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The large room where the meeting was being held in the royal castle of Symphonia Kingdom was currently in the midst of quite a commotion.

A situation unprecedented in the past, with all the Six Kings participating in the Founding Festival celebrations in person, not by proxy.

The Crown Princess Amalie was initially supposed to take charge for the sake of experience, but the suddenness of the situation prompted Ryze to take charge and he gathered his close aides for a meeting.

……However, the meeting was having difficulties.



This is because they dont know the reason for this unprecedented situation.

No, they did have an idea why…… both Ryze, the King, and his aides who are involved in the running, have an idea who the reason why this happened may be, but they just cant connect how he is involved in this matter.



[……Why Why are the Six Kings attending the ceremony ……Orchid, did you hear anything about Miyama-kun participating in the ceremony]

[No, I havent heard him mention that.

Besides, with Kaitos character, I dont think he would want to participate in the ceremony or the party……]

[Yeah, thats what I thought too.

As for what other information we have acquired on Miyama-kun…… there doesnt seem to be anything of note…… What could the Six Kings goal be]



Yes, the reason why the Six Kings are gathering together could only be because of Kaito, thats not something they need to think twice about.

However, the reason for why exactly they gathered remained unknown to them at this moment.

In a sense, this was inevitable.

After all, although Kaito had decided to open a stall, he had not yet applied for it, and had only spoken about it with a few acquaintances.



Even if he had already submitted his application, the number of stalls at the Founding Festival would be enormous.

Furthermore, unlike those who work in the royal castle, the staff in the general hall have almost no opportunity to come into contact with nobles, and many of them dont even know about Kaito.

If this is the case, its unlikely that any information will be sent to them, and if the general hall couldnt even bring up the information about him to the royal castle, it would take a miracle to find Kaitos name by chance among the vast number of applications to those opening a stall.



[……For the time being, I suppose Ill just ask Miyama-kun with a hummingbird.]



They finally came to the conclusion that the only way to know is to ask him directly…… but unfortunately, Ryze made a mistake with his question.

Since the Six Kings were gathering for the ceremony, Ryze sent a question asking “if he was willing to participate in either the ceremony or the party”.

If he had asked him “if he has any idea why the Six Kings are going to gather”, he would have gotten the answer he wanted.

However, if the question had been asked whether he was willing to participate in the ceremony or the party, his reply would have been, of course, that “he had no intention of participating”.



It was only a few days passed before they finally received a letter from Alice, who pitied the situation they were in, with the details they wanted.








Now then, lets turn back the clock and ask one question.

To begin with, was it Alice who spread the information of Kaito setting up a stall to the other Kings Putting aside Kuromueina and Shallow Vernal, as for the reason why the other Kings found out about Kaitos stall…… turning back time a little, it was right after Kaito had a meeting to discuss opening a stall.

It all started when Agni, the War Kings Head Subordinate, received a visitor while she was working in the huge town in a corner of the Demon Realm.



[Agni, its been a while~~ Got rejected well again today]

[Youre suddenly being sharp-tongued, Tre-dono…… Unfortunately, Ozma-dono didnt accept me today either.

Ill try again tomorrow.]

[Unnn, unnn, its important to not give up and keep trying.

I believe there was a saying like that in the other world…… I think it was “continuity is power” or something like that]

[……I think its slightly different, but I get what youre saying.]

(T/N: Marina Spark: Danmaku wa power da ze!)



Tre and Agni have been friends for a long time.

Rather, Tre, who is a sociable person to begin with, has many friends in other camps.

Agni also liked the cheerful and positive Tre, and her expression as she conversed with her was calm.

In a sense, it can be said that Tres lack of any combat ability allows her to converse calmly with the battle maniac Agni because shes someone with whom Agni would never think of “having a mock battle with”.



[So, whats up with the sudden visit, Tre-dono]

[Ahh, right,right.

Listen, you see, Im gonna set up a stall with Kaito at Symphonia Kingdoms upcoming Founding Festival~~]

[With Miyama-sama Houu, thats surprising.]

[Thats why, I wanted Agni to come and buy from our stall.

I might give you a little service!]

[Fufu, Ill clear my schedule and contribute to your sales to some extent.]

[Unnn, unnn.

Ahh, dont forget about using Recognition Inhibition Magic, okay~~ Youll end up causing a commotion.]

[I know, Ill try not to trouble Miyama-sama.]



Just like that, Agni, who had promised to visit their stall after hearing about it from Tre, chatted with Tre for a little while.



[……Well then, I think its about time for me to go back.

Ill let you know when we decide where well set up our stall, okay~~]

[Got it.

Weve wrapped up some sweets for you to bring home, so pick them up from my subordinates on your way out.]

[Thanks~~ See you later~~]



As she sees Tre off with a big smile, waving her goodbye, Agni smiles.



[Just as usual, she comes and goes like a tempest…… Even so, Miyama-sama is setting up a stall huh…… Fumu, I suppose I should let Megiddo-sama know about this……]



With that in mind, Agni left the room and went to Megiddo to report the information she had obtained from Tre.

Similarly, in the other camps, the story was passed on to Eingana, with whom Tre had many interactions with, Tirtania, with whom Tre had often met through Razelia, and Gluttony, who was close to Funf and whom Tre often met.

Thus, the Six Kings learned about Kaito opening a stall.


















Serious-senpai : [Ahhh, I see, for the country, the situation turned out to be “Kaito wouldnt be there, so why are they gathering here!”…… Moreover, even though there was still some time before Kaitos group set up their stall, that was still too sudden for the country.

That situation really felt like a bolt out of the blue.]

: [Theres also that, you know Other than the Six Kings, other people might also gather…… like Amel-san, for example.]

Serious-senpai : [Thats true.

If she hears about it, she would literally come flying in.]


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