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Having decided to open up a baby castella stall, the first thing I have to do is to register our stall.

It seems that it can be done at a general hall, but I came to ask Elise-san if there are any other documents necessary.



[……Haahhh, I really said something unnecessary back then.]

[A- Ahaha, ummm, thank you for teaching me a lot.]



Im currently walking down the street with a dissatisfied Elise-san towards the general hall.

As for why this happened, when I came to visit Elise-san again to ask her about how the registration works, and after she taught me various things…… “Im worried about what Ill do if only Human-san goes there, and since Im responsible for the slip of the tongue I made, Ill go with you” or so I was told.



Well, her tone is still as sharp as ever, but in short, it seems like shes gonna accompany me in applying for a stall, so her actions certainly are really kind in contrast to her words.



[Speaking of which, in the end, what kind of stall are you gonna open]

[Yes, I was thinking of opening a baby castella stall.]

[I see, it may be standard, but its easy enough for amateurs to make.

Ill say this again, but dont open your stall near my stall.]

[Got it.]



As we walked while chatting like that, a certain question popped into my head, so I decided to ask Elise-san about it.



[……Im changing the subject, but I had something I wanted to ask.

Elise-san has a shop on the street of the royal capital, so why are you going out of your way to open up a stall]


[Why are you astoundedly looking at me……]



When I asked that question out of pure curiosity, Elise-san astounded looked at me and sighed.

Then, with a slightly scornful gaze, she spoke.



[Listen here, okay In the first place, that shop isnt suitable for handling a large number of customers in a short period of time.

My shop only has one entrance which has bad people traffic, so if a large number of people come, it will quickly become full.]

[Now that you mention it……]

[And since I run the business by myself, theres a limit to the number of customers I can serve at a time.

So, if Im going to serve customers in a festival-like format, its better if I open a stall than accept customers in my shop.]

[I see, thats informative.]



As I thought, if I ask her about something, she would answer me…… rather, she would answer me quite carefully.



[Ive been thinking about this for a while now, but Elise-san is a good businesswoman huh.]

[Is that so I think Im pretty normal…… Well, I guess Ill just take that compliment.]

[Come to think of it, Im changing the subject again…… but Elise-san, do you have no particular plans for today]

[I did have some, but since Im acting with Human-san like this, I have some free time.

What about it]



The reason why I asked about Elise-sans plans is simply that I wanted to thank her for all the help she has given me.

Even if I wanted to give her a gift, I wasnt sure what Elise-san would like.

So, I thought that since it was currently around lunchtime, why not treat her to a meal



[Well, I have been in your care a lot of times, and its just around lunchtime, so why dont we go have lunch after were done with the stall registration Its my treat.]


[Ahh, no, I dont mean to impose but……]

[……Its fine.

Well then, Ill have you treat me to something expensive.]

[Ahh, yes!]



I thought she would say something harsh, but she agreed surprisingly easily.

Although its only a bit, I felt some happy emotions conveyed through my Sympathy Magic…… so I suppose she was delighted.

W- Well, Im relieved that she at least didnt dislike my suggestion.



[……The heck is with all that emotions on your face Thats something you yourself suggested, Human-san.]

[Ahh, no, I was just a little surprised you easily agreed……]

[Human-san, what kind of person do you think I am……]



After saying this and letting out a sigh of exasperation, Elise-san quickened her walking speed a bit.

Then, just as I could no longer see the expression on her face, she idly murmured.



[……If its just eating, its not like I would need any reason to go out with you.]



They were probably words that were meant to be spoken to herself, something she said without wanting a response.

Its just, hearing those words made me feel a little relieved.

Although I knew she didnt hate me, I was relieved and happy that she seemed to think of me as at least a friend.


















Serious-senpai : [At the very least, rather than a friend, considering that Alice and Kaito are the only two people with whom Elise expresses her true personality…… That definitely places Kaito within the top 3 among the people Elise likes the most……]


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