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The Ten-Tailed Mystic Silver that Isis-san saved…… Eulpecula seems to have completely adjusted to life in Isis-san’s castle in a short period of time and seems to be having fun playing with Isis-san’s subordinates.

It…… No, she was quite emotionally attached to me just like she is to Isis-san, and when I go to Isis-san’s castle, she happily runs up to me, looking quite adorable.




[Hello, Eul.

It looks like you’re well.]




Wagging her ten tails, she looked so happy that just looking at her made me smile.

When I gently patted her head, she rubbed her face on my hand, acting quite spoiled, which looked cute.

After playing with Eul for a little while, I sat down on a chair, put Eul on my lap and had a chat with Isis-san.



[Speaking of which, Eul already learned magic]

[……Unnn……  It’s still just basic magic…… but she can already use it well…… Eul  is…… very clever.]

[I see.

That’s amazing, Eul.]




It has only been about a month since Isis-san brought Eul home, but according to what I have heard, Eul has already learned some magic and can read books.

If she can read, I thought it would be possible to talk with her through written communication…… but Eul apparently dislikes writing.



[……It’s just a guess…… but I think…… it seemed like she wanted to learn Humanization Magic…… and speak with her own mouth.]

[I see, it’s difficult for her to speak in her current state.]

[……Unnn…… With the structure of her vocal cords…… Speaking in her current state is difficult…… and I think that’s why she’s studying so much…… so that she can Humanize as quickly as possible.]

[I see…… Eul wants to Humanize huh.]

[Kyu Kyukkyuu!]

[……Eh That’s not it]



I’m not sure how, but I somehow understood what Eul wanted to say, like she was speaking words.

No, what my ears could hear were only cries, but I felt that I could understand what she wanted to say rather clearly.

I was puzzled by the different feeling I had compared to when I was talking to Bell and Lynn, but I listened to Eul’s cry as if she was trying to tell me something.



[Kyukyuu…… Kyuukyuuu! Kyuu kyukyuuu!]

[……U- Unnn It’s not that you want to use Humanization Magic, but you want to become a Demon Errr, Isis-san, do you know what she means]

[……Hmmm…… If it’s not…..

about gaining acknowledgment of identity as a Demon…… Then perhaps…… “she wants to remake her body”]


[Ahh, that seems to be the right answer.

However, remaking the body]



From Eul’s reaction, I could tell that what Isis-san said about remaking her body was correct, but in the end, I still wasn’t clear about what she wanted to do.

Tilting my head, I looked at Isis-san, who seemingly understood my question, nodded and explained.



[……Just like…… Anima in Kaito’s family…… who changed from a monster to a Demon…… I think that’s what she meant.]

[I see…… Is that possible]

[……The magic to achieve that is difficult…… but it can be done…… Among the people Kaito knows…… It would be the same magic used…… to remake Neun’s body.]

[Ahh, so that’s how she was reborn from a Human to a Demon huh……]



It’s easy to forget, but Neun-san also changed from Human to Demon by Kuro’s magic, so now that she mentioned her, it’s indeed understandable that such a magic exists.



[However, I see…… It’s not that Eul wanted to gain the ability to Humanize, but instead, wanted to completely become Humanoid.]

[Kyukyuu! Kyu…… Kyuuu! Kyukyukyuu……]

[……Kaito…… What did Eul say]

[Errr, she doesn’t want to use deceptive magic like Humanization, and instead, wants to be completely humanoid like Isis-san and I.]



Indeed, if you think about it, both Isis-san and her subordinates are humanoid…… So it would be natural to think that she would like to have the same appearance as them.

With the knowledge she acquired from reading books and other sources, she learned about the existence of such magic, and is now working hard towards her dream of being reborn with a humanoid form.



After hearing this, Isis-san smiled and picking up Eul, who was on my lap, she spoke.



[……I see…… If it’s Eul, I think you can do it…… However…… Pushing yourself too much is forbidden…… Don’t overdo it, okay]




Eul nodded cheerfully at Isis-san’s words.

If it’s Isis-san, she probably already knows how to use that magic, and it might even be possible for her to remake Eul’s body.

However, I think she just wants to respect the efforts Eul herself is exerting right now.

I felt her motherly love for her, seemingly taking it upon herself to stop herself from reaching out to her and just keeping watch on Eul’s growth.



I’m sure she will help her when Eul becomes completely helpless, but when that’s not the case, she will place her trust in Eul’s growth.

How should I say this…… Just as Alice and Lillywood-san said…… Isis-san has grown up a lot mentally.

The way she spoke gently to Eul was as gentle as a compassionate mother, but at the same time, she had the majesty of a king who believes in and guides her subordinates. 











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