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After the wedding party was over, I escorted Olivia-san back to the Friendship City.

No, Olivia-san has the ability to instantly teleport to the Central Cathedral from anywhere in the world, so there wasn’t really any need to escort her back…… but somehow, just as we were about to part ways, the flow of conversation ended up like this.

Though I say that, it’s not like there was any reason for it, and I was just supposed to escort her back to the Cathedral and that would be the end of it but……



[Well then, Olivia-san.

Thank you for your hard work today.

If there’s another opportunity……]

[Ahh, Miyama Kaito-sama……]

[Unnn Is something the matter]



Feeling like she stopped me reflexively, I tilted my head…… upon seeing Olivia-san looking at me, seemingly as if something was really bothering her.

Eh What is it



[……I have some things I’d like to tell you, Miyama Kaito-sama.]

[H- Huh…… What is it]

[However, my apologies, but please wait a moment…… I would need a considerable resolve to speak these words…… so please give me some time to get ready to say this.]

[I- I understand.]



Seriously, what’s going on She needs to be ready to tell me something…… Am I going to get confessed to



……Nope, this feels different.

The atmosphere doesn’t feel so sweet that I’m feeling like a confession is incoming.

The perfect way to describe the expression on Olivia-san’s face was the word “ghastly”, and my Sympathy Magic conveys tremendous resolve from her, as if she was about to face a decisive battle.



[……Fuuu…… Haahhh……]



Watching Olivia-san take a big deep breath, I felt really tense that my back stretched out.

Just like that, Olivia-san takes a few deep breaths and then closes her eyes for about 2 seconds…… before she opened her eyes.

W- What a tremendous resolve…… I even feel like the readiness to face death was dwelling in her eyes.

I really don’t know what this is about, but I guess I’m going to have to respond with resolve befitting this moment.



In the air that feels as if the tension is stretching time…… Olivia-san finally spoke.



[Miyam Kaito-sama!]

[Y- Yes!]

[W- W- W- Won’t you h- h- have some tea with me]

[Ah, yes.

Don’t mind if I do…… No——– Eeeeehhh! I- It’s this! You looked as if you’re gonna head to a decisive battle to say that!]



It was unexpectedly an invitation for tea.

Geez, give back my nervousness earlier…… I mean, why the heck does she need to have that much resolve for that We could have just ended all that with “Since you’re here, would you like to have tea with me”, and I’ll just go with “Don’t mind if I do”!



[……This is a tremendous matter.

The act of changing Miyama Kaito-sama’s schedule just for my own convenience, depending on the situation…… If I had told Miyama Kaito-sama such a thing at an inopportune moment, it wouldn’t have been strange to end up getting dragged through the city and be torn apart to pieces for such blasphemy……]

[I’d like it if you could cut out the horrifying developments like someone being torn apart because I refused their invitation for tea…… Good grief, something like that isn’t being disrespectful at all.]

[I- Is that so…… Then, I’m relieved.]



Olivia-san, who seemed to be quite nervous, patted her chest in relief.

How should I say this…… Olivia-san is really too serious.

If anything, she might be the most overly serious and hard-headed type of person I’ve ever met.



[Anyhow, I’m grateful for the invitation.

I know it’s late…… but should we go to a coffee shop somewhere]

[No, I have already prepared everything ahead of time for this eventuality, so please come to my room…… to the Founder’s space.]

[Ah, yes.]



……The Founder’s space, if I remember correctly, isn’t that something like a prayer room…… So that’s actually a private room huh…… If that’s the case, I don’t think it’s a place where you can feel like someone lives there.

After all, the last time I went there, there was no furniture at all, just an extremely extravagant chair that she had prepared for me.



[……Olivia-san, I’ll ask just in case, but do you have a regular table and chairs]

[We have a chair and a desk for Miyama Kaito-sama.]

[What about for Olivia-san]

[It is of no problem, for I will be standing.]




The bad premonition I had came true.

I guess Olivia-san doesn’t see any problem with that, but that being the case would make me feel uncomfortable.

Though I say that, it’s already night time and there’s no time to go to a furniture store.

In this case, it can’t be helped…… I’ll bring out my trump card.



[……Alice, I’m sorry, but sell me a nice chair and table.]

[Eh Eh]

[Yes, yes, understood.

Well~~ I guess this is what happens when someone is too serious.

I’m glad I’m not too serious.]

[……You’re right.

Well then, here’s the pay……]



I decided to buy from Alice as a last resort and quickly ending the exchange in front of the bewildered Olivia-san, I put away the chair and table into my magic box and smiled at Olivia-san.



[Well then, Olivia-san.

Shall we go]

[Eh Errr, Miyama Kaito-sama…… That was……]

[Shall we go]

[Ah, yes.




I’m afraid that if I explain the situation here, she’ll end up saying troublesome things like she can’t have me troubling myself to prepare such things or stuff like that, so I decided to just force my way through.

And so, I tried to enter the Cathedral but……



[……M- My apologies.

I was too nervous about my earlier statement and my legs are shaking…… S- So if you could wait just a little longer……]



As Alice said, someone being too serious is also a problem.

Thinking of all that happened today…… I’m also glad that I’m not too serious.
















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