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Isis returned to her castle with Eulpecula, a special Mystic Silver who was completely attached to her.

Her four subordinates, Iris, Polaris, Sirius and Rasal, also accepted it immediately after Isis introduced it to the others, and although Eulpecula was initially intimidated by the four’s magic power, by the time a day passed, it had grown accustomed to them and was interacting with them normally.



[……And, what do you eat]


[You’re one of them who doesn’t need to eat huh In that case…… If you have a favorite food, just say it.]




Iris, who is also in charge of cooking in the Death King’s camp, struggled a bit with Eulpecula’s food.

At first, she prepared some things that pets like to eat, but Eulpecula basically didn’t want to eat them and insisted on something.

If Isis spoke, Eupecula would reluctantly eat the food given to her, but Iris, seeing that it wasn’t satisfied with the food, tried to investigate.



And what she had found out……



[……In other words…… You wanted to eat the same food we…… no, the same food Isis-sama eats]


[Haahhh, that’s why you’re dissatisfied…… Alright.

However, I will work things out on that matter, but since you don’t use a knife or fork, you will have to put up with some difficulty eating.]




In the end, what Eulpecula didn’t like was that she was the only one who ate differently from the others, and iris, understanding her childish reason, prepared the same food for Eulpecula as for Isis and the others.

However, a few days later, Iris…… no, the other subordinates were wide-eyed with astonishment.



[……Eulpecula, you…… already learned how to use a knife and fork]

[Kyue Kyuu!]

[I thought Head-dono had taught it how to use a knife and fork, but that doesn’t seem to be the case…… How dexterous, holding the knife and fork with its tail and cutting the food into pieces as it eats.]

[It certainly has better manners than Sirius.]

[Carrion heads who couldn’t even help in handling the ingredients should just shut up.]





In just a few days, Eulpecula learned to use her tail dexterously to carve food with a knife, then stick it in her fork and bring it to her mouth.



[……Eul is…… clever, aren’t you]




Unlike the astonished subordinates, Isis praised Eulpecula with a gentle smile, to which Eulpecula’s tail wagged happily.








On another occasion, it appeared in front of Rasal, who was looking for books in the large library, holding a book by its tail.



[Kyuu! Kyukkyuu.]

[Unnn What’s the matter, Eulpecula Do you want me to read that book to you]


[Fumu, it’s good that you have a thirst for knowledge.

However, the contents of that book is difficult…… Wait a bit and I’ll find the right book for you.]




With these words, Rasal brings out a book with stories for children from the large library and sits down on a chair prepared in one corner of the large library.



[Here, it’s better if I read this to you.]

[Kyu…… Kyukyuu! Kyuu!]

[Unnn What are you complaining about now]

[Kyukyuuu! Kyuuuu!!!]

[Unnn What does that action mean…… Put the book down]


[……In other words, you want me to lay out the book so you can see it too]


[……Well, I don’t really mind, but it’s not like this book has any illustrations.]



Even though she was tilting her head at Eulpecula’s strange behavior, Rasal opened the book so that Eulpecula could see it and read the book to her, as requested.

After that, Eulpecula frequently approached Rasal with a book and asked her to read to her, and Rasal read to her several times as she requested.



That day, Rasal was in the large library looking for a book she could refer to for her next experiment.

Thereupon, she saw Eulpecula, who had placed the book on the floor in an open area and dexterously opened it with her tail.



[……What are you doing Do you want to read that book, Eulpecula]

[Kyuu! Kyuu!]

[Unnn What now At the tip of your tail…… This word This is……]




When Rasal read the word on the page that Eulpecula pointed at with one of her tails, Eulpecula nodded before turning her attention back to the book.

Then, after a few moments, she dexterously turned the page with her tail.

Watching this, Rasal looked as if she couldn’t believe what she saw.



(Wait, what is she doing Could it be…… She’s reading the book However, no one taught her how to read letters and words———– Don’t tell me!)



Astonished as she looked at Eulpecula, who seemed to be reading a book, Rasal came to a conclusion and expressed even deeper surprise on her face.



(She learned how to read! She had me read a book to her, and then she compared my pronunciation to the words in the book until she could read the book on her own in such a short period of time!)



Yes, everything is coming together.

Why did Eulpecula persistently demand that she open the book so that she could see the pages as well…… Eulpecula had taught herself how to read letters and words by having Rasal read the book to her.

However, to learn it in just ten days was so extraordinary that even Rasal involuntarily shuddered.



(……No mistake, she’s an extraordinary genius.

At this rate, she would soon acquire more advanced knowledge……)



The genius, whose talent would later be described by Alice as on the level of being a bug of this world, was gradually beginning to show glimpses of her talent.
















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