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After Kaito, Isis and her subordinates enjoyed dinner, Isis suddenly came to a room in the castle with a good view.

She looked out the window, where a potted Blue Crystal Flower was placed, and gazed at the view.

It was nighttime, but with the lights of the castle and her eyesight enhanced with magic power, she could see the view without any problem.



The view from this room———- is one Isis hated.



The view from the castle, where she was the only one living in the Land of Death, where no living creature lived, where the land was closed off by snow and ice, was nothing but a source of loneliness for her.

She hated the view of the Land of Death which was as cold as her own heart.



However, her feelings had changed at some point.

On the day she met her fated…… her beloved one, the view from this window seemed brighter than usual.

There was no reason for this.

It was just that at that moment, when Kaito took Isis’ hand, she felt like something that had been frozen in time started to move.

She felt it in her intuition, that something was going to change.

And her intuition turned out to be right, as her encounter with Kaito turned everything around for her.



A dream that she should have given up on, with only one path standing before her future, thoughts that she had dismissed as impossible to fulfill…… When even one of her wishes came true, wishes that she couldn’t give up despite her despair and loneliness, everything seemed to move in tandem with that wish.

The smile that should have been long forgotten began to appear naturally.

One by one, residents began to appear in the castle, which should have been a solitary place.



She realized that her castle, standing on the Land of Death———— had become a place where she felt not loneliness but warmth.



[……Before I knew it…… I’ve come to like…… the view I could see from here.]



They were words that leaked out from the bottom of her heart, and above all, they were words that showed the change in Isis herself.

Perhaps, that may be why…… The words of Isis, who has greatly grown and changed, “awakened the sixth star”.



[……I like the view from here too.]

[ ! ]



Startled by the voice that suddenly responded to her, Isis turned her gaze to see a woman suddenly standing in front of the other window in the room, smiling at Isis.

The impression Isis got based on her appearance: long silver hair with a slight blue tinge, an elegant tunic-style dress, and Blue Crystal Flower hair ornament……



There’s also the fact that even Isis couldn’t sense her presence until now.

If she had teleported her way here, Isis would definitely have noticed it, but otherwise, considering that she was originally in this room, Isis could guess who she was.



[……You are…… Could it be…… You’re the Spirit…… of the Blue Crystal Flower]

[Yes~~ Nice to meet you, Isis-san.

My name is Spica…… As you have guessed, I’m a Spirit.

Well, I’ve been here since Isis-san brought me here, but I’m sorry  it’s taken me so long to greet you.]



Although Isis thought there was a 90% chance that she was indeed a Spirit, she was still skeptical and asked this question.

When she heard Spica’s response though, she was honestly astonished.

Isis is very close to Lillywood, who is the King of the Spirits, and the subject of Spirits has often been brought up, so she has a deep knowledge related to Spirits.



That is why she was surprised.

She had thought that Blue Crystal Flowers were flowers in which Spirits did not dwell in, and Lillywood, who had seen many Spirits, had also said so.

But now, the Spirit of the Blue Crystal Flower exists in front of her eyes, and she understands from the magic power she was clad in that she is a Spirit that has existed for a very long time.



However, considering that despite being such an old Spirit, for the Spirit of the Blue Crystal Flower to be unheard of until now, and how Lillywood herself didn’t know about her existence…… The Spirit before her, Spica…… She could guess that she had never been active as a Spirit before.

From her magic power, Isis estimates that she should be tens of thousands of years old…… But as to why a Spirit that has not appeared on the surface for that many years appears in front of her now, that is something Isis doesn’t understand.



Seemingly aware of Isis’ question, Spica turned her gaze out the window, and seemingly wondering about this herself, she murmured.



[……That was…… something I never thought of before…… How mysterious.

I myself don’t know why either…… but I somehow wanted to talk to you.]



And so, I’m sorry to be so blunt, but may I speak with you for a moment]



Seeing Spica gently smiling as she said that…… Isis also nodded with a smile on her face, her expression relaxing.
















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