw them away, and carried them there.

Since the dishes and trash are for two people’s worth, the cleanup is done quickly…… Just as I was thinking about what to do now, Dr.

Vier spoke.




[Ahh, Miyama-kun.

I’ve heated up the bath, so let’s go.]

[Eh Is that so, I’m sorry for troub…… Unnn]



I’m sorry for troubling you to prepare a bath for me.

I wouldn’t mind if I go take a bath when I get back home…… is what I had in mind, but wait a moment…… Isn’t that strange

She heated up the bath…… so let’s go I would have understood if she said “get in”, but Dr.

Vier…… Did she just say “let’s go”




Vier, if I’m not mistaken, didn’t you say let’s go in just now]

[Yeah, I did]

[You do know that “let’s” is just a shortened way of saying “let us”, right]

[Of course, I know that, dummy.]



It seems like I really wasn’t mishearing things, as a grin appears on Dr.

Vier’s lips.



[Fufufu, don’t think you can escape from this situation, okay I’m quite persistent after all!]

[N- No, well, as expected, escaping here is just too rude…… Or rather, it’s not like I have any reason to escape.]



No, of course I’m embarrassed, but I don’t intend to be so cold-hearted as to refuse an invitation from my lover and leave.

When I told her this, Dr.

Vier looked at me in a daze for a moment, before she smiled happily.



[……I see, I guess so.

We’re lovers after all!]

[That’s right.]

[I see, I see, then……]




Vier approached me with a happy expression on her face and stretching her body towards me, she brought her face close to my ear…… and lightly kissing my earlobe, she spoke.



[……Well then, why don’t we have you see if the color you chose looks good on me, Miyama-kun]



The expression on Dr.

Vier’s face as she said this, her cheeks blushing red, probably because of the alcohol or she was simply embarrassed, was irrepressibly beautiful.






After bathing and changing into my pajamas, I was lying down on a small sofa.


Vier’s thighs were under my head, and I could feel their softness with a lap pillow…… but unfortunately, I didn’t have the composure to enjoy it.




[Ahaha, Miyama-kun.

Are you alright]

[S- Somehow…… Dr.

Vier’s hand feels nice and cool.]



Chuckling at my condition, Dr.

Vier looked at my face with something like a folding fan in hand, while her other hand was on my forehead…… Perhaps, she may be using magic to cool me down.



[You’re just a little flushed, but there doesn’t seem to be anything else wrong with you, so you’ll feel better soon after you get some rest and let your body temperature drop.]

[I- I’m sorry for the bother.]

[It’s alright, don’t worry about it.

Rather, I should have noticed it before you ended up like this.

We ended up staying there for quite a long time…… Even though there’s a window for ventilation, unlike an open-air bath, heat would still inevitably be trapped in the bathroom…… Even if you don’t soak in the bathtub long enough, you could still feel dizzy.]



Yes, I was currently dizzy after getting out of the bathtub, and it feels slightly hard to move my body.

To be honest, I have a feeling that there’s a bigger cause other than being in the bath for too long or the temperature of the bath…… but in the end, it’s probably the result of a combination of various factors.



[I think it may be hard to even notice that my body temperature is increasing.]

[I guess so.

Well, you can get some rest…… As expected, you don’t have to go home at this time.

You would stay the night, right]

[If Dr.

Vier is alright with it……]


It’s no problem at all, so you just relax and take it easy.]



The gentle voice of Dr.

Vier and the comforting touch of her hand, stroking my head calmed me down.

How should I say this…… I ended up having her see me looking pathetic, but this somehow feels satisfying…… Or rather, as I felt myself engulfed with Dr.

Vier’s kindness, I’m very happy about this situation right now.




[Is something the matter]


I’m kind of happy…… Not long ago, I never would have imagined I could feel this way.

I really can’t thank you enough, Miyama-kun.]

[I honestly think that’s an exaggeration…… but I feel the same way about being happy.]

[I see, I’m glad…… Hey Miyama-kun]


[I love you.]




Vier’s smile, which looks sincerely happy, is different from the sad smile she once had…..

It was so dazzling and beautiful…… that I felt as if my body temperature, which should have dropped, had risen again.












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